Code of Honor


 There will always be fear, but a true Amazon feels the fear and pushes forward and completes her task or mission anyway.

Sense of Self

No Amazon can truly give herself fully and wholly to her village or to Artemis without knowing who and what it is she is giving.


An Amazon must train hard, work hard, and never give up, or the world will overtake her and her village. Each woman's skills and efforts can either make or break her village.


Everything an Amazon does is for the betterment and legacy of her village and people. She neither basks in self-glory nor puts her well-being before that of her sisters.


An Amazon is driven by her emotions. She helps those in need to the full extent of her ability and does not needlessly kill.


An Amazon must hold her ancestor's customs in high standards, yet she must be open-minded enough to know when those customs must be changed or laid to rest.


An Amazon is only as good as her word, and without honesty and trust, her tribe would fail. Each member of the tribe depends on another. A true Amazon has the courage to come forth if she is dishonest, no matter the cost.

Submitted by Philomena



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