Rules of Themiscyra

Most of the rules of Themiscrya can be found on other pages. This is simplified and boiled down to just a simple list.

You must be female.

You must be 16 (sixteen) years of age or older. 

You must behave with honor. DO NOT LIE.

You are required to post on both types of Themiscyra's forums at least once a month. (Once in chat, once in role-playing.)

Your name and biography must be unique.

You must choose a title or job.

You must read other posts besides your own.

Ideas for tribal plotlines must be posted in Nara'te forum and 1/3 of the active members must vote for a plotline to be in play.

Posts must be in third person. ("she said" not "I said")

Posts may not be in anything other than default size and type.

Posts must be double spaced between paragraphs.

Posts must not attack other Amazons - only issues.

Posts that do attack others needlessly will be edited or removed.

Amazons may have only one active character that they play. Changing or switching characters is on a case-by-case basis only.

No Amazon may give out a password, only the Queen may do so.

You must email the Queen to request an LOA if you will not meet posting requirements.

You must email the Queen if you are retiring.




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