Shattered Peace


Xanthea having found Celosia told her the story the two strangers told her. After careful consideration they both decided it would be wise to continue the search.

Meanwhile back in the woods a search party of Amazons stared with wide eyes in to the bush. Thalia was still in the tree trying to get a look at what it was that everyone saw. Not being able to see what it was she jumped down for a closer look. There wasn't much light and there was a big crowd around bushes. Thalia pushed to the front of the crowd, her curiosity growing every second. She looked down to see...


While the search parties crowded around the bush trying to see what was there, the Head Warrior sat by the campfire sharpening her sword thinking about the evening’s events.

Men. Why were there men here? This area had been uninhabited when we got here. Were there others? Would they have to leave this place already?

Suddenly someone came and sat down beside her and started to speak. "Léda..."


Suddenly someone came and sat down beside her and started to speak. "Léda..." Kat cleared her throat. " Léda? What's going on?" The green eyed Amazon looked confused. "I had gone to scout around a bit, and when I returned, I saw all these men here. What's up? Should I prepare for battle?"


"To tell you the truth, I really don't know." Léda sighed and put her sword back in its sheath. "I think we are all a bit surprised by this, but I must say, that taller one certainly IS cute!" she added with a smile." I don't think we need to start getting ready yet, but it would be a good idea to make sure your weapons are still in good shape after the journey here."

"Thanks Léda," said Kat, "I guess that’s what I'll do. But let me know the second we have to fight. I'll be ready."

"You’re welcome. See ya later." Léda stood up and went to find the Queen to see what was going to happen next.


"No way!"

The blond regent laughed with glee as her sister grimly informed her of the presence of a small army heading towards their camp. "Battle already! This is great!"

"Medea," Celosia began, not sure her sister understood the whole 'war' concept.

"Hey- Now, I can show you that great move! Before you wouldn't let me because you said it'd probably chop off some important limbs, but if we're fighting a buncha strangers…"

"Medea." Celosia shook her head, a little annoyed with her younger sister's newfound zest.

"But Hades, they're attacking us-who cares about their limbs! I can't believe how lucky we are! Not even here a day and we capture two hot guys AND find a battle! I love this place!"

"Medea!" The young queen finally put her foot down, glaring daggers at the blond. "How can you be happy about us going to war? People could DIE!"

The Amazon looked confused, "Come again?"

"Amazons could die-don't you understand that?"

"No, not that part" she rolled her eyes as if it were the dumbest thing she'd ever heard. "The 'how can you be happy about us going to war' bit-War is good! We get to work out, put all those practice drills to good use, and chop up some rather unimportant men..."

Celosia glowered at her younger sister, thoroughly frustrated.

"What? "

"You're insane-you know that right?"

"What can I say, I'm a faithful Velasca follower" the Regent grinned fiendishly, earning her a one way ticket from Celosia's tent via the rather uncomfortable end of a staff.


Thalia looked over and gasped. She saw before her... men…hundreds of them. A small army all dressed in uniforms and holding weapons. What were they doing here? They seemed to be searching for something. Or was it someone?

"They must be with those men we captured earlier!" Alcina whispered. "I'm going to warn Celosia!"

Thalia nodded and held up her hand for the other Amazons to be silent. Closing her eyes and focusing, she glowed a faint blue for a moment before shrinking into a falcon. She flapped her wings and flew silently over them to listen as Alcina headed for their camp.

"... Around here somewhere." One man finished. He looked like some sort of general.

"We'll find them soon. They can't escape us for long."

Were they planning an attack on the Amazons? Thalia was moving in closer to listen.

"I've sent the men in search groups to find them, sir." A smaller man bowed. "Hercules and Iolaus cannot have gone far. We will capture them."

Hercules? Iolaus? The names sounded familiar... Thalia scanned her memory. Aha! They were the names used when the captured men tried to explain themselves. This army was after the two men, not the Amazons!

Oh, no! Thalia realized that when Alcina's message reached the Queen, she would be preparing for an attack that would no doubt get the men's attention as to their presence.

I have to warn them before they attack! Thalia spun and was heading back when something whizzed by her head. She screeched and guffawing was heard below.

"You almost got it!" One man cried, slapping his partner on the back. "Try again!"

The man raised his crossbow and aimed at the falcon. Thalia dodged and swerved, she had to make it to the forest!

She was almost there when a searing pain shot though her.

"Hey, you got it!" The man's partner laughed as the falcon screeched and plummeted to the ground.


Thalia tried to get up, but she couldn't move, She was about to morph into human form when she heard someone coming.

She froze. If she morphed now, the men would know there were Amazons in the area. She stood still as she heard them drawing closer. Luckily, it wasn't the two men but instead two Amazons who had seen her fall. She relayed what she had heard from the army of men. "I’ll take care of her you find Alcina…and hurry," said the Amazon who held Thalia. The other Amazon ran as fast as she could through the words heading for camp.

Meanwhile Alcina was also running trying to make it back to camp and at the same time trying not to be seen by any men.


After Alcina got back to camp to relay her message, Celosia gave orders to go after this new threat. Léda began assembling the warriors and making sure they were all properly equipped.

Suddenly, a young Amazon burst out of the woods. Léda ran over to see what was going on, fearing that the men were moving in.

Trying to catch her breath and talk at the same time the Amazon could only manage "Men...after...Herc…u...les...I...olaus." Léda was confused for a minute, but suddenly realized what was being said, she quickly ran to Celosia.

When she found her, she was very worried.

"I was just told that the army in the woods is after our two captives, not us. I propose that we hide and leave the men to be picked up by the army. That will free our hands, and prevent useless death. What do you think?"

Just then another Amazon came running up to Queen and Head Warrior.


After thinking for a few minutes Celosia finally spoke. "We can't do that. I know they are men, but they are two against an army. I couldn't live with myself if I were to let them be hunted down and possibly killed."

Léda’s face showed her surprise at her queen's decision, but after a stern look from Celosia, she quickly agreed and went out to inform the other Amazons.

"Five... four... three... two..." Celosia counted under her breath. On the "one" her sister burst into her tent.

"We're keeping them? Celosia they're men! They'll slow us down, they'll eat all our food, they'll cause distractions-"

"They'll help us fight," the Amazon Queen said quietly. Medea stared at her sister's back.

"Help us fight? You mean, we're actually going to war?"

Celosia nodded.

Medea let out a whoop and ran outside to inform the others.



No. Oh NO. Not HER. Celosia thought to herself. It couldn't be . . .

Celosia stepped out of the tent as a tall Amazon came flying out of a tree and landed gracefully on her feet.

"Yo, cuz! What up?"

"Terny!" Medea hugged her.

"Did I hear my favorite word; war?" Tern grinned, twirling her staff.


"Yep! Ain't it grand?" the shorter blond exclaimed and drew her sword. "I'm gonna kick some annoying male ass!"

Celosia sighed. They just didn't get it, did they? War wasn't something to celebrate.

"Ah, chin up sis" Medea smiled lazily, making a half-attempt to reassure the Queen.

"Yeah, we won't kill them all-I promise we'll save you two or three, okay?" Tern grinned wickedly, twirling her staff.

Medea laughed and grabbed her cousin by the arm, pulling her away from the tent, "Come on, let's go see how Léda’s doing gathering up the troops" she insisted, racing towards the practice grounds.


Belen grabbed her bow and several arrows, then grabbed three of her favorite daggers. She headed towards the campfire where the Amazons were gathering, talking about the coming war.

Belen noticed that the older Amazons were all against the war and the youngest ones were excited about it. She guessed it was probably because the older ones had seen sister Amazons die in wars and the younger ones had not.

Belen sharpened her daggers and examined each arrow and her bow to make sure they were in perfect shape. Sure enough they were. She always took special care with her weapons.

Belen was a young Amazon but wasn't to excited about the thought of losing any of her sisters. She joined in the discussion around the campfire, waiting for the search parties to return so they could to to war.


The camp went silent as the Amazon search party returned. Thalia's left shoulder wrapped in a bandage, her arm supported in a makeshift sling.

"I'll be all right." She answered her sisters' worried looks. "It's not too deep, it will heal."

"Don't worry, Thalia." Medea spoke up. "We'll get revenge on those men for you."

"No." Thalia shook her head. "Please, many of us will be killed if we try to overpower them. We must try to fight them with stealth, not strength."

"Right," Belen nodded, "we need to outsmart them. Not outfight them."

The other Amazons murmured amongst themselves.


A Place of Our Own

The War Begins


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