Sacred Documents of the Amazon Nation

The Xena Oath
By Seriana Ritani

Swear to keep Xena alive by standing
up for what you believe in. Preserve
her by never giving in to your fear,
by admitting your faults, by putting
others before yourself. Never lose
sight of the ultimate goal.

Remember Gabrielle by preserving her
love of learning, her sense of
wonder, and her smile. Open your
mouth to defend what you love, even
if it may get you into trouble.
Never attack in hatred, but don't
back down from fighting for a worthy

Swear to hang on to Joxer by never
giving up. Fight for the right, even
when you know you can't win. Hope
for better days, no matter what.
Keep trying to make people laugh,
because you never know when they
really need to. Love those who need
your love and forget rewards.



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