The War Begins


Léda stood to the side of the readied Amazons twirling her staff as fast as she could. She was really worried about this battle. The scouts had returned and the reports of the number of men were breathtaking, Léda could only hope all the training that every Amazon had been through would pay off.

Everyone grew quiet; the army was now close enough for everyone to hear. Léda moved to stand in front of everyone, quickly the Amazons were in place and ready to fight. Medea and Tern were right in the front lines with very excited looks on their faces, with the young Amazons right along beside them. The older Amazons took their places, but didn't look as happy. Celosia walked over the stand beside Léda. No one would move until the Queen told Léda to give the signal.

After a short time the men were close enough that, if not for their talking, you could have heard a twig snap. The Queen nodded and Léda raised her staff.

"AMAZONS UNITE!" everyone yelled as the first men came over a hill. With various battle cries filling the air, the entire Amazon Tribe ran forward, with Medea and Tern racing to be in front.


Thalia was perched in a tree above the grounds, her crossbow loaded and ready to help her fellow Amazons. From her position, she could see the entire battleground. She almost wanted to close her eyes as the Amazons charged, but she knew she had to be there for them. As much as she didn't want this to happen, there was no way she could prevent it. With her good arm, she raised her crossbow and took aim.


Charging in, Tern twirled her staff, slamming the end into the first man to reach her. Though she and Medea joked about it, Tern took war more seriously than the others knew. She had seen too many loved ones fall in battle to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, it was part of an Amazon's life.

"Medea duck!" she yelled. The smaller Amazon did so as Tern's staff whacked the guy behind her backwards. Back to back Medea and Tern realized they were losing sight of their tribal sisters as the men swarmed towards them.

"What now?" Medea hollered to her mentor.

"Hold them off till archers can get a clear shot!" Tern shouted, slamming the staff at one man after another. Into the knees to cripple, the head to kill. Grimly the Amazons battled on; calling on their patron Artemis for strength and hoping the archers would hurry.


Thalia aimed, shooting her first arrow at one of the men charging at a fellow Amazon. She spotted the men gathering around Tern and Medea and quickly reloaded her bow, taking enough of them out to give her sisters the advantage. She reloaded as fast as she could, but she only had one arm and there were so many men.

Where were they coming from? And why were they after those two men they'd captured? She hoped that Celosia had taken the two men to a safer place. "They should be out here helping us." She muttered to herself, loading another arrow.

Suddenly, she heard yelling from below. She looked down to see more men at the base of the tree, yelling up at her. One of them took his club and threw it at her, barely missing her head. Thalia quickly morphed into a falcon, but she realized in horror that with her left arm useless she wouldn't be able to fly. She morphed again into a squirrel and ran on three legs down the base of the tree, her crossbow and sling falling to the ground.

Once she was far enough from the tree she morphed into human form again, grabbing her crossbow. Her head spun, having morphed too much in a short period of time. Shooting on of them men she kicked at another with left foot, spinning and knocking the feet out from under another one. Hugging her left arm to her chest as the men closed in, she hoped the other Amazons would be all right without her arrows to cover them...


Léda saw an Amazon disappear within a large group of men. Wanting as few casualties as possible, she ran to aid her sister Amazon.

Swinging in every direction with her staff she knocked men one or three at a time back from the dog pile. Suddenly, she felt her staff being wrenched out of her hands from behind. With a quick glance, she saw one man throw it back about 10 feet while grinning at her, thinking he'd beat her easily now.

But Léda was too smart and fast. With a half roll, she got out of the way of his lunge and pulled a dagger out of her boot, because she didn't have time to reach for her sword. Catching her opponent behind the knee, she crippled him. Pulling out her sword, she finished the job.

Then Léda jumped in the middle of the swarm of men, finally getting them back enough to see whom they had been attacking. She saw Thalia lying there unconscious with her wound from earlier bleeding and a lot of other new gashes and cuts . . . but somehow, she was still alive.

Léda picked up Thalia and flipped over a few men where she picked up her staff. Then they ran back to the make shift infirmary that had all ready become very busy. Laying Thalia on a mat on the ground, she informed one of the young apprentice healers who it was and ran back out to rejoin the raging battle.

It was getting very hard to tell who was winning.


Celosia and her right hand Amazon, Aurora, began to set up a secondary defense. A series of pits, nets and hiding places surrounded the area directly in front of their campsite, and the few Amazons not fighting in the front-line prepared for a second assault should the army press past the other warriors.

Celosia turned to Kayla with a concerned look on her face.

"These men obviously want Hercules and Iolaus for something. We have to protect them. You know these parts better than anyone here, so I want you and Tern to take the prisoners away where they will be safe. And find out why they are being chased."

"Anything you say, my queen." Kayla and Tern ran into the prison tent and quickly untied Hercules and Iolaus.

Just as they disappeared from sight into the woods, the army approached the secondary defense. Behind them, Kayla, Tern, Hercules and Iolaus could hear Celosia yell "charge!" and many screams of pain, both men's and Amazon's alike.


Xanthea pulled out her bow and arrows and found a decent distance where she could still fire at the men. She aimed at every man within her sight, taking out each one at a time. She looked around as she wondered what Celosia had in mind for the men they had found. She mentally shrugged it off and continued to fire at the men.

For every one man she took out, it seemed there were 3 more taking his place. A war like this could cause a lot of causalities for the Amazons.

Xanthea sighed and continued to shoot. Soon she ran out of arrows. Shrugging to herself, Xanthea threw herself into the fight, hoping the apprentice healers would be able to handle the infirmary while she fought along side her sisters.

Just a little while longer, she thought. Then I'll head to the infirmary to help. I'm sure I'll be just as needed there.


"For the love of Artemis! Where are they all coming from?" Medea hollered at Tern. Another circle of men came at them.

"I don't know Junior, but heads up!" Tern answered. She whacked yet another man behind Medea. The shorter Amazon dove to the ground, but quickly got back on her feet.

"So where," she paused as a warrior tried to get her from behind. She grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over her shoulder, grinning as he hit the ground with a groan. "Do we go now?" she finished, stabbing her sword through the man's heart and giving it a little twist for extra pain.

Tern gave her a look of disapproval to which she shrugged with a little smile. "He had it coming to him. Thalia's shoulder, remember?"

Tern rolled her eyes and grabbed her cousin by the hands.

"What are you-"

"Hold on tight!" The tall blond ordered and swung her shorter friend around, hitting the other soldiers with her feet. When she set Medea down they all lay on the ground knocked senseless.

"Nice move, but for future reference . . .WARN ME NEXT TIME!"


After knocking down a few more men, Léda looked around quickly and couldn't help but grin at Medea and Tern. Tern was swinging Medea around like a bag of flour, and the look on Medea's face was priceless. Léda couldn't help but notice how well that move worked. I should get a few of the younger ones trained to do that. Could be useful some day.

But a pain in her arm brought her back to the present danger. A dagger had just nicked her arm, luckily it missed her except for the edge. After bringing down the man that had thrown it, she ripped a piece of cloth off his tunic and quickly tied it around the wound to stop the bleeding for a while.

She looked around again, noticing that a lot of dead or wounded men covered the ground. The Amazons were wining. But looking closer she saw that there were many Amazon casualties as well.

Gripping her staff tightly, she stuck one end in the ground and about 10 men tried to surround her. Using the poll as a pivot, she jumped up and literally ran across the men's faces, sending most to the ground. Once her feet hit the ground, she sprang over the bodies of the stunned men and realized that only about 20 men remained, and the Amazon Warriors now far out numbered them.

Raising her staff above her head, she let out a loud cry of victory, which made the others look around. Noting that they had full advantage, the Amazons killed almost all the remaining men within seconds. That wasn't what I had in mind. thought Léda.

Quickly the live soldiers were tied up. For mercy, the ones that would not live past the day were either set free to die in the forest, or put out of misery where they were. Léda felt a bit sick, she never liked having to kill so much. It's for the good of the tribe, she kept telling herself.

After reporting to The Queen, she made her way to the infirmary to check on Thalia.

Thalia was awake now, but wasn't looking to good, though her wounds had been treated.

"How are ya doin’?" asked Léda.

Thalia smiled and stood up to show she was fine...but when she moved her arm, the look of pain on her face was obvious.

Léda smiled at the determination, one thing all Amazons seemed to have (and need) a lot of, nodded and left. Soon everyone would come to the funeral ceremony for the sisters that did not survive the battle.

Meanwhile, off in the woods, Medea, Tern, Hercules and Iolaus were trying to decide if the silence from the direction they had come was good or bad.


Celosia paced in front of the cage holding the two men. She walked quickly, hands behind her back, obviously tense. After a few moments she stopped in front of them.

"Are you happy now?" She glared at them.

They were taken aback. "H-happy?" The blond one asked.

"We lost many of our Amazon sisters defending YOU! We could have left you out there to them and they would have left us alone, but we didn't. We chose to sacrifice ourselves, and our location, to save you."

"We..." The larger one looked down, not meeting her gaze. "We didn't mean for this to happen."

"I..." Celosia stopped. "I…I'm sorry." She put her head in her hands. "It's just... too much to handle right now."

The two men stared remorsefully after her as she headed back to her tent.

They heard voices and looked over to see another body being carried out of the healer's tent, another Amazon limping out after. They looked to the ground and stayed silent.


Shattered Peace

The Aftermath of War


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