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Amazons use many weapons. Listed below are the favored weapons of the user. It may not be their only weapon, but it is the one(s) they felt they were best at.




Alexandra Sword - Dagger
Bryseis Staff - Throwing knives
Cassia Bo Staff
Chou Tessen
Damia Whip - Battle Axe
Deirdre Staff
Deoris Staff - Gladius
Etelka Sword - Labrys
Faela Sword - Bow - Crossbow
Kiarna Bow
Kiran Sais - Bow - Sword - Escrima Sticks
Kou Sword - Dagger - Knife
Latrina Sword - Whip - Dagger
Leonie Staff - Short Bow - Sword
Paidi Bow - Dagger - Swords
Philomena Staff
Rhyenna Sword - Dagger - Spear
Selena Staff - Sais
Sykaara Sais
Tara Bow - Sword - Staff - Knives
Thisbe Staff
Valencia Bow - Tanto
Valkyra Sword - Mongolian Riding Bow
Willow Staff - Sword




Alexandra Helena (NPC)  
Bryseis Etelka  
Cassia (LOA) Samsara (NPC) Selena
Chou Clymene (NPC) Kou (Nok'tana)
Damia Angelique (NPC)  
Deirdre Faela  
Deoris Domaris (NPC)  
Kiarna Valencia Willow (Nok'tana) & Elaka (NPC)
Latrina Leonie Khepri (NPC)
Li Zhen (none)  
Vatari (NPC)    


Amazon Pets

Alexandra Nike (kitten, female, w/brown & black stripes - sired by Maka)
Cypress Luminesa (king snake)
Faela Quillian (wolf pup)
Jadea Ardra (hawk)
Kiarna Raven (raven)
Kou Maka Mai Hina Hina (cat)
Latrina Circe (snow owl), Calypso (black cat)
Thisbe Mischief (ferret)



Amazon Horses

Alexandra Angel
Bryseis Xanthe (lt. brown mare with honey mane & tail)
Damia Drakonite (white Andaluisan stallion)
Deirdre Io (golden palamino)
Deoris  Pojan (appaloosa gelding)
Etelka  Tyr (dappled gray stallion)
Faela Darkfire (mare), Nightmare (mare)
Kiarna Lita (bay mare)
Kiran Nexus (black gelding)
Kou Hina (gray Lusitano mare), Tofikila Ani (colt)
Latrina Hileli (black mare, blonde mane and tail)
Leonie Wind Drifter (Windy - Lusitano stallion)
Selena Andra (silver Mustang mare with black mane, tail, legs & nose)

(note: all horses went with her to Rostovia)

Velika (silver Akhal-Teke war mare), Tanichka (silver Akhal-Teke war mare), Ninochka (kohl Arabian war mare), Sondchka (kohl Arabian war mare), Shashenka (kohl Arabian stallion)
Willow Asteria (chesnut mare)



Non-Tae'Nah Languages

Alexandra Greek
Bryseis Greek
Cassia Greek, Latin*
Chou Japanese
Damia Latin, Romani, Goth
Deirdre Greek, Arabic
Deoris Latin, Greek
Etelka Norse, Gaelic
Faela Latin, Gaelic, Greek*, Norse*, Chin*
Kiarna Latin, Greek
Kiran Hindi, Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, Egyptian
Kou Too many to list
Leonie Gaul, Greek, Latin
Paidi Greek, Latin, Japanese*
Philomena Latin
Rhyenna Greek
Selena Greek
Tara Greek, Norse, Celtic
Thisbe Latin, Greek
Valencia Greek
Willow Gaelic, Latin, Greek
Languages with a * are known in only basic forms.




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