The Aftermath of War


Medea literally ran into camp, much to the annoyance of many of her Amazon sisters.

They were tired, injured, and people were could she be running with such a light step?

They whispered among themselves, shooting glares in her direction.

The Amazon hardly seemed to notice as she stood in the middle of the encampment and raised her fist to the sky. "OH YEAH! AMAZON POWER BABY! AIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYYI!"

A hostile silence answered her.

She raised an eyebrow and dropped her arm slowly.

"Okay...guess you aren't the enthusiastic type," she paused for a moment, trying to comprehend the obvious irritation surrounding her. Suddenly, she brightened, "Oh! I get it! You guys are just mellowing out until later. I betcha Celosia's got a big victory party planned, huh? That's great! This is gonna rock-I'm gonna go get a keg! WOOHOO! AMAZONS UNITE!"

This time she was not only met with a silence, another sister brushed past her, throwing her off-balance and into the dirt. "Hey! Watch where you're treading chicky-"

"No! You watch where you're treading Medea!" The cloaked figure retorted angrily, making no move to help the regent to her feet.

The blond stared uncomprehendingly upward. What in Gaia was she talking about? They'd just won a war, what was everyone's problem? And who was this girl to think she could talk to the regent this way? "Hades, what's stuck up your . . ."

"You just don't get it do you?" the woman cut her off. "People are dead. Amazons are dead!"

"They died true Amazon warriors defending their tribe. That's how I'll die and you probably will too...what's your problem anyway? We won, didn't we? It's not like they died for nothing!" The Regent got to her feet, some of her panther spirit shining through as she let her aggressive side take over.

"They died for two men!" the unknown Amazon protested shrilly.

"They died protecting a new homeland," Medea growled her answer. This chick was seriously getting on her nerves. She knew an enemy when she saw one. This was one Hades of an enemy.

"They died for people they didn't even know," the girl's voice was threatening to crack. Not now! She wouldn't cry in front of this fiery, hotheaded youth.

"And a homeland they would have called theirs!" This was ridiculous. It wasn't the end of the world! "You're over-reacting. Who are you anyway? Y'know if Celosia heard half of the things you're saying right now-"

The Amazon's eyes blazed beneath her hood. Enough was enough; this was a serious matter. And this girl needed a serious kick in the pants. "I wouldn't say that if I were you. When you let out your little victory cry I could of sworn I saw her run into her tent. You've made a fool of yourself. A little zest after a battle's one thing. Disregarding the death of your sisters is quite another!"

"All right, now I'm mad! Let's see if you're such a big talker once I see your face!" The furious blond insisted diving at her nemesis and ripping at the hood that hid her face. In the end she managed to pin her down just long enough to push back the hood. Her eyes narrowed into hostile slits when she realized just who her enemy was.


Glaring up at Medea, Léda was really starting to get annoyed with this particular Amazon. In one flowing movement Léda was on her feet and the hood was drawn over her head again. Nobody had seen who she was except Medea. But there were now a number of sad looking observers, but Léda wasn’t finished dealing with this young warrior. She motioned for Medea to follow her and walked off towards an unoccupied tent.

Stunned by the fact that it was the head warrior, Medea stood still for a minute. Here was the Amazon in charge of the battle, one that had probably killed much that day. Finally her mind kicked in, and she followed the cloaked figure in to the tent.


Medea said, "Damn...Celosia must have been low on Amazons when she chose you for Weapon's Master!"

Léda had been expecting a lot of things to come from the youth's mouth, 'I'm sorry' being one of her favorites. This exclamation caught her off-guard. So off-guard that she didn't think before she shot back with "And your Mother must have turned in her grave when you were made Regent."

The Weapon's Master immediately regretted her words. That was Medea's sore spot and everybody knew it.

Medea's mother, the former Queen, had died only 2 months earlier. Her dying words had been spoken to Celosia...and Celosia alone. The Queen and her youngest daughter had never been close, but they had been family. Though the young warrior would deny it, it hurt her that Celosia had been called into the royal tent that day and not her.

Her mother had turned the nation over to Celosia, telling her to build her royal court as she wished. And that was all. Everybody knew there was no mention of Medea's position in the court, though Celosia claimed there was, for her sister's sake. Medea went missing for a few weeks after that incident. When she returned she wore the mark of Velasca on her shoulder, a crescent moon surrounded by the winding body of a crimson dragon.

Her eyes had been cold and unfeeling.

They looked like that now. "Medea...I'm sorry...I never should have" Léda tried to apologize.

"Never should have what? I don't care what you think of me, and I certainty don't care what my mother's rotting ashes think of me," her voice was flat and her face expressionless.

Her Mother. Why did it always have to come back to her mother? She hated that bitch! Why couldn't they see that? So what if she had never been there for her? Medea had made out fine on her own!

"You can't lie to yourself forever y'know. One day you're going to have to face the fact that you needed her." Léda chose her words carefully. She still despised the warrior before her, but she was the Regent. And that last remark had been harsh.

"I DID NOT!" Medea snarled angrily. "When are you people going to see that I didn't need her then and I don't need her now?"


The Weapon's Master looked thoughtful, than a look of annoyance passed over her features and she opened her mouth to speak. "You-"

"I believe you have corpses to tend to, do you not?" the blond cut her off, leaving the tent. She paused at the doorway and said in a barely audible voice, "I suggest you watch where you tread Weapon's Master. It's shaky ground we're walking on. All of us."

And she was gone, leaving a fuming Weapon's Master behind.


Léda turned to see Thalia standing in the doorway.

"What... what happened?" The Amazon's brown eyes were full of concern. "I saw Medea storm out. What's wrong?"

Léda sighed, unsure of what to say. Thalia sat next to her, wincing as pain shot through her shoulder.

"Are you all right?" Léda asked.

Thalia resisted the impulse to shrug, knowing it would do more damage than good. "I... I'll live." She changed the subject. "What happened here? Is there anything wrong?"

Léda leaned her head in her hands.


Staring at the door where the Regent had just walked out, Léda couldn't believe what just happened. She hadn't meant to bring that up, but when people you love are dead, you tend to do strange things.

At least that's what she told herself over and over in her mind. Léda left the tent to help prepare the funeral pyre. But when she walked by Medea's tent, she could hear muffled sobs coming from inside and once again regretted her words.

Composing herself, she walked over to where there was already a lot of construction on the wooden stand that the bodies of each dead Amazon would be placed, then burned. As she helped move logs, and bodies, Léda continued to think about what had happened. Her mind then began to wander back to her own past.

~ Several years ago Léda had just completed most of her secondary training as an Amazon warrior, when she decided to prove how good a fighter she was. So one night she took off into the woods when she heard there was a dangerous animal on the loose, apparently sent by the gods to destroy as many people as possible.

She tracked the animal for two days, when she finally found it, it was munching on its newest victim. The thing was huge, with large horns and claws. It seemed to have a thick leathery skin, with a thin layer of fur over it. It's tail had a sharp, and painful looking blade at the tip. Its eyes glowed, a dark evil red.

Quietly going from tree to tree, Léda positioned herself over the beast. She jumped down on its back and plunged her sword into it up to the hilt. It didn't do much because its hide was so thick.

Jumping off its back as it reared, Léda moved a bit to the side, trying to find a place where the skin looked thinner. Deciding that like most creatures, its neck would be most vulnerable, she drove her sword in deep. This time the creature didn't look too happy.

Pulling her sword out, she jumped up into a tree again, to see what happened next. After about 10 minutes of moaning and staggering around, the creature fell. Léda cheered for herself, and jumped to the ground again. She walked over, and sawed off one of the horns for a trophy. But as soon as she had finished securing it to her belt, something strange started to happen.

At first, she thought it was just shadows playing tricks on her eyes, but she soon realized that the creature really was turning to dust. Its eyes fell to the ground, now in the form of two rubies. After all that was left was the eyes, and the horn, which she had already cut off, she bent to pick those brilliant red jewels up. As she touched them, a light flashed all around her, momentarily blinding her. Then a voice spoke.

"You have proven yourself a true warrior, Léda. But you have a destroyed a creature that was protected by the gods. For this you will be given something which you can not change, and which can be considered a gift, as well as a curse. Be careful, and maybe one day this will be lifted." Léda stood there stunned for a moment after the light went away. She shook it off, thinking it was only her mind playing tricks on her. Picking up her stuff, she began the journey back to her tribe.

When she got back, she showed off her trophies with great pride, and then retired to her hut. Later as she sat fingering the fiery stones, she got an idea. First she took her staff, and carved a notch at one end, and placed one ruby in it after filling it with a sticky substance that had recently been invented. She then carved an intricate design around the jewel. When she finished, she was very please with her work, but still didn't know what to do with the other ruby. Finally, she thought of just the right thing when her hand touched the leather band around her head, which held her hair away from her face. She too it off, and attached the jewel to it in the center of where it would rest on her forehead. It was a good thing these rubies were lightweight. She replaced her headband and picked up her staff, and looked at herself in a polished brass plate. Smiling to herself, she finally went to sleep.

The next morning Léda felt odd, but could find nothing wrong with herself. Shrugging she went to her days duties, now proudly displaying her trophies. In her mind, she planned to carve the horn into a dagger handle latter on.

But at one point, a young Amazon dropped a heavy crossbow on Léda's foot. Anger mounted from no where and Léda accusingly pointed a finger at the girl. What happened next would haunt Léda for the rest of her life.

The energy moved so fast, and before anyone could blink, that poor young girl was dead. Léda had stood there unblinking for a moment, not believing what had just happened. But when the realization came through, she knew the words that had been spoken to her when she first picked up the rubies were real after all.

Léda left the tribe and lived alone for a number of years, until she learned how to control the power she now possessed. During that time she also learned that she had been blessed/cursed with immortality. Finally, when she was sure she could never hurt anyone like that again, unless she truly willed it to happen, she looked for and found a new tribe. The one she was now in. ~

So far no one had discovered her secret and she intended to keep it that way. She would not hurt anyone like that again. She would have to learn to control her anger better, or else she might. She decided to go apologize to Medea, and headed off to find her.


Having witnessed the exchange, Tern quickly went after her cousin and mentor.

"I couldn't help but hear," the oldest cousin joined her.

"Lucky you," Medea muttered, kicking a tree.

"Look out, those trees are dangerous," Tern winked at her in the darkness.

" Léda didn't have to go there."

"I know. And you know she didn't really mean it. In the heat of the moment people say things, especially us warriors," Terny leaned against a tree, observing her mentor. Sometimes she wondered if she had made ANY progress with the younger witch.

"Yeah, yeah. I know."

"Medea, you have to realize that, yes, we kicked the asses of those men. But we lost a lot of sisters doing it."

"I DO realize that. I'm not completely insensitive," Medea was hurt.

"I know that. But some of the others don't. You're one of the youngest warriors we have. You haven't seen the battles and bloodshed that we have," Tern said gently.

Medea flopped on the ground where Tern joined her. "I just . . .I don't know . . .get this huge rush."

"We were born on the full moon of Artemis. We feel the rush higher than most. But you have to learn to control it."

"Isn't that what you're for?" Medea teased. Tern chuckled.

"I guess so. But I also have to show you how to come to grips with your mother's death."

"I came to grips with it when she shut me out," Medea snapped, the sudden turn of mood normal for the witch.

"No you didn't. You buried your hurt. And we're going to have to work through that if you are to gain the respect of the others," Tern reminded her.

"I don't need their respect," Medea huffed.

"Then are why are you still here?" The older witch asked. Medea glared at her.

"Come on junior. The funeral will start soon. We need to honor our sisters." Tern rose and held out her hand to the younger Amazon and they headed back towards the camp.


The War Begins

Spiritual War


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