A Place Of Our Own


"Look out!"

Celosia ducked as her sister's staff went flying over where Celosia's head had been. Kneeling, she watched the offending staff twirl out of control until landing with a thud on the ground. She looked over her shoulder at Medea.

"Sorry sis," Medea said. "I was trying this new move and-" Medea was cut off by a curt wave of Celosia's hand.

"Don't worry about that. Look at this place," Celosia said. Her gaze returned to the green fields stretching out before her. Never in her young life had Celosia seen such beautiful nature. Groves of trees lined the western border of the fields, and a hidden stream snaked along the eastern border, feeding into the small lake to the northeast.

"Eh, it's all right," Medea said, shrugging. "When are we gonna fight something?"

Celosia rolled her eyes and turned away from her sister, back to the other Amazons of the tribe. "Well, Amazons. What do you think? Could this be our new home?"


"I think we should put it to a vote. All in favor?" Aurora looked around at the others in her tribe, and each held her hand far above her head.

"Then it is unanimous." Celosia stated. "We'll put up a temporary camp for tonight and then begin building tomorrow."

The various Amazons spread out and prepared for the night while a small group went to gather food and fire wood before nightfall. Soon enough, a bright crescent moon rose over the camp, and a bright red flame lit the surrounding area.

"In honor of our new homeland, we will have a celebratory dance." Celosia said as the others whooped and hollered in joy. The sound of drums and chanting echoed through the night.

Nearby, a tall thin blonde warrior squatted behind a bush with his friend watching the display. The shorter, curly-haired one sat with his mouth open and his happy eyes wide, only able to mutter incomprehensible grunts of joy.


Medea danced joyously around the campfire laughing and not really watching where she was going.

"Oh yeah! AMAZONS UNITE!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, daring any nearby dwellers to challenge their presence.

Celosia smiled and rolled her eyes. Somehow she didn't think Medea was going to have a problem getting used to their new home.

The young blonde unsheathed her sword and started incorporating it into her dance, letting out battle cries as she went. She was so absorbed that she didn't even notice when she fell backwards into a bush on the perimeter of camp...and onto two soft something-or-others.

Probably mushrooms, she decided.

"Hey-what in the-Herc?" something beneath her inquired, sounding a little disoriented.

"Hey, that's no mushroom...that was a . . ." she stopped short, jumping to her feet.

"Uh oh," the taller mushroom mumbled. "This can't be good."

Medea pointed her sword at his throat and screamed at the top of her lungs, "MEN!" Then, thinking it over, she lowered her sword and added, "CAN WE KEEP 'EM?!?!?"


Danae rushed over to see the excitement. There, flat on their backs at the feet of the feisty Amazon, were two men! Medea looked at the Queen with that happy anxious look on her face awaiting the answer to her question.

"Uh, can you put that thing away?" the taller man asked.

"What do you think my Queen? Should we let them up?"

After careful consideration Queen Celosia responded, "Yes let them up, but keep a very close eye on them."

"Gee thanks your Highness! So come here often?" The little curly one said. The Amazons glared at him. "What? What? What did I say?" The taller of the two smacked the little one in the shoulder and gave him an obvious 'shut up' look.


The two intruders had cut the celebration short. Every Amazon had their weapons drawn. They were ready to fight. Questions raced through the Amazon’s minds, they were all anxious to know who these strangers were and why they were there.

"Queen Celosia what are we to do with them?" asked Belen.

The Amazons hadn't been in their new home long enough to build a prison. So, Queen Celosia had the men tied up in a tent for the time being. Two Amazons were put on guard.

The celebration went on, but more questions plagued the Amazon’s minds. They worried there might be more men in the area and would they also have claims to the land the Amazons called home?


Once the dancing was done Queen Celosia had decided to send three search parties to search their new homeland for other intruders. Alcina was in one of the three parties.

The teams spread out through the woods. Alcina griped her sword tightly as she walked. She heard some bushes move in front of her. She wasn't the only one.

The Amazons turned and walked slowly up to a bunch of tall bushes. Alcina’s heart was pounding. She gripped her sword and glanced down quickly to double check her dagger was still in her boot. It was, of course, as always, there and she put her attention back on the bush suddenly they peeked over the bush there they saw…



As the scout, Thalia had gone off apart from the search parties to check for more intruders. Morphing in a falcon for disguise, she coasted around Themiscrya. Finding no one, she decided to head back.

Hearing voices, she slowed down and landed on a low branch in one of the trees, morphing back into a human. Scanning the ground she spotted Alcina and the search party below her. They were staring at something off to the right. Thalia looked over and gasped...


Meanwhile, back at the camp . . .

Xanthea paced around the grounds. How could men find us in our new home? she asked herself. She sighed, playing with her ponytail. She looked around and noticed that the others who had remained behind where as anxious to hear from the scouting parties as she was.

Xanthea walked over to the tent where their prisoners were being held. She nodded to the guards on duty and entered the tent. Looking them over, she decided they weren't all that dangerous looking. Of course, they're always the ones who are the most dangerous, she told herself.

"So," Xan said, clearing her throat. "Who are you and how did you get here?"

The tall blond looked Xanthea over. "I'm Hercules and this is my friend, Iolaus," he began.

"Hi," Iolaus sing-songly added.

Xanthea rolled her eyes. "I'm Xanthea, our tribal healer."

Hercules nodded. "We were just out for a walk and well, we sort of stumbled on the place."

"Why did Medea find you both in the bushes?"

"Well, you see . . ." Hercules nervously looked around the tent.

"We were spying on you," said Iolaus.

Xanthea shook her head. "Did anyone else follow you?" she asked, looking directly into Hercules' eyes.

"Can't say anyone was," Iolaus replied.

"We're not sure," Hercules said. "We weren't exactly expecting to come upon an Amazon tribe, so we weren't worried about it."

Xanthea sighed. "I'll see what our Queen has to say about this," she announced, leaving the tent. She then began her search for Celosia.



Shattered Peace


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