The graph below details out the Amazon defense ranks.


This is the defense of the village. Every Amazon would participate in the defense of the village unless they were physically unable to do so. (Exceptions would also be made for those who had moral or psychological issues.)

This chart shows our rank from the top down. In the upper levels, there would only be one Amazon in those positions. These would be among the first choice for members of the council, should there be vacancies. The other choices would be the heads of the domestic teams.

The lower levels would have the most people in them as many may not choose to do more than a minimal defense in preference to their domestic job. As an example, a Healer may never choose to rise above Guard level as they would rather focus on healing.

Menuma are the 'training' grounds of all the guards, scouts and archers. This is where the very youngest of the tribe begin, learning their way around the village and learning to converse with various Amazons. They also learn discretion, silence, stealth and patience. They may also choose to remain messengers instead of advancing in rank, or may choose to remain a messenger while learning to Guard.

The Weapons rank are the teachers of the tribe and represent the very best of the best. An Amazon would begin as a Trainer and learn how to teach as well as learning how to excel in more exotic and varied weaponry. They would teach the Messengers and Guard levels. The Guardian would teach and spar with the middle ranks while training the Trainers. The Mistress would teach the Guardian, lead specialized classes and would spar against the highest rankings. No Amazon in the Weapons ranks would hold a domestic job - weaponry would be their focus.

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