Verlisi (Guard)

Ve'Kyna (Huntress)

Daughter of Dianna, Sister to Atthis and Zyrina

Rhyenna was born in a little village on the island Lesbos. She was raised by her mother, Dianna. Her father had been in the army defending Lesbos against Athens and died in combat before Rhyenna was born.

She also has two older sisters, Atthis and Zyrina. Both her sisters were promising talents; Atthis in poetry, Zyrina at story telling. Atthis was sent to try to get in at the school of Sappho, which she did and had to move to Mytilene. This was the first shock in Rhyenna’s life, loosing her beloved sister at the age of ten.

The next shock came when Rhyenna was eleven. Zyrina went on a journey to Greece to pick up some new stories for a story-telling competition in their village. When Zyrina left, Rhyenna became depressed because she felt that she had lost both of her sisters, but she had a will of iron even at such a young age so she forced herself to concentrate on herself and helping her mother. Eventually, she discovered she had a skill for sports, she was quite good at running and throwing the javelin.

When she turned twelve, Zyrina came home just in time for the yearly story-telling competition. She won with the story of Hercules ninth labor; about retrieving Hippolyta's girdle. The story about the Amazons fascinated Rhyenna more then anything or anyone in her life. After learning about the Amazons, Rhyenna understood why she had felt like a misfit for the last two years; she now knew she’d never find peace if she didn’t try to find them. She asked Zyrina to tell her everything she knew about the Amazons and from that day on she used all her free time to improve her skills in defending herself and surviving in the woods and to educate herself.

It took her three years to be satisfied with herself and to work up the courage to leave her homeland in search of the Amazons. Finally one night when it was a full moon, she woke up at midnight and knew it was now or never. She packed some of her clothes and some food, and quietly placed the recently written letter on her mother’s bed so she wouldn’t worry about her, and left for the docks.

She was lucky, there was a ship going to Assus which she knew was on the same continent as Themiscyra, the land of the Amazons. From Assus she traveled through Mysia and Galatia and only took short rests till she reached a city called Cabria.

Through her journey she experienced a lot. At one time she even had the opportunity to help Xena. To Xena it was probably nothing, just a girl helping her carry stuff, but to Rhyenna it would be one of her most beautiful memories. That she had met the great warrior princess, and had had the opportunity to talk to both her and Gabrielle, and the fact that Xena had been impressed with her work made Rhyenna very, very proud. Gabrielle had even spoken to her and told her some things she should know when she met the Amazons after learning of Rhyenna’s desire to join them.

In Cabria she took a long rest and after that she didn’t stop till she fell from exhaustion on the floor of a forest just at the borders of Themiscyra.

At this point, she has barely passed sixteen years of age, yet she had so many adventures that most girls in her hometown never even dream of. She is about 5’8" tall and has well-developed musculature from her intense training, with long brown hair and gray-blue eyes. Her totem is the goat. She favors the sword, dagger and spear. She speaks Greek.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 07 July 2006



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