Queen of Rostovia

Warrior Woman of the Caucasus Mountains


Leinsata of Themiscyra (Former Queen)

Tasida Cild Archila (Former Weapons Mistress)

One early autumn morning amongst the falling leaves of scarlet and gold, Valkyra came riding out of the Rostovia Forest in the Caucasus Mountains . The young woman has now lived twenty-one turns of the four seasons. She has long blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She stands 5 feet 7 inches. She wears rich riding leathers, clothes that one can easily ride and fight in. All who see Valkyra are entranced by her feminine beauty; for she is known throughout the land as a most beautiful woman. But, all who see her also know that she is a warrior by the weapons that she carries. Valkyra carries a sword of the finest steel on her back and there is a Mongolian riding bow strapped to one side of her saddle next to a quiver of arrows. Fastened to the other side of the saddle is a luminous shield of some unknown alloy. Her gray horse snorts in anticipation of a fight. The great beast is an expertly trained battle steed.

Ever since Valkyra was a young girl, she observed and hated the horrors and injustices directed toward innocent people by savage men. She vowed to put an end to this terror one way or another. As she grew, she put away her dolls and toys to train with weapons, mainly sword and bow. Her rich mother, sympathetic with her daughter's desires, sought out the best teachers to give Valkyra the skills that she would need when she rode out into the world to do battle with the barbarians. After several years of intense training, this Russian girl of the mountains was ready. Valkyra became a warrior woman. She then roamed the land as a mercenary and put an end to the careers and lives of many criminals and outlaws.

Through the bards and travelers that Valkyra met on her journeys, she heard tales of other Sisters of the Sword. She then knew that she must find these women so that she could contribute her fighting experience and skill to create an even stronger force of warrior women. Valkyra just knew that these women were her kind. She followed the known trails and created new ones across the lands until she came upon the Thermadon River. She rode along side of the river until she saw a village. From the top of a ridge she observed the people living there. They were all women. The Warrior Woman of the Caucasus Mountains would soon discover that she had reached Themiscyra Amazon Nation.

As Valkyra lived amongst the Themiscyran Amazons, she first became the Tribe's Weapons Mistress and then she was appointed Regent. Finally, Valkyra became Queen of Themiscyra Amazon Nation, while keeping her position as Weapons Mistress as well.

With the sudden death of Valkyra’s sister, Katrina, Queen of Rostovia, Valkyra returned to her homeland, Rostovia, to become its new Queen and to avenge her sister. Her country needed her and Valkyra answered its call.

The following Royal guards, loyal as they are to their beloved Queen, left to go with her: Alcinoe - Aneira - Basilla -Eumache - Genia - Grachia - Jacenta - Kreousa - Scyleia.

The Warrior Woman also owns and rides the following horses, which she took with her to Rostovia: Velika, a silver Akhal-Teke war mare; Tanichka, a silver Akhal-Teke war mare; Ninochka, a kohl Arabian war mare; Sondchka, a kohl Arabian war mare; and Shashenka, a kohl Arabian stallion.

Valkyra's totem is the wolverine. The woman fighter has characteristics which are similar to this strong and powerful animal. The wolverine is one of the most feared animals of all. Valkyra’s power, like the wolverine, is in her full commitment. Whenever she battles, she means it and ferociously fights her enemies until the end.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 28 April 2000



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