Verlisi (Guard)


Sykaara was born in the village of Smyrna, a city in the country that became Turkey, and into a life of slavery. Her mother, Pyroami, also a slave, ran away from the village they were from after learning that all slave infants were going to be executed because of overpopulation.

Pyroami gathered the few belongings she had and found a trade caravan to join. She ran away with the caravan until she came to Themiscyra. Having heard that the Amazons were known to assist troubled women, she left the caravan and made her way to the tribe. She explained to the Themiscyrans about her situation, and the Amazons agreed to raise Sykaara as one of them and to tell her of her past only when she had grown. Pyroami left the protection of the Amazons so that no one would ever know where her child had gone and was never heard from again.

Now, Sykaara is sixteen years of age and is a brave, honorable warrior in the Themiscyran tribe. Her favorite weapons are the sais and she stands at five feet, eight inches with a lean but muscled body. She has brown hair that reaches past her shoulders and blue eyes.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 10 November 2004



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