Tavoto Jarcit (Tribal Tradeswoman)

Jilika Archila (Head Gardener)

Quilla Archila (Lead Archer)

Kiran is from the East. When she was 17, her mother sold her into slavery for money and to finally get rid of her. Her father was unperturbed and her brother did not care, being too self absorbed.

She escaped captivity the night her master had a feast. At the start of the feast she slipped out and headed west. By the time they realized she was gone, she was well down the path of her new life.

She traveled fast and far to escape the clutches of her captors. She found herself in strange lands, alternately stealing and living off nature to survive.

Then she came upon the beautiful lands of Themiscyra where she was received by the Themiscyran Amazons.

Kiran's totem is the Bengal Tiger. Kiran is about five foot four in height and wears her long  brown hair in a high ponytail. She wears a leather headband to keep her fringe from getting into her dark green eyes.

Kiran uses the sais, the bow, the sword and the escrima sticks. She rides Nexus, a black gelding. She speaks Hindi, Greek, Sanskrit, Latin and Egyptian.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 28 February 2003



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