Goddess Kakistos of Destruction


Kaia sat and watched her sister as she drank ambrosia wine and laughed. "Hera's face was just classic," the Goddess Kakistos said. "I've never been more satisfied in my life." Her eyes were turning redder with every sip, with every bite of ambrosia.

Kaia Kakistos was pleased. She succeeded in turning her sister and all she needed was for Seriana to lose her memories. And I didn't even plan for that! Oh, how everything has fallen into place, she thought. She pushed a bowl of ambrosia fruit toward her sister.

The older peered at Kaia and said, "Why are you so eager to give me this? Don't you think I can feed myself?" She was becoming belligerent. She stood and scooped some into her pouch, then sighed. "Pretty day for a blood bath, isn't it?"

Kaia stood along with her. "You're going after Criton aren't you?" A smile played along the corners of her mouth.

Samsara grinned. "I think I need to get my army."


She quickly found Criton, the warlord who had charged against her home tribe. His army was stationed by a small, inconsequential town, feeding off of the people and preparing for his next charge.

"Criton!" she screamed. The warlord turned to the booming voice by the woods and his eyes widened.

"If it isn't the High Princess of Teloq!" he cried. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Prince bobbed his head as she spoke. "Time for you to return some land to the Teloqians!"

He merely laughed. "You and what army?"

She cackled, bringing forth her men as she trotted toward him. "I'm a Goddess now!" she yelled, eating more ambrosia. Her eyes flared pale blue against the blood red. "I'm an Olympian! And if you think that Father's blessing will save you from my army this time . . ." She her eyes became powerful with the force of lightning.

Hercules and Iolaus, sent by Celosia to stop Samsara should she attempt to wreak havoc on Earth, appeared on the scene. The pair was alarmed. She was fighting on innocent ground and the villagers were in danger.

Meanwhile, she lifted her staff above her head as she pulled out her sword. "Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

It was on.


Back in Themiscrya . . .

"Ready?" Medea asked.

"Yes," Thalia nodded.

Medea tossed her a staff, brandishing her own in front of her. With a small cry, she lunged forward, bringing her staff around. Thalia parried the thrust, twirling her staff to catch a blow from behind, which was blocked by the other Amazon.

Medea swiped at her legs but Thalia jumped and parried a jab towards her midriff, and swung back at Medea.

Medea blocked her swing, whirling around and catching Thalia behind the knee, causing her to buckle. Before she hit the ground, however, Thalia planted her pole in the ground and used it to push herself up and around, whirling with the staff and catching Medea in the back, sending her off-balance.

The two Amazons exchanged blows swiftly and fiercely, sweat beading on their red faces. If one gained ground, the other got it back, and so on.

Finally they stopped for a break, panting and leaning on their staffs. "Call it a draw?" Thalia took deep breaths.


The Goddess would not listen to reason; she was so under the influence of ambrosia. Her army charged at her cry, assailing Criton's army. They were in possession of Hephaestian black-steel, the most impenetrable metal in existence.

Hercules and Iolaus split up, attempting to stop the battle and herd the villagers to safety. The son of Zeus mounted a horse once his master fell from it, dead, and armed himself with a sword. If he had to put his life on the line to save Samsara and Themiscrya, he would.

Meanwhile, Samsara neared Criton with every man she slew. Her numbers remained strong, although they had been at a disadvantage when she entered the outskirts of the small town. She raised her hands and suddenly the ground erupted, swallowing many an enemy and villager.

"Greet Hades on your way down!" she screamed, cackling. Her pale blue irises rivaled the blood red of her eye. She reached into her pouch and ate the last bit of ambrosia, growing stronger with every swallow. Prince stood on his hindquarters and roared. He was in his element. He was born for battle.

Hercules soon reached her. "Samsara!" he screamed. "I'm challenging you!"

She peered at him and cocked her head. "To a duel? Uncle, I believe you lost it! I'm more powerful than the King of the Gods himself! How could you ever believe you can stand against me?"

"Because I will do anything to save you."

She laughed, sheathing her sword and placing her staff in a catch on her saddle. She raised her hands and the skies grayed again. She threw her arms skyward and between her palms she created a ball of fire powered by thunder so fierce that it turned blue. She molded the power into a sphere. "I won't fight you, Hercules," she said, throwing the force between them. The ground erupted again and separated, creating a chasm between them.

Criton was on the other side, but she was low on powers. She cursed herself for spending her energies on keeping Hercules alive, but she knew she could always eat more ambrosia. She smiled to herself and stroked the back of her horse's neck. She yelled shrilly and her army disappeared into the woods.

Hera appeared. "Samsara," she said angrily.

The Goddess Kakistos of Destruction dismounted. "Hello, Hera."

"We had a deal," she said again.

"And I believe you play against a stacked deck," the Amazon responded. "Remember I hold the most hind's blood, and I cannot be killed by it. I have the upper hand and I will rule all of you miserable gods." With the remaining powers she formed lightning in her eyes and another force between her hands. "And you, Hera, will be the first to suffer my wrath!"

The two Goddesses fought with lightning and power beyond any mortal comprehension. Hercules and Iolaus looked on in horror. Would either Goddess perish?

Suddenly, Artemis appeared. "Stop this!" she cried. "Mother, let her eat her ambrosia. There is no use in fighting her for it. Why don't we live in peace?"

The Great Destroyer smiled. "I knew you would see it my way, Artemis. Together we can join the tribes and I will be the eternal ruler."

Artemis mentally shook her head. This was precisely what I was afraid of, she thought. I hope Celosia reaches the ambrosia in time and does exactly as I told her . . . I can't risk Samsara remaining an Olympian any longer, but I can't kill her in good conscience. She can be good, I know it! "We can arrange something."

Samsara smiled. She was right where she wanted to be.

Artemis sighed heavily. She had Samsara right where she wanted her. She counted on the greedy effect of the ambrosia on the Amazon to work in Greece's favor.


Seriana knew Olympus like the back of her hand. She made her way swiftly through the courtyards and alleyways, not meeting anyone, for Olympus was a big place with few Gods.

Ares' temple stood as part of a circle of Olympian temples surrounding the Council Hall. It was never guarded, no one could get in that wasn't a War God or Goddess. That meant it was a refuge for Discord, Deimos, Strife, Ares, Callisto, Velasca, Kaia, Samsara, and Seriana. She entered without any trouble.

All sorts of weapons and treasures were sitting about the hall for anyone to pick up. Seriana took hold of a medallion on a chain lying on a windowsill. It was a transport gem.

"Themiscyra," she ordered, the medallion pressed tight into her hand.

She reappeared almost on top of the mock battle between Thalia and Medea. She ducked out of the way to avoid being hit and let the golden chain fall into the dirt. It was quickly covered with dust that everyone's scuffling feet stirred up.



Thalia pulled her staff back in time to avoid hitting the Amazon. "Seriana... where did you just come from?" The biomorph was truly confused, seeing her friend materialize out of nowhere. It had something to do with the Gods, she knew, but what?

She helped Seriana to her feet, dusting her off. "What just happened?"


"I decided that aimless destruction wasn't for me," Seriana said with a shrug. "Besides, according to Samsara, my memories were a little skewed, so I consider my deal with Ares way off."

Thalia nodded. "Generally a smart assumption when dealing with Ares. What is Samsara doing, though?"

"I need to talk to Celosia. Samsara's started her path of destruction," Seriana said, her voice taking on a hint of urgency.

Medea and Thalia exchanged a look. "Celosia took off on her horse about an hour ago, something about a mission for Artemis," Medea said. "As Regent, you can tell me anything that needs to get done."

Seriana was still a little untrusting of Medea, after her blatant defiance of everything the tribe held dear, but she knew her information needed to be told to someone with some authority. "All right, here goes," Seriana began, filling in both Medea and Thalia with what she knew.


Ares was angry. Seriana was gone. Samsara was fighting one of his chosen disciples. The Amazons still had hold of both of them even if the Great Destroyer was an Olympian and away from their lands. He paced his temple and thought of what to do. He had to keep one of his daughters. If he had one, he could get the other -- his trump card.

He looked up and smiled. If he had Samsara, he had the advantage. He could get Seriana back. He transported to the scene.

Samsara was using what was left of her extra powers to lift the bodies of the dead and spear them, placing heads on poles and burning them . . . the mark of the Destroyer. As soon as she was done she would get her ambrosia and she would hunt Criton down like the dog he was.

"Father," she said as soon as he arrived. "Such a pleasure to see you again. What brings you here?"

He smiled. "I see you scared off my brother."

"Oh Hercules?" she responded, raising another head with a wave of her hand. "He realized there was no reasoning with me, so he and his cute little friend left as soon as Aunt Artemis and Grams did." She mentally slammed the skull onto another spear and laughed. With her other hand she threw a fireball and it caught with flames. Her eyes were still red and her irises were still pale blue. She let her hair down and tossed it back. Her father looked at her and smiled.

Such beauty, he thought. If only she weren't my alleged daughter . . .

"You know," he said, walking around her. "Now that I gave you ambrosia, I was wondering if you could do a favor for me. I need you to get Seriana back for me."

Samsara looked at her father and cocked her head. "I thought you and I had an understanding, Father. If she didn't want to stay on Olympus it was up to her. You skewed her memories."

"But I held up to my end of the deal. I gave her the good memories."

"And you twisted them around to your advantage," she responded, not looking at him. "So really, what did you mean to accomplish?"

"She will return to Olympus or I take her memories from her. We had a deal."

The Goddess Kakistos of Destruction turned to the God of War. She placed her hand on her pendant and another on her dagger. "Perhaps you didn't understand me when I told you to keep away from Seriana. 'If you don't let her be, I will be your samsara.' Do you understand what that means? You so much as set foot in Themiscyra and I'll see to it that you pay. I never liked repeating myself," she pulled out her dagger and held it close to her pendant. "Of course, if you don't understand, somehow I don't think they would miss you up there if I killed you."

Ares smirked. "You will always do my bidding, Samsara. As much as you say that I don't own you. You will listen to me and you will stop your campaign against Criton."

Samsara laughed, wetting her blade with the blood. "How about we do this my way?" She stood up to him and placed the edge of her blade onto his throat. "You tell me where my ambrosia is and I won't kill you."

He gulped and told her. He knew she would and could kill him right there. He was quickly realizing the mistake he made in giving her access to Olympus. She was more powerful than anything that graced the Earth before.

She laughed again, a low sadistic laugh from deep in her throat. She turned the blade on his skin. "And as for Seriana, I won't do anything you tell me. She is my beloved sister and I will never let you lay a hand on her. You so much as set foot on Amazon territory; breathe a word of threat against any of my sisters, against Teloq, against Ephiny, against Celosia, against anyone who travels in good will to those villages," she pricked his skin with the dry tip of her dagger, watching as his blood trickled down. "And I will kill you." She removed her weapon and watched as his eyes widened when he touched his neck.

"Don't worry," she said, mounting her horse. "It's just your own blood. Oh! The things an Olympian can do to another!" She cackled and galloped away.


"If one of our warriors is out wreaking havoc, shouldn't we do something?" Thalia asked, the fight now forgotten.

"What are we going to do?" Medea demanded. "We have no idea where she is. There's no way we could stop her, not if she's a goddess packing Hind's blood. Then there's Ares to deal with, and if you could remember anything straight, you'd know we don't want to do that."

"She's my sister! I'm not about to let her get innocent blood all over her hands."

"Please, you two, stop it," Thalia pleaded. "Fighting isn't going to get anything done."

"Then what is?" Seriana asked. "What can we do? Send a party to search for her?"

"I wouldn't want to," Thalia offered. "We're Amazons; we don't leave our forests."

"Let's go talk to Celosia and the others," Seriana offered. "Surely they'll have some sort of idea."


"I already TOLD you she isn't here!" Medea fumed, pushing a hand through her spiky blonde hair. Her knuckles whitened around the staff she still held in the other fist.

Perhaps Seriana had forgotten how wrathful Ares could be; but she certainly hadn't, and she wasn't looking forward to a reunion with the War God so soon after her displeasing him.

"There's just no way we can go marching onto Olympus to save your psycho sister, I'm sorry. We're Amazons, not gods, or have you forgotten that too?" the young Regent growled.

"She's not a psycho! She's under Ares' influence!" Seriana shouted back in defense. How could anyone be so ignorant? "She's gone mad with power, that’s all. If I could just talk to Celosia, I know she'd . . ."

"She isn't here, Seriana," Medea hissed, something wild lighting inside of her. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you didn't trust my abilities to rule. Amazons don't take lightly to treason, you know."

"Bold words from a woman who abandoned everything her tribe stood for at the first chance for power."

Medea's sword was unsheathed in a blink's time, held dangerously level with Seriana's flaming eyes. "Mind your words, warrior," she warned with a shaking voice.

"Medea!" Thalia seethed, harshly slapping the sword from the younger woman's hand.

Medea caught it smoothly with a flick of her other wrist and a menacing snarl.

"Would you two be logical for a moment? You're letting your anger cloud your vision of the real issue here!"

Seriana looked away, chagrined. Medea pursed her lips and stared at the ground.

"Now listen, we've got an Amazon sister in serious trouble," Seriana perked up a bit. "But we also know that Celosia left camp. She hardly ever leaves the tribe without good reason, and she was aware of the situation before she left. That means she's probably seeing to bringing Samsara back even as we stand here pointlessly bickering."

"But . . .what if she's not strong enough to bring Samsara down?" Seriana whispered, the deepest look of concern Thalia had ever seen etched across her features.

Thalia caught her friend's wrist gently, and looked her straight in the eye. "Celosia's a very powerful woman, Seri. The most powerful Themiscyra has been blessed with in generations."

"But Samsara's a God now, a ruthless one. You didn't see her up there eating that ambrosia. She's gone crazy. She's more powerful than any of us could ever have imagined!"

"I've seen Celosia's power, Seri," Thalia assured soothingly, forcing Seriana to look at her when the Amazon turned away in disbelief. "Believe me, she's more than just your average run-of-the-mill Amazon. If anyone can do this . . ."

The stinging thwack of the dagger embedding itself in the wooden target broke off her words. The enraged look Medea wore made her regret them.

The platinum blond Amazon glowered at them severely, fighting the same inner battle she had since birth.

Most powerful Amazon in generations. Most powerful Queen in generations.

Am I that lacking in skill? I trained endlessly, I learned the same things she did, I tried to be the Amazon everyone wanted me to be . . . but she, she was always better. No matter how I try she'll always be Mom's favorite, Thalia's favorite, everybody's favorite Amazon! This whole dali village just loves Celosia!

"Round up our sisters, Thalia," Medea ordered in a voice that was too calm. "If your beloved Queen can go search for a maniacal Goddess, then so can I."


In a flash of golden light, the twins appeared behind Medea. Tern laid one hand on her apprentice’s shoulder.

Nice disappearing act. Tern shot the mental thought to the younger Amazon. You can't ditch us that easily.

Just testing you. Medea thought back.

"Medea, Pelee and I will escort you. We'll get this all straightened out."

If Thalia and Seriana were supposed to feel better by the appearance of the twins, it didn't work. Though Tern had saved Medea, she had cast a spell against Thalia to slow her down and had pretended to be a demon herself. Pelee was silent, as usual.

"Go round them up." Medea snapped to Thalia. Thalia gave a curt nod and she and Seriana departed.

"We walk with you, and Artemis through us. Remember that. Let's go," Tern said quietly. Medea nodded.


"All right, Amazons!" Thalia called through the village. At her instruction, Seriana blew the horn in the center of the village to summon the Amazons to the main circle. Tent flaps opened and Amazons peeked out from behind trees to see what was going on.

"We have some trouble stirring and our Queen needs help!" Thalia projected her voice as best as she could, so every Amazon could hear. "Grab your weapons and come with me. We are against the power of the Gods here, we need all the help and strength we can get. Together we are powerful. Amazons Unite!" The air was filled with Amazon cries as they gathered their weapons and provisions and followed Thalia.


Samsara was so low on power that she couldn't transport to the location of the ambrosia, so she rode her raven horse through the forest. Her sister followed, offering ambrosia, but the new Goddess refused.

"Dare I ask what in the Hades is wrong with you?" Kaia Kakistos demanded. "I am giving you ambrosia. Why won't you take it?"

"Because I can only think that you and Father have something planned for me by giving me ambrosia," she responded.

"How can you not trust me?" Kaia continued sweetly. "I am your sister, I can only do you good by giving you ambrosia."

"Well that is what you don't seem to understand, you pushed ambrosia to me even when I was full and you made me eat more. And considering how much I ate, I should have been able to take down Criton. I didn't. Something is off. I don't trust you and I don't trust Father."

"Oh, leave Daddy alone!" she scoffed. "You always have to be so tragic, Sister! Why don't you just take what I am offering you and leave your supply alone?" Kaia was unsure why, but she knew something was wrong with what Samsara was doing. She wasn't sure whether it was the idea of her going alone to get ambrosia and learning the path, the idea of her eating an endless supply and only getting stronger, or the idea of her eating ambrosia at all.

Samsara was thinking similar thoughts. Why are they so afraid of me? She mused happily. I suppose because I have all those evil sniveling gods at my feet. "Let's make a deal. I eat that piece of rotting fruit and you let me have my fun . . . but should it turn out that the ambrosia you give me is bad, I'll kill you too."

Kaia was surprised. She knew her sister would never kill her . . . if her sister were normal. How would she be able to kill the sister she raised when she was so young herself? She knew that if she didn't accept, Samsara would kill her and have her way. She's becoming like me. She nodded handing her the slice. "It's not rotten, you know that."

Samsara peered at her. "We'll see about that."

Soon they arrived at the Temple of Kaia Kakistos. It was not Samsara's final destination, but she smiled as the marble pillars and Greek construction greeted them. Worshippers of the War Goddess walked up the steps and greeted the soldiers offering the bloody sheets of the murdered.

The younger looked at her sister in disbelief. "What are you planning on doing?" she said, knowing exactly what she had in mind.

"Why, I'm going to have fun," she responded, dismounting. She walked to the temple, leaving her staff on the catch of the saddle. She no longer needed the talisman. Her powers were strong enough that the distance of her staff meant nothing anymore. She walked up the stairs to the temple door and was allowed passage through. Kaia followed her, fearful of what she may do.

She wouldn't . . .

But she did. Samsara killed worshippers left and right. They cried out for the Goddess of Omens, the Cruel, but their prayers went unanswered. Samsara took the blood of her victims and smeared on her body, over her face, creating designs on her skin. She looked at her sister and laughed as she laid the Mark of the Destroyer in the temple.

Kaia was seething. She had no choice now. She had to stop her sister any way possible. Even if it meant siding with an unfriendly crowd. She teleported.

Samsara merely laughed.


The Amazons were mostly ready to go. Medea was in her element, ready to fight and ready to show that there was someone in the tribe worse than she. She may not be Queen, but she was Regent and she still commanded power despite what happened in the past. I will show them that Celosia isn't the only strong Amazon in this crowd! She vowed.

Kaia appeared before her and stopped her from leading the charge to find the Goddess Kakistos of Destruction.

Seriana glared at her younger sister. "What do you want? Leave before something you'll regret happens."

The Mistress Kakistos glared back. "I am here to help you. Our sister has gone berserk and as much as I hate you all I have no choice but to help you stop her."

"Help us?" Medea snorted. "Since when were you of good intentions?"

"Since she wrecked one of my principle temples," she fired back. "Now either you let me help you or I spend my life making your life a pain in the . . ."

"Enough!" Seriana yelled. "Let's do it. My sister's well being is at stake and so is the well being of all of Greece."


Medea shifted on her stallion's back, hating the situation.

A Goddess is better fought by one of her own than by those she'd call subjects, Medea. Tern's voice reminded in her head, logical and steady as usual. Only Medea could have identified the acute uneasiness and mistrust behind the words.

We have a Goddess. Artemis is ten times more powerful than this upstart is. Besides, Samsara should still be a minor goddess. We don't need help taking out one egotistical little girl. Medea growled back, her gaze never wavering from its fixed position on the horizon.

Tern's steed flickered into her peripheral vision. And if that little girl has Hind's blood? She asked in what was the closest to nervousness as Medea had ever heard her mentor.

The platinum blonde lifted an eyebrow before she nodded curtly and wheeled her stallion in a showy dance upon its hind legs. "For Themiscyra!" she cried passionately.

Only Tern went without an enthused war cry as they drove out from the safety of the village. She was too busy watching the girl she'd taught for so long assume the role she'd always wanted to.

Today - - even if it was only for a day - - Medea was ruler of the tribe. It warmed her heart to see it.

The Regent sent a fierce smile to the twins that flanked her and kicked her horse forward. They understood; she would ride ahead and look for signs of Celosia's trail. They were to keep the others in line.

She knows what she's doing? Pelee asked her sister tentatively, watching the younger Amazon dance across the horizon with a wild grace.

She knows what she's doing. Tern returned fondly before she twisted around in her saddle and faced the others.

"Thalia, Seriana, Kaia, up here. You three ride with us," she ordered shortly. They nodded, acknowledging the order and sidled up beside the twins.

Yes, you definitely fought a Goddess with a Goddess . . .

So long as you didn't turn your back.


Swift Blazer looked at her mentor and wondered why the woman who first let her into the gates of Themiscyra, the woman who was highly respected by the Sisters of Celosia, was now hunted.

Valkyra said, "We only hunt one of our own to save the tribe. Samsara may have a good heart, but if it's forever covered by evil, we have no choice but to kill her."

Swift Blazer nodded. Her life in the past month was filled with something heavier than excitement. Although she wandered aimlessly for weeks after losing her hunters, she traveled all of Greece searching for Celosia. "Then we have to deal with these slavers if they intend to come after the Amazons again."

"I wouldn't worry so much about it," Valkyra responded. "If they intend to trade in Amazon hide, they'll answer to all of us."


Meanwhile on Olympus, Ares was pacing frantically in his war temple. Artemis showed up and observed him.

"You seem nervous."

Ares turned around and glowered at his sister. "I'm sure you had a hand in this one! She just desecrated Kaia's temple!"

"Never liked Kaia much anyway," The Goddess of the Hunt crossed her arms. "That's what you get for meddling with my Amazons. Yet time and time again, you try to muscle in on some of my special few. Celosia, Seriana, Samsara . . . even Kaia at one point was anointed to become a powerful Amazon, but she fell into the depths of darkness with her father."

He laughed. "And you think that Samsara is of a higher caste than Kaia? Her mom was a nutcase. I'm happy she's dead. As for Seriana's mother... she was just a la--"

Artemis slapped him. "So long as I live, you will never speak ill of Ritani." Her voice held with unwavering resolve. Her eyes were like steel, her jaw was tight.

Ares faced his sister again and straightened his vest. He stepped as close to her as godly possible and whispered in a low voice: "I will get one of my daughters, be it the High Princess of one of your silly tribes or Seriana. With one of them I have all the tribes. All of them."

"Don't be so sure of yourself."


The Amazons made good time through the territory that they knew. But when they reached the signposts that marked the edge of their territory, there was a moment of hesitation.

An Amazon can face any danger in her own forest. Only the greatest of fools will attack them on their home turf. But they are solitary: they thrive in their isolated villages, on the land that they claim for their daughters and granddaughters. Being migratory is the last thing they want to do.

Thalia looked back the way they had come. "Oh, I don't like this . . ."

"You coming or not?" Medea demanded.

"Give us a minute," she insisted. "Some of the warriors haven't left Themiscyra in a long time. It's not easy."

There was an impromptu moment of silence and prayer. Then the warriors straightened their backs, held high their heads, and tossed their braids from their eyes. They were warriors. No matter where.

Medea lead the company, her stallion antsy and anxious for battle. She could still smell magic; the residue of power did not fade completely from anyone. Thalia, Seriana, Valkyra, Swift Blazer, and Tern followed close behind her. Say what you would about Medea, she knew what she was doing. It was easy to put that much faith in her.


Thalia sat atop her steed holding the reins wrapped tightly around her hand. She kept her appearance stern and confident, though inside she was slightly worried. They were up against the power of the Gods, a power none of them could match. It would only work if they stayed together. Separated they would be no match for Samsara.

Samsara . . . Thalia shook her head, cursing ambrosia. They had lost another in their ranks to the evils of power. How many more would they have to give up? Thalia was determined to try everything to get Samsara back. She knew that if it came down to it Samsara would have to be killed, but she wanted to avoid it going to that end. She didn't want to lose another Amazon.

She looked back to see a blue-green form in the distance. Her dragon Zanifus was following them through the forest, he wasn't flying as to keep out of sight. She knew he would never let her leave him behind. Perhaps he could help, they needed all the allies they could get.

The Amazons will fight and give it all they have, Thalia knew, and she had confidence in them. She also had confidence in Medea. She was headstrong and sometime irresponsible, but when it all came down to it she was a good leader when they needed her.

Thalia adjusted her bow on her back, mentally psyching herself if she had to use her morphing ability. Kicking her steed in the side, she followed closely after the others.


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