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Astraea was born in the month of May on a night when the constellation Virgo was visible in the sky. Astraea was Virgo's name when she was still the Greek goddess of justice and innocence. Growing up, Astraea was taught by her mother the importance of upholding justice, not vengeance. This was an important lesson for her to learn as justice helps protect the innocent while vengeance destroys it. 

When she was fourteen her brother sought vengeance on a man for killing his wife. it brought to their village a warlord who sacked and plundered; then took the women for his and his men's needs. Astraea was able to help some of the women escape, but took a sword slash to her back and continues to bear the scar. 

Her village gone and her family either dead or missing, she decided to travel in hopes of finding a new place to call home. She journeyed to Pella where she was able to work as a barmaid for a few years to make some wages. One night the town was raided and she was sold into slavery in Tavium. She escaped her enslavement by killing her slaver a few nights later when he attempted to take her to bed. Fleeing from his estate, she ran through the forests and camped near the river where she was found by a Themiscyra Hunting Party. They offered her a better life, and she took it. 

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 11 July 2010



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