Deoris Ronan

Website Saint (By Queen Jadea's Decree)


Latra of Themiscyra (Queen)

Ti'Sa of Artemis (Priestess)
Caliah Istoria (Keeper of the Tale)


Sister to Domaris Ronan, The Sorceress, Amazon Protectoress

Deoris Ronan was born in Themiscyra-by-the-Sea, the daughter of a Healer named Deondrae who was killed while protecting Queen Lysippe. She spent her childhood as most Amazon children, learning the warrior skills that would keep her alive in a male-dominated world.

When she was twelve, she went on a hunt during her standard Amazon training. From nowhere, a hawk viciously attacked her, raking her face and blinding her eyes. While recovering, she remarked to the healer that the hawk was actually the Goddess Artemis in disguise, and that the Goddess wanted Deoris to perform tasks for Her.

She became acolyte to Artemis' Priestess Aurora. Between them, they discovered that  while Deoris had lost the use of her eyes, and the beauty of her young face, she now had many strange talents. Artemis often spoke to the girl, causing the older Priestess to defer to Domaris even at her young age. They found she was also able to guide  the Amazons from the Realm of the Dead, a white realm of nothingness, into Artemis' hunting ground. This became, and remains, one of her primary functions within and for the tribe.

When the tribe moved from the sea to it's current location, Aurora and Deoris were charged with moving a great marble statue of the Goddess safely south. Once there, Aurora raised Deoris from acolyte to Priestess and together they sanctified the ground and built an outdoor temple for Artemis. Not long after, Aurora caught a vile sickness and died, leaving Deoris as the spiritual leader of the tribe at the tender age of eighteen.

As Artemis' link to Themiscrya, Deoris is also part-seer. When the Goddess needs, she sends a vision to her Priestess, a cryptic message meant to guide the Amazons. Deoris considers these visions as tasks for herself and rarely shares them with her Queen or tribe.

On one such quest, Deoris was captured and held prisoner for a few days. The Amazon Protectoress, her captor, gave Deoris her sight back and then allowed her to be rescued. It was a revelation to Deoris. Suddenly able to see what she could only hear, she spent many months relearning all that she had once learned blind. She later learned this woman was none other than her own older sister, Domaris, whom she had not remembered even existed. The two have since formed a strong bond that goes beyond words and deeds.

Deoris remains a source of information, wisdom and comfort for the tribe. In fact, she became so known for these attributes that when Latra Valkyra asked Deoris to become her Regent, the next to assume the leadership of the tribe. Stunned, but honored to be of such worth to the tribe, Deoris accepted the position. The responsibility weighs on her shoulders, but has brought her stability and joy as she helped guide the tribe.

Valkyra's sister died and the Queen found she had to return to her own homeland to assume the throne and lead her people. Unable to deny her people their rightful leader, she abdicated and returned rule of Themiscyra to Latra Jadea. Jadea, seeing that Deoris was uncomfortable in her role, raised Seriana to Lyna and set Deoris back into her preferred role as the spiritual leader of the Amazons. Circumstances would not allow Deoris to remain in that role for long and both Seriana and Jadea left the tribe to follow their own personal destinies and to find the part that family plays in their lives. Deoris was made Queen of the tribe.

Unable to lead alone, Deoris put her best friend and fellow High Council member Kou Wainohia into the Lyna position. The two put the tribe before their own needs, but bring a sense of humor and fun to the usually somber positions. When Kou went on Nok'Tana to return her son to his father, Deoris named Bryseis as her Lyna.

Deoris has thick, curly black hair and brown eyes. She is shorter than most Amazons, being the second child of her mother and is a product of love, not breeding. Deoris began as most Themiscyran children, playing with weapons in the yard and doing the small tasks asked of her. Her totem is the black bear. She is constantly guarded by her spirit animal, which travels at her side and makes her feel safe from harm. She does not know it is there.

Deoris speaks Greek and Latin and can read and write them as well. She has a gray appaloosa gelding named Pojan that she rarely rides. Thanks to Valkyra, she can use the gladius with almost as much proficiency as she can use a staff, which she can use in the dark as well as in the light. Deoris shares her hut with her sister, Domaris.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 25 January 2000



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