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This page relates STRICTLY to the role playing GAME of Themiscrya, not to real life. If you want to pursue a journey of self-discovery and determine your own personal animal guide or totem, please feel free. There are many sites listed at Google.com that can give you ways to discover your animal.

However, this is for a G-A-M-E.

Now that we're clear on that point....

There are several simple ways to discover your Amazon character's totem.  Make a list of her likes and dislikes. What does she like to do? What does she hate to do? Use everything you know about her and maybe make up some new stuff.

You can then relate those attributes to certain animals. For example, a "crab" totem would be strong and tenacious, holding hard and fast to whatever it clamped on to. But it would also burrow and hide when threatened.

It is all right to choose more than one totem. It is all right to choose the same totem as another Amazon in the tribe. It is all right to pick very specific animals. (Black Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Koala Bear, whatever.)

If none of those methods are satisfactory, or if you already have an idea what your totem "should" be, you can visit any of the sites below for a listing of what the animal "does". Remember that every site is different, as each individual is different. This is also a very BRIEF sampling of the sites available.

Animal Totem - Magick Whispers - Cycle of Power Totems

Animal Totem Meanings

Amazon Totem List


Alexandra - Tiger, Wolf

Alkaia - Ocelot, Falcon


Anaita - Ermine

Astraea - Fox

Bryseis - Butterfly

Cassia - Cougar

Cypress - Cougar

Damia - Deer

Deoris - Black Bear

Etelka - Eagle, Spider

Faela - Horse, Panther

Jadea - Red Tailed Hawk

Kiarna - Raven

Kiran - Bengal Tiger

Kou - Cat, Eagle

Latrina - Snow Owl, Snow Tiger

Leonie - Blue Jay, Toad

Paidi - Albino Snake, Horse

Rhyenna - Goat

Selena - Stag

Sykaara - Lioness

Tara - Spider, Panther

Thisbe - Lion

Valencia - Tarantula

Valkyra - Wolverine

Willow - White Bengal Tiger, Falcon


Don't see your name or your totem? Contact Latra Deoris.



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