Cumae Paros Koritsi (Apprentice Guardian of the Children)

Alovasuri Archila (Cavalry Leader)

Daksos (Dancer)

When Damia was seven, she was kidnapped from the fields of her estate by a tribe of Romani who were passing through. They admired her fair skin, black hair and silvery-blue eyes and therefore felt they could get a good price for her if they sold her as a slave nearer to Rome. As they traveled, the Romani discovered how quickly she learned and how great her spirit was, so they decided to keep her for their tribe.

Damia grew up with the Romani, learning their way of life... stealing from others, dancing and singing, fooling the gullible into parting with their earnings to learn of their future, making small cures and curses. It was quite a different lifestyle than what she had learned at home, from regimented to free.

As she grew, the leader of the tribe decided to marry Damia to one of his younger sons, Calandro. They were married when she was fourteen. Once during their marriage, he stole a choker for her made of malachite beads with a dangling moonstone for her to wear. Although her life was happy, she sometimes missed her family.

Damia’s life became a little more stifling as time went on. Her husband was becoming more strict though life with the Romani was more free than most. She wanted somewhere where she would be treated as an equal, so she ran away. As far away as she could get from the tribe of her husband.

She had stolen a horse from the Romani and rode through Asia Minor in her wanderings. She got to a point near a large river and she couldn’t care less about where she was. Hungry and exhausted, Damia fell asleep by the river bank. Awaking with figures over her head she was ordered to get up and follow the people. They brought her to an Amazon village called Themiscyra. It is here she stayed, and it is here she calls home.

Damia has a white Andalusian horse named Drakonite. Damia wears black, knee-high leather boots in the autumn and winter but goes mainly barefoot in spring and summer. She wears a bodice that laces in the front. Sometimes she wears a black choker that has a point in the middle that holds a garnet stone. The skirt she wears is short with slits to her hips and she likes to wear kohl around her eyes.

Damia doesn’t like fighting unless seriously provoked, hates injustice, and has a weakness for small children. She likes to write, sing, and draw. She loves to laugh. She’s not easily intimidated and is skilled at tricking people that really deserve it. Her chosen weapons are her whip and battle axe. She’s not very skilled at archery.

Damia's totem is the deer. She shares a hut with her friend Angelique. She rides Drakonite, a white Andalusian stallion. She speaks Latin, Romany and Goth.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 21 Feb 2004



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