Exit Mizera


Mizera flew towards Thalia and delivered a mighty blow to Thalia’s ribs. Thalia twisted around herself, crawling across the earth as the Mizera followed her, delivering blow after blow. Her cold laugh filled air. "You should feel flattered Thalia, you will be the first of your sisters to die!"

Across the forest, Desdion began to panic. He sensed Thalia’s pain and his sharp ears made out the sound of her faraway scream. But his bond with her was broken and he couldn't get his thoughts through to her. Without a word to the other Amazons, he began weaving through the forest toward the sound.

Aurora didn’t need to be told twice, glanced at the others and followed.

Thalia managed to gather enough strength to move out of the path of Mizera’s staff and morphed back into an owl. With a powerful sweep of her wings, she climbed out of reach of the evil woman. Angered, she turned and swooped down toward Mizera’s face, her beak snapping, her claws raking.

Mizera cried out in pain as Thalia, unable to continue the attack, flew away. "You’ll pay for that, Thalia!" Mizera called after her.

The pain Thalia suffered in her battle asserted itself, making it impossible for her to fly straight. Weaving back and forth, she couldn’t control her descent and headed slowly toward the forest floor. In desperation, she called out to her friend. Des… but never finished the thought.

Thalia! Desdion replied. He focused on Xanthea and said, She’s this way.

Thalia rolled again on the forest floor, morphing back into her human form as she tumbled. She crashed into a large leafy shrub and stopped, panting. She was a mass of bruises and cuts, but she wasn’t seriously hurt. The worst pain was her wounded shoulder, throbbing painfully as she struggled to sit up.

But she had heard something as she had fallen through the branches. Desdion? She asked. Can you hear me? Where are you?

Desdion led Thalia's sisters through the trees. "Thalia!" Several concerned voices exclaimed, running over to her.

"I'm okay," Thalia said. She let them help her to her feet. "Just a little beaten up is all."

A shrill voice surrounded them. "You can run but you can't hide! I’ll find you sometime, Thalia. You haven't beaten me, just delayed me!" Mizera called out in an angry voice.

"Let’s get her home," Belen suggested.

"What if Mizera is still following us?" Alcina asked.

"She won’t. She’ll need time to recover from her injury," Thalia said. The Amazons lifted her up and together they tracked the way back to Themiscrya.


Celosia ran to the Amazons when they arrived. "Thalia!"

"I'm okay, it looks worse than it is," Thalia assured the Queen. Xanthea draped the Head Scout’s arm over her shoulder and together they moved off into the med hut.

"What happened?" Celosia demanded.

Aurora stepped forward to explain. She outlined the escape from Mizera’s prisons and the fight afterward. "Thalia changed into an owl and began tracking a roundabout way home, figuring Mizera would follow us to you. We soon lost sight of her."

"That’s when we found them," Medea stated. "The wolf, Desdion," she indicated the lanky beast with her head. He sat outside the med hut, his ears raised toward the doorway. "He led Léda, Xanthea and I to them. He couldn’t find Thalia, but she was already among them, wounded. Mizera fought her, but Thalia defeated her."

The head scout emerged from the med hut, Xanthea behind her looking satisfied. All heads turned to them, the wolf coming up under Thalia’s hand. "I’m fine," she said, patting the creature, but speaking to everyone.

Celosia looked back at the Healer, who nodded her agreement. "Good. Now, let’s set a trap for a witch."


"She’s weak now," Thalia finished her tale. She prodded the low embers of the central fire back to life, chasing away the darkness. Streaks of gray could be seen along the horizon, the first signs of a new day.

Celosia nodded. "First things first," she said. "We should build traps to snare as many of the rogue Amazons as we can. Limit her army as much as possible. Léda, begin building snares, pits and traps." She seemed to notice the large number of sleeping Amazons around her and sighed. "Take whoever can be spared from the battle to come. Thalia, do you feel up to some scouting?"

"Of course I do," the Head Scout replied instantly.

"Oh, no you don’t," Xanthea vetoed softly. "If you’re to be any help against Mizera again, you’ll need rest. I’ll allow Léda and her team, but everyone else should be in bed. Now," she ordered.

"Fine," the Queen said, standing. "Go and rest."

Léda woke several of the younger Amazons and moved off into the forest. The other Amazons went to their bedrolls, Celosia moving to the Queen’s hut.

Quiet enveloped Themiscrya.


"Miserable little Biomorph," Mizera grumbled as she cleaned her wound. "She won’t get the chance to do that again. Soon I will crush them. All of them."

"Of course, my queen," an Amazon acknowledged, binding the wound with clean cloth.

Mizera flexed against the wrap, then stretched out her hand. An almost invisible force expanded out from her palm and knocked the Amazon off her feet. The girl shuddered and shook her head, disoriented, but unhurt.

The witch frowned, realizing how weak her powers still were. "Not good enough," she said. Her powers were charging too slowly. Her patience was wearing thin. She would not be denied her revenge.


It was mid-afternoon when the Léda woke Celosia. "I’ve done as much as I can about the traps, my Queen. I had to dismiss the Amazons, most were falling over from exhaustion and lack of sleep."

Celosia watched the Head Warrior sway slightly herself. Dark shadows underlined the woman’s eyes and her eyelids drooped. "They aren’t alone, I fear. You’ve done your duty this day, Léda. Rest now. Stay here where it’s dark and quiet, in fact."

"If Mizera’s Amazons should attack," Léda began.

"I’m sure you’ll be awake for that. Rest. It’s an order," the Queen pushed the warrior down onto her bunk and pulled the blanket over her. The Weapons Master was asleep before Celosia could tidy the folds.

In the courtyard she found most of the Amazons awake. She ordered those few who had helped Léda carried into her hut for safety and rest. Then she gathered with the others around the cook pot, where a tasty stew waited.

That was when Mizera and her Amazons attacked.


The renegade Amazons charged, their cries ringing through the forest, sending the animals for cover. The Themiscryan Amazons dropped their stew and reached for weaponry. Bows and arrows appeared from nowhere, swords and daggers were drawn from sheathes, staffs and spears came quickly to hand.

Medea’s battle cry sounded, cheering the others to the attack. Her mentor, Tern, stood at her back, a wicked smile of delight on her face as an attacker went down.

Thalia, forbidden to morph, was instead perched in a tree with her crossbow. She spotted a renegade heading for Aurora and loosed a shot, stopping the woman. She picked off several more before realizing her crossbow was no match for the sheer number of the renegades. She climbed down, grabbed a sword from one of the dead renegade’s hands and leapt into the thick of the melee. The killing spree made her sick, but she had to keep going.

She glanced about her. Where was Mizera?


Xanthea felt a sword at her throat. She heard Mizera whisper in her ear, "Want to be a hero now?"

Xanthea looked at her Amazon sisters. Many were fighting the renegade Amazons. "You don't want me," she replied. "You want our Queen. Killing me won't get you any closer to your goal."

"It won't?" Mizera asked. "Aren't you the mighty tribal healer? Wouldn't it upset the Queen even the tiniest bit if I take your life from you before you can teach other little girls your craft?"

Xanthea could hear what she believed to be anger and insanity lacing Mizera's voice. She lifted her eyes to the sky and saw a falcon. "Great," she thought. "What could happen now that's any worse than this?"


The falcon swooped down at Mizera. The witch spun around, never loosening her grip of Xanthea. The falcon’s only reward for the attack was a feather in Mizera’s hair as cold laughter filled the air.

"You’ll have to move faster than that Thalia!" she called out after the winged creature.

Belen picked up a rock that was lying close to her feet and threw it at Mizera. Shocked, the witch almost lost her grip on Xanthea. Mizera gave Belen a cold look.

Alcina and Thalia dropped to the ground, morphing out of falcon form. She joined Alcina and several other Amazons who threw the only weapon they had at Mizera, crockery. Bowls, plates and cups sailed through the air at the witch, trying to distract her and release her hold on their sister.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Xanthea dug her elbow into Mizera’s ribs and shoved herself away. Snagging her staff with one foot, she popped it into the air and caught it. She sneered at the witch as she turned with the weapon at the ready.


Aurora and Hercules stood guard at the door to the Queen’s hut, watching Celosia pace the room like a caged tiger. War cries penetrated the wooden walls, some more piercing than others, a constant reminder that a war raged nearby.

"I won’t stay here any longer while my sisters fight!" Celosia exploded. She strode purposefully toward the door.

Hercules caught her in his arms and restrained her. She thrashed for a few seconds, but it was obviously futile. The son of Zeus was not easily bested in strength.

"My Queen, you can’t! The loss of our Queen would do more damage to the tribe than she can do with her army. You must remain here," Aurora argued.

Celosia slumped against Hercules chest, he patted her on the back. Turning her toward the interior of the room, he began gently guiding her toward her cot. She let herself go limp and dropped out of his hold and out the door.

"Slippery," he muttered, following Aurora out into camp.


Mizera laughed at Xanthea’s posturing. Raising a hand, she made a sweeping motion that sent the Amazon flying across the compound into a tree. The blow knocked her senseless and darkness descended.

She awoke to a pair of blue eyes staring at her. Xanthea looked around. She was in the Queen’s hut, in the Queen’s own bed. Aurora knelt by her side, mumbling words that soothed and calmed her. Hercules and Iolaus stood near the door, watching Celosia pace back and forth in front of the bed.

"Wha-what happened?" she asked. She sat up and immediately saw the world spin.

"Lay down awhile longer," advised Aurora. She wiped her brow with a wet cloth. "You'll be fine. You've got quite the bump there though."

Xanthea replied with a weak smile. She was in too much pain to do much else. A brighter smile would just give her a worse headache. After a moment, she said, "What happened with Mizera?"


Hercules kept his eyes on the Amazon Queen.

"Our sisters still battle Mizera and her forces," said Aurora. "Your flying act did help Hercules and I catch our wayward Queen before the witch spotted her. You stopped her cold with surprise. Iolaus brought you here while we brought her."

Celosia clenched her fists. "I should be out there! I should be defending my tribe! Maybe if I fight her then she'll leave us."

"She won't leave until you're dead." Hercules pointed out. "She won’t accept anything less from either you or Thalia."

"Our sisters are fighting with full force," Xanthea added, trying to be helpful.

"I can't stand here and let my Amazons be killed protecting me from that woman!" Celosia paced across the floor. She stopped and stood facing the others. "I'm going back. I'm going to defend my tribe and face Mizera."

"Wait!" Aurora called, but Celosia had already gone out. "Take care of Xanthea," she instructed Hercules. "When you can, join us. We're going to need all the help we can get."


Many of Mizera's rogues had been defeated, but Mizera was in full rage.

She swung her staff, sending Belen flying. She swung again and connected with the side of Haven's head. A kick from behind knocked her off balance, but didn’t bring her down. Turning, shrieking madly, she sent a bolt of power at Alcina, throwing the Amazon onto the ground.

Yakut tried to sneak up behind her while she was occupied with Alcina, but Mizera was too fast. Her rage and power were growing. With a flick of her hand, she sent Yakut sliding across the forest floor.

A moment later Mizera found herself on the ground, kicked in the legs by Tern. With a move too quick for most Amazon eyes to follow, she grabbed Tern by the neck and threw her into Léda, who had been charging from behind for an attack.

Mizera heard another Amazon come up behind her and whirled around, kicking out and knocking the attacker off her feet. Her eyes widened as she recognized the Queen.

"Celosia!" she hissed. "The final moment has come! I will have my revenge!" She raised her hands, preparing to hit Celosia with a bolt of power. From the nearby bushes a streak of orange and black slammed into Mizera, moving its body in front of the downed Queen. The tiger snarled as Celosia regained her feet, then moved into a standing position next to the Amazon Queen.

"Thalia," Mizera growled, guessing the true form of the tiger.

Thalia morphed, changing to her human form. "You are no longer part of us, Mizera. You wanted your own rules, and you got them. You wanted all for yourself and you got just that. Take your tribe and leave us! There is nothing left for you here."

A cold smile spread across Mizera's face. "I disagree, biomorph. There is revenge!"


Celosia spoke. "You want revenge? Well, unfortunately Mizera, today is just not your day."

With that, the Queen launched herself into the sky and tucked. Rolling in the air, she unfolded herself in time to plant her feet squarely on Mizera's chest. The soles of her boots connected with Mizera's ribcage, sending the other Queen flying backwards as Celosia flipped, landing on her feet. Mizera landed with a thud on the ground.

Mizera rolled backward and up into a standing position. "You always did like that flying stuff, didn't you Celosia? Well here, try this!"

She moved her arms straight out in front of her body, her fingers spread and pointing at Celosia. The blast from her magic shoved the Queen back and up, moving her away from the camp and into the forest beyond.


"Celosia!" Thalia cried as her Queen was thrown farther into the woods. "You!" She whipped her head around to glare at Mizera. "What happened to you? You used to be our sister!"

"Times change," Mizera snarled, sending a bolt in Thalia's direction. Thalia jumped in the air and flipped out of the way. "I changed."

"Why?" Thalia landed on the ground, braced to move again.

"Power," Mizera said. She raised her hand and Thalia struggled as she found herself frozen in place. "Sure, we had our fun times growing up. Stupid little kid games and chatter. When I got older I wanted more; I wanted power. You little brats had your own power, didn’t you shape-shifter?" With a flick of her hand Thalia was sent crashing into a tree. "I didn't have anything, I wanted what you had. I was just a weak little Amazon under a weak Amazon Queen."

Thalia struggled to sit up, clutching her ribs. "Amazons are far from weak."

"My mother was not weak," Celosia appeared. "She was fond of you, how could you speak of her in such a way?"

"I wanted to be Queen!" Mizera narrowed her eyes. "I probably would have been next after you and Medea and Thalia. I would have been, if the tarot's spell had worked."

"That was YOU who tried to kill us!" Thalia got to her feet.

Mizera smiled. "Yes it was."

"But . . . how would you have been made Queen?"

"I had the Queen problem taken care of. A little tip-off as to your location to a few of the king's guards, and instant war," a smile lingered on Mizera's lips. "A war your Queen would not live to remember."

The Amazons froze as this information registered.

"You... you..." Thalia's eyes were wide.

"You killed my mother!" Celosia screamed, leaping towards the witch.

The woman moved quickly out of the way, but Celosia hung on to an arm and used her momentum to send the witch tumbling across the ground. Mizera jumped to her feet just in time to meet Thalia's foot in her face, snapping the witch’s head back and sending her reeling into a nearby tree. Dazed, she shook her head and blinked rapidly.

Celosia had followed Mizera’s slide and added a well placed kick in Mizera's abdomen. It caused the witch to double over, but she still managed to grab Celosia's foot and flip her upside down in the air.

"You betrayed her," Thalia growled. She narrowed her eyes and began to emit a faint blue light. Her features shifted and she took the form of a blue dragon.

She snapped at Mizera, who moved away just in time. But she didn't see Thalia's tail sweeping up behind and the witch was sent crashing into a tree. Thalia snarled and stood next to Celosia as Mizera got to her feet.

"Want to play rough?" Mizera sent an icy glare. "I can do rough..."


Thalia and Celosia stood facing Mizera, the rest of the Amazons circling them.

Mizera stumbled to her feet. "Yeah, I killed her," she growled out, hair hanging in her face. "I killed her, and I'll kill the two of you."

Celosia smiled a sinister smile. "I don't think so," she said, before closing her eyes.

Thalia looked at her queen, surprised. Celosia brought her hands together, palms inward, and started to shake as a glowing ball of light formed between her palms. She opened her eyes and said, "Never again will you harm one of us, Mizera," before flinging her arms towards Mizera. The ball of energy sped toward the evil Amazon, striking her and spreading over her.

Mizera looked down and saw herself as she was enveloped in the light. "Your powers have grown Celosia. But you haven't seen the last of me," she said, before dissolving into thin air.

"That was different," Thalia said. "I didn't realize you'd gotten that powerful."

Celosia shrugged, dismissing that conversation. "I'm exhausted. Let's go home, ladies."


Enter Mizera

A Family Affair


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