Willow Kantious

Yevem Archila (Chief Orchard Grower)

Willow Kantious was born in Eire of the Laca (princess) of her Tribe. Because she was born in defiance of the Latra’s wishes, her mother left to give birth alone. She was not allowed to have the Rite of Caste passed to her because of her mother’s actions.

As Willow grew up in the Tribe, she was a quick study and learned faster than other girls older than she. She learned the Amazon art of fighting with various weapons; though her favorite was the staff, which she wielded with masterful skill and had employed on her Tribe’s behalf in several skirmishes. Since she was a fast learner, she was also learning the art of herbs and spices; when she wasn’t busy playing practical jokes.

She was treated with a certain respect by the members of the Tribe with the exception of Sinead, who was the Captain of the Latra’s Guard. Sinead had long been jealous of Willow’s mother and did what she could to make the young girl’s life miserable.

By the time she was seventeen, Willow was one of the best fighters in the Tribe. That was when the Vikings attacked her Village. Willow and her niece, Elaka, fled onto a warship which was moored nearby and set sail as they watched their Village burn. As the night grew deeper, a storm set in and they were shifted off course. They landed in Britannia and traveled across to Gaul where she left her niece with another tribe and then found her way to Themiscyra with a promise to one day return.

Willow is a woman of medium height with greenish-blue eyes and russet hair. She loves to swim, climb, sew, fish, and fight. She enjoys training with her staff and playing with children. She frequently gets into trouble for her wicked sense of humor. When she is resting, she likes to read and sing or dance. Her totems are the white Bengal tiger and the falcon

Willow's favorite weapons are the staff and the sword. Her roomates are Cypress and Kiarna. She rides a chestnut mare named Asteria.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 23 June 2003



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