Winter Solstice 1999


Thalia woke to a cold stream of air seeping into her tent. She shivered for a moment, yawning. She sat up and stretched, slipping a woven robe around her to keep warm, and sliding on some fur-lined boots. She opened tent flap, blinking as the glare met her eyes. Squinting, she shaded her eyes to see Themiscyra blanketed in white. Her feet crunched in the snow as she stepped outside, the cold air seeping into her jacket. Soft white flakes floated in the air, whirling in the wind. She held out a hand to catch of few of the white fluffy flakes.

*PAF* A snowball smacked her in the face.

"All right, who did that?" She whirled around.

Leda and Celosia both pointed at each other. "I did not! She did!" They both shouted at once.

Thalia grabbed a handful of snow, running towards them. The two Amazons shrieked and went running to duck behind a snow bank for cover.

Just as Thalia was about to wreak revenge, she was tackled from behind into the snow. "Why you… Jason!" She giggled as the young prince got to his feet, smiling sheepishly. He held out a hand to help her up, when she pulled a snowball from behind her back and hit him with it.

"Hey!" He chased her around while Xanthea and Belen snuck up behind Tern and Medea, getting ready to dump a bucket of snow over their heads. The two Amazons suddenly whirled around, grabbing the bucket and dumping it on the two surprised owners. Tern and Medea giggled and ran off as Xanthea and sent a barrage of snowballs after them.

Alcina grabbed a handful of snow and launched it at Haven. The unfortunate Amazon was caught by surprise as it smacked her on the behind. Alcina giggled and ran off, only to trip and fall over Danae and Aurora, who had been trying to crawl towards one of the snow mounds for cover.


Dusting off the remaining snow, Haven decided to circle around to the other side of the doorway. She allowed Alcina to run, then seeing her trip over Danae and Aurora she could not help but giggle. Just above the three was a branch heavy with snow. She made herself a quick snowball and threw it with enough force to cause the snow to fall from the limb onto the unsuspecting group which by now was engaged in a full out hand to hand snow ball fight.

Alcina looked up but it was too late and all she got was a mouth full of snow. Seeing this, Haven decided it was better to run before she, too, had been given a very cold dinner.


Spitting out the snow in her mouth, Alcina began to chase Haven. Danae and Aurora were still trying to get the snow off of them. She almost slipped on a patch of ice but caught herself before she fell. She had almost caught Haven, but Haven still had a card up her sleeve.

She had been working on a cool new move and when she used it Alcina had to jump to catch her and now she ended up sliding into a snow bank where she received yet another mouth full of snow.

But now Haven was heading towards that patch of ice. Alcina stopped and gave a half smile. Haven, seeing this, stopped to think, "What on earth is she up to?" Deciding it might be better if she didn't stick around to find out, she continued to run. When she hit that patch of ice, she slid all the way across it into Thalia and Belen and took all three of them down into a big pile of snow. Alcina, Danae and Aurora started to laugh as the other 3 Amazons looked a little disoriented.


Celosia pondered her next target as she saw Medea creeping up on her side. Grinning to herself, she readied a big snowball to whack her sister with. Crouching down behind a bush, she watched Medea dart across the lawn and tackle her hunter, Iolaus. While they engaged in a very friendly greeting, Celosia took the opportunity to make a second snowball. But she didn't see the person sneaking up on her. . .


..sneaking up on her, but she felt her presence a split second before and dodged out of the way before Tern's snowball could find it's true mark. She rolled, grabbing snow in the process, and didn't pause to ball it up. The minute she came out of the roll, she found Tern and hurled the snow, covering the older Amazon's face with white powder.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotcha," yelled the Queen before flopping back down into the snow to make a snow angel.


Slipping and sliding, Haven picked herself up just in time to get hit by another snow ball. Spinning in the direction it came from, she saw Medea trying to look innocent.

Haven slowly walked over to her new friend and patted her on the back, "Good one." Then Haven stuffed a hand full of snow down the back of Medea's shirt and ran for all she was worth.


Xanthea looked around, trying to find a new target. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone tall and blond. She grabbed a handful of snow and formed a ball out of it. Then she turned and fired, not caring where it hit the person.

She started to laugh before the snowball even made it to her target. It was Hercules and the snowball got him right on the behind. Xanthea fell back, laughing uncontrollably at the sight. Hercules walked over to her and dropped several handfuls of snow on her face.

As Xanthea wiped the snow off, she got up, chasing Hercules around Themiscrya. After tackling him, she rubbed his face in the snow and began to giggle. Then she fell back and made a snow angel. Looking up at Hercules, Xanthea smiled.

"So, want to make a snow person?" she asked him. "It's better than chasing each other around and throwing snow on each other."

Hercules raised his eyebrow. He suddenly grabbed some snow and shoved it down her top, running away as the snow chilled his unsuspecting target.

Xanthea glared at the blond hero but knew it was all in good fun. She chased after him awhile longer before hitting him with another snowball. Seconds later, she was hit in the back by a snowball herself. She turned to see Haven giggling.

"Help me get this guy and then the three of us can make a snow person, all right?" Xanthea called to Haven. "Otherwise, you'll be next on my list of people to get." She playfully smiled, keeping one eye on the son of Zeus.


Haven picked up two huge hands full of snow and sent them hurdling at Hercules who by this time was doing his best to avoid Xanthea. He got hit right in the back of the head by one, then in the back by the other.

Turning to the now giggling haven Hercules picked up a small wagon that was filled with snow and walked over to Haven. 'You want to play?"

Haven grimaced as she new what he was about to do. "Um, I got to go…to um…sewing class! Yeah, that's it!" Turning on her heels to run as Hercules dumped the whole wagon of snow on her.

Xanthea decided to come aid her drenched sister. She waited until Hercules had put the wagon on the ground then she gave the order for three more warriors to let loose a barrage of snow balls. With that she ran in and helped Haven to her feet and out of the line of fire.


The petite Amazon sighed. "I guess Herc doesn't want to play nice and just make a cute little snow person with me," Xanthea said to Haven. "Oh well, now it's time to bring out the big guns. Where's that catapult?" She started laughing at the thought. "We can put a bunch of snow on it and launch it at the son of Zeus just for laughs," she told Haven. "I mean, he deserves it. I asked him nicely if he wanted to make a snow person and this is how he repays my kindness. No more Miss Nice Amazon. No, sir. It's time for me to play just as dirty as him."

Iolaus slipped away from his hiding place to find Hercules. "Haven and Xanthea are planning a full on assault," he told his friend. "What are we going to do about it?"

Hercules scratched his chin as he considered it. As he did so, he got hit by a snowball thrown by Xanthea. "HEY! PLAY NICE OVER THERE!" he shouted.

Xanthea peeked up from her hiding spot. "Well, it's not like Iolaus is playing nice right now!" she called back.

"Now the odds are evened out," Iolaus called back.

Haven turned and looked behind her. She tapped Xanthea on the shoulder. Both turned to see Thalia standing behind them. Xanthea grinned.

"Going to play too?" she asked. "It'll put the odds back in our favor if you do." Xanthea waited to see what Thalia had to say.


As Thalia thought about joining their snow war, Belen was changing her clothes and she put on a heavy fur coat. As she walked out of her tent, her face was hit with yet another snow ball. Wiping it away with her hand, she saw her attackers. It was Iolaus.

Now letting her coat drop to the floor she let out a loud scream everyone turned to see what had happened.

"I think you made her mad," Hercules said to his friend.

"That's IT! Xanthea hand me a snow ball," Belen called out.

"That a girl! The odds are back in our favor," Xanthea said smugly. "Well going to join us, Thalia?"


Thalia grinned. "You bet!" She smiled from ear to ear. "I got Benny and Zanifus to help us, too."

Xanthea nodded. "Have a plan?"

Thalia winked. "How about an air assault?"

"Air...?" Xanthea and Haven exchanged glances.

Thalia pointed to Zanifus, a small red dragon, and then the scout morphed into a griffin.

"Oh!" The Amazons' eyes lit up and they quickly began forming giant balls of snow.


After watching for a while, Léda decided it was definitely time to join in. Nobody seemed to notice her, so she bent and started making a large pile of small, round snow balls. When she thought there was enough, she stood up with one in each hand. Suddenly everyone was being hit one after the other by tons of well aimed snowballs. They didn't hurt, but that wasn't the point.

After most had finally figured out who they were coming from, Léda realized she was in trouble. "Uh oh," she said and started to run and fast as she could for the cover of the trees.


Xanthea turned away from her snowball fight with Iolaus, Hercules and the others for a moment to glare at Léda. "So funny," she said. "Are you going to hide there all day or are you going to pick sides?"

Xanthea watched Léda carefully. "If you don't pick sides, I'll be forced to throw this rather large snowball at you in the hopes that I knock you from that tree. What'll it be, Amazon?" She smiled playfully.


Celosia happily made her snow angel unaware of what lurked up above her. Glancing up she was disturbed to realize Tern was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Medea for that matter. Belen, Haven, and Thalia were engaged in a snowball fight with Hercules.

Celosia got to her feet to join in and was hit from behind and pinned down by a large animal with hot breath.

"PIG! Get off me!" Celosia howled. Medea and Tern dropped out of the trees and pummeled Celosia with snowballs. Pig sat calmly, wagging her tail as she tried to lick the snow from Celosia's face.


Havens stomach told her time for lunch so she walked over to her bags and pulled out an apple. She munched quietly and contently as the others continued to pelt each other with snow. Noticing that she was tired form several days of travel, she decided to take a nap and pulled her fur lined blanket over her and went to sleep against the tree just out of sight of everyone except one who…


Haven went to sleep against the tree just out of sight of everyone except one who rarely missed a trick. Grinning, Tern whipped up a snowball and hurled it at her target who sat up.

"Hey!" Haven shouted. "Who did that?"

Celosia turned and waved at her pal. Grumbling Haven got to her feet and pelted their queen with snowballs back.


After throwing her share of snow, Haven decided to go to the river to take a bath in the snow. She grabbed her bag and rifled through it to find a thin piece of leather to use to tie her hair back, her soap and a rag. Waving to Celosia, she said, "I'll be back in a few," and ran off to enjoy a long swim and bath.


She found a small pond where the river met with another small river. When Haven checked to make sure there was little or no ice on the surface, she noticed that there was warmth to the water. She stripped off the outer layer of clothing, leaving her shift. She always wore a shift to hide the marks that marred her back, they burned red as if they had happened yesterday, they we also very sensitive to touch and temp.

Keeping this in mind, she stood and dove in swimming the length of the pond before she came up for air. She repeated this several times until she had all but exhausted herself. Pulling her self up to the bank she pulled up her hair and relaxed. That is until…

***Sadly, the tribe did not finish the snowball fight. This is where it ended. I kind of imagine everyone coming and joining Haven at the hot springs. Then they return to the village for a bonfire and feast. - Deoris





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