Winning Isn't Everything


As battle-fever swept the village, Deinus trotted in with the two Amazons mounted on his back. Seriana swung down and helped the wounded Thalia out of the saddle.

"Can anyone here help her?" she shouted to the Amazons who moved in frenzy around her, grabbing weapons and armor.

Thalia stopped a passing Amazon. "Is Xanthea here?" she demanded.

"Haven't seen her for hours," the girl answered before continuing on her way.

Prince swung back through the village at his mistress's command, and her voice brought order to the chaos. "The enemy is coming on fast! If you don't want to end up as dancing girls you'll get moving!" She rode up to the pair who had just dismounted. "Get back on your horse, Amazon. Trouble has come."

"Samsara!" Thalia cried, grabbing at Prince's bridle. "What's going on?"

Samsara narrowed her eyes at the pair. Queen Celosia had ordered them found and brought to her. But a battle coming, she could smell it. She didnít have time to baby-sit these two. "We're under attack by slavers. Where have you been?"

"It's complicated. Seriana can't remember anything and I'm wounded. Where's Xanthea? Where's Celosia?"

"For all of our sakes I hope they show up soon," Samsara replied. "You, Seriana. Do you remember how to fight?"

Looking guiltily at Thalia's wound, Seriana replied, "I do."

"Then mount up and come on."

Seriana glared stubbornly at her. "I have to help Thalia first."

"Thalia can help herself. We have a battle on our hands."


The two faced off, each as furious and stubborn as their father . . . the father of them both. The same father who was still lurking somewhere in Themiscyra's territory.

"Be quick about it," Samsara ordered at last. She pulled Prince's head around and galloped off.


Seriana helped Thalia to the nearest completed hut. Thalia seemed to worsen as they walked, the biomorph coughing and gasping for breath. They paused frequently on the way, and Seriana was appalled to feel sticky warmth under the hand that supported Thaliaís back.

What do I do? she thought. I don't remember anything . . .

"Medicine... poultice... trapdoor..." Thalia said as they neared Samsaraís hut.

Seriana leaned Thalia against a support beam so she could pull up the barrier. Throwing open the door, she stopped when she saw Swift Blazer sitting on the edge of the bed sharpening her sword.

"Who are you?" she asked as she stalked across the room. She found the outline of the trapdoor, a hole lined with wood near the edge of the bed. She pulled the door up and revealed a chest of medicines.

The Celt looked at the girl with furrowed brows. "I am here to see Celosia."

"Celosia?" Seriana queried. "Never heard of her . . ."

This has to be the village, but who would not know their ruler? Swift Blazer pondered. She looked toward the door and wondered whether she should escape. If I prove myself then Samsara should accept me. She dropped the sharpening stone in her pouch and ran out, sword in hand.

"Where are you going?" Seriana demanded as the redhead ran out. She shook her head and thought of Thalia as she pulled out one of Samsara's poultices, something wrapped in a soft teal cloth shot through with gold thread. There were designs of dragons on the container, but it was the poultice inside she cared about.

She turned to find Thalia writhing on the floor. Seriana reached her in seconds and pulled her to her feet. "Can you walk?" she asked.

Thalia nodded and stumbled with Seriana across the room to the bed. She fell onto it and said, "You took the green one?"

Samsara's sister looked down at the color of the cloth and nodded. She dressed the wound as quickly as she could, applying the strange-smelling poultice to the worst of the three. She could tell it wasnít going to be enough. Thalia needed a healer, not a girl who couldnít even remember her own horse.

Promising Thalia she would be back soon, Seriana slipped out into the chaos of the Village Square. There were small skirmishes going on between Amazons and men she assumed were the slavers. Closing and barring the door against intruders, she whistled for Deinus. His thunderous gallop came toward her and she mounted the steed and galloped into the fray.

Swift Blazer, meanwhile, was outside of the encampment and squared of a soldier. Samsara had dismounted and used her sword easily, felling many. But there were many slavers, and they kept coming.

Many of the Amazons tired after an hour of solid battle. Only Seriana, Swift Blazer, and Samsara seemed to take the men on as strongly as ever. But even their strength had a limit and it was approaching fast.

In the end, it was Desdion who rescued them. Running in from the forest, the large wolf was heated from the long run through the forest to find Thalia, his friend. He charged into the fray, snapping and biting at any male legs he could find. When he ran out of legs he stopped and howled in triumph, a sound echoed by the cheering of the exhausted Amazons.

The slavers scurried off through the forest in many directions, and the Amazons let them go. It was obvious both sides needed a while to regroup. Desdion sprinted across to Samsaraís hut and sat outside the door, dropping his head down on large paws, tongue licking his wounds.

The High Princess turned to Seriana. "How did she get out?" She indicated Swift Blazer with a shake of her head. The question was pointless, she knew full well how the redhead escaped. Swift Blazer dare not move. "I told you Thalia could take care of herself."

Seriana straightened. "Thalia was coughing and could barely support herself. It was my duty to help her."

"Not against MY orders it was not. Not during a battle, it was not. When I order you to something, you do it."

"I would never leave someone in my care at the mercy of the enemies, especially when they can barely stand alone. I did what I had to do."

"You are friends with Xena, the Warrior Princess," Samsara spat. "How could you not know which choice to make? Now, take the girl back to my hut and confine her. Do not disobey me a second time, Seriana."

"Xena..." Seriana said quietly, motioning for Swift Blazer to go ahead of her. "I almost recognize the name . . ."

Samsara looked at her sister, dumbfounded. Samsara looked around her at the dead and wounded littering the village square. I know Father has something to do with this . . . I know it!


The demon-goddess snarled as she trudged through the forest in search of Tern. Never fails, they always catch you at dinner.

"Tern!" she called into the trees. She was sure she had heard her mentors call, but she hadnít been able to find her along the riverbank. So now she was scouring the forest, thinking only of turning back and sipping on some more of Xanthea's blood.

Right, Tern would have your head. Ares' blessing or not, she's not some one to piss off.

"Tern!" she called again, sharper, as she dug her boots firmly into the ground and waited for a reply.

Something was wrong. She felt weaker somehow, as if something had been taken from her. If Tern didn't show up soon, she was returning to Aresí temple and calling him for some explanations.


"You must return, Celosia."

Celosia ignored the voice of her mentor, cutting through her concentration. She didn't want to go back to the real word just yet, she wished to remain concentrated in her meditation.

"Celosia. There is no more help or guidance I can offer to you right now. You must return to your sisters and lead them."

I realize this, O Great One, but I fear-

"You are an Amazon Queen. You have nothing to fear but failing your sisters in their time of need," the voice resounded loudly, forcibly through Celosia's mind.

I understand.

"Go now my child, and know that I am with you."

A brisk wind swept around Celosia, wrapping her up, holding her safe as her mind reconnected with her body. She had been dangerously locked in meditation for the evening and most of the day. The moment Celosia once again felt her body, her eyes opened, taking in her surroundings. As she observed the way the sun came through the slats over her windows, she began to think about what she had just been through. These sessions had always been difficult on her body, the cost of learning ancient arts and knowledge dating back to before her great-grandmother Hippolyta's time.

She didn't know how, or why, but ever since she had been passed the responsibilities of being Queen, she had been visited by Amazons long gone. These spirit teachers had helped develop her fighting skills, war strategies, and leadership potential in an effort to help her be more effective in leading her sisters.

Until last year, there had been many instructors specializing in different areas. Last year, Celosia was forced to choose: end her training, or choose a mentor for more intensive training. Wanting to be the best Queen she could be, Celosia chose to be sent a mentor, a single spirit teacher who would guide over her and teach her more than she could learn in this lifetime alone.

These sessions left Celosia more drained and with more questions than any had before. She had approached her mentor last night, calling upon the spirit to come and guide her as she searched for the right path. Her sister had become a demon, her trusted sister Tern had followed the demoness, and the Amazons were being attacked almost weekly by forces within and without.

Celosia pulled out of her reverie, knowing that she needed to go out to her Amazons. She asked her mentor for the strength needed to get through the day, and stepped out of her hut into the sunlight.

Nearby Amazons stopped conversing and moving around, sensing their Queen's emergence. They turned to look at her, noticing how she appeared to be stronger than ever, yet almost on the verge of collapse. Her waist-length dark hair had been bleached at the ends, testimony to the physical ordeal Celosia had been through.

"Samsara!" Celosia's voice cut across the courtyard, and sent the Amazons back to preparations. Samsara walked swiftly to her Queen's side.

"Report. I need to know what is going on now."


The Goddess bowed to the Queen and greeted her properly. "We were just attacked by slavers, Celosia. They came in droves, but we kept them away. We were able to keep them outside of the fence at least, but many Amazons are injured."

"Why didn't you heal them?" Celosia demanded, alarmed. She referred to Samsara's power of indiscriminate healing, her scope far beyond that of Athena's.

Samsara sighed. "I healed as many as I could, but the more severely injured, I'm afraid, must work on their own. If I heal them they may not get the proper rest their bodies need. I will make my rounds tonight."

The Queen folded her arms. "And these slavers, what of them?"

"We know little. They were fast and agile. Our forces should have defeated these ruffians much quicker and with fewer casualties. My feeling is that Father is somehow involved. Seriana has returned and remembers nothing of her past. Thalia is badly injured, but she is far from Celesta's reach."

Celosia looked at Samsara, worried. Do my sessions with the Great One distance me so much? Perhaps, but I know it is for the better of Themiscrya.

The Princess-Heiress continued. "Before the attack began a young woman arrived saying that you had granted her safe haven in Themiscrya."

"I have made that offer to many."

Samsara nodded. "Yes. Her name is Swift Blazer and she fought well and strong with us against the slavers. But I fear it was she who led the slavers to us. She came to warn you about them and not two breaths after she told me, the men attacked. I know she is not a partner, but she was used as a pawn."

Celosia walked with her. They went toward the High Princess' chambers. The Great Destroyer pulled the bolt off of the door and let the Queen in. Swift Blazer immediately stood, livid at being trapped for a second time. She was alone in the room.

"I demand to see Queen Celosia, Samsara!" she shouted. "Is this how you treat your guests? By locking them in your hut while you play savior?"

"My apologies," she responded, bending forward. She rose again. "You proved yourself a capable fighter. However, I do believe you lead the slavers to us, unintentionally."

"I want to see Celosia," Swift Blazer strained through her teeth.

Samsara smiled. "You are at this very moment." She gestured to the tired but strong woman next to her.

Swift Blazer fell to her knees before the Queen. "You have changed since we last met, Celosia. I did not recognize you, for that I apologize. I have come to ask if I can join your tribe, as you once invited me to."

Celosia smiled. She will make a fine Amazon, she thought. She opened her mouth to say just that, but before she could speak, screams cut through the air.

Samsara gripped her staff and ran out. Celosia pulled Swift Blazer to her feet and they ran out into the square. Another scream tore the air and all three turned toward the med hut.

Inside, Thalia was writhing on one of the cots. Seriana was doing her best to keep the biomorph face down. A healer was burning a dagger in the fire.

"What is the meaning of this?" Celosia demanded.

Swift Blazer looked down at Thalia and gasped. "Oh, by the gods," she whispered. "No . . ."


Back at the ruins, Medea stormed into the crumbling temple in a whirlwind of emotion. Something was up. Something was definitely up. She'd found Tern, but not the Tern she'd been happily conniving with these past days. Oh no, this wasn't that Tern at all.

This had been her old mentor, the clever witch; Artemis' clever witch.

There wasn't much time. She had to get the prisoner to Ares and get out before Tern realized that she knew.

Disgusting. Positively disgusting. My own mentor--my FRIEND--plotting against me! Trying to take my god-hood away from me! I should have known. Beware the witch who serves the goddess. Oh, what a mess, I have to hurry, I must get out of here! If I don't hand Ares his Amazon tribute, who knows what he might . . .

"What the . . ." the demoness screeched in disbelief, racing to the empty torture wall Xanthea had been strapped to. "Where . . . how . . . XANTHEA?"

She began racing about the ruins, ducking in and about the fallen pillars, pouncing and slashing at walls, her claws extended, all the while calling. "Xanthheeeeeeaa! Oh tasty tidbit--oh, succulent Amazonian snack! Where are you?"

She tilted her horn-donned head to the side and listened for something, anything. The sound of Tern's footsteps could be heard coming from the forest, but nothing more. Nothing but a dangerous silence.

The goddess pulled her knees up to her shoulders and perched on a pillar, glancing around shrewdly. Perhaps if she was very, very quiet, and very, very still she could still get out of this. Perhaps she would be spared the loss of her god hood and . . .

"Hunting for rats, kitty?" a deep voice purred as she flicked a nail at the air before her. She jumped five feet in the air and landed, cat-style on the floor facing her company.

"Ares," she greeted in a manner of subdued apology. "I . . ."

"Lost the prisoner? Failed to notice a follower of Artemis in your midst? Let your arrogance of your ability get in the way of your mission?" the God of War asked with quiet thunder.

Medea gawked up at him but said nothing, scurrying backwards as he stepped in her direction. "W-well Ares I . . .You see . . .a girl gets hungry hunting Amazons all day and . . . and Tern was my mentor, so I just assumed I could trust her and Ėand . . ."

"And what, Medea?" Ares growled, unsheathing his sword casually as he crouched down beside her, his fiery eyes level with her glacial ones. "And what?" he repeated with deadly gentleness.

Medea bit her lip with a fang, bleeding it a bit. Peering up through her spiky platinum hair she moaned, "You're going to take my god-hood from me . . . aren't you?"

Her god-hood? Her god-hood? This girl was fun! How naive, how innocent, how ludicrous and juvenile. He was going to take so much more than her god-hood! He was going to take her dignity, her pride, and her life.

"Get up, kitten," he hissed between clenched teeth. She stood warily, but with a predatory grace. The war god puffed out his chest, rolled his neck, squared his shoulders and narrowed his eyelids. "Now, fight."


As Swift Blazer stifled her scream, Samsara turned away, the sight jarring even her well-traveled eyes. She could not make herself turn back. She still faced the entrance of the medic's hut, her mind full of confusion.

Celosia touched her on the shoulder. "Samsara."

The Goddess entered the healerís hut properly, going to kneel by Thaliaís side. She touched the wound and made sure it closed completely before she removed it. She turned her palm skyward and examined it. "Just as I thought," she said. Straightening, she bowed to the Queen. "I shall investigate this further with your permission," she said.

Celosia gave her leave. Although she would rather have Princess-Heiress give her a hint about the obvious mystery, she trusted Samsaraís instincts. She would never betray the tribe, or the Queen.

Swift Blazer looked down at Thalia, marveling at the way the jagged wound had now closed. But something alarming drew her attention. A broken Celtic knot with a snake rising from it seemed to be burned onto where her wound was. She wondered what the strange symbol meant. It gave her a strange feeling of unease.

Celosia surveyed the medic's hut, noting that the beds were slowly emptying. She felt relieved.

She had been uneasy with Samsara when she had first arrived, but Ephiny, Regent of Teloq, informed her the High Princess was on her way, and her word was above questioning. The Regent had her reasons for sending the High Princess to Themiscrya, and Celosia had a duty to take the girl in.

Besides, she had come to realize that a daughter of Ares among her ranks could be helpful. The girl used her power to heal without hesitation and her power of command and weaponry was always an advantage in battle.

She concentrated on Thalia, Seriana, and the newcomer, Swift Blazer. But her mind followed Samsara, wondering if perhaps the Princess-Heiress had already solved the mystery.

The Great Destroyer, as Samsara was also known, rode her steed through the forest at a breakneck pace. She had known something was going on, of course. As one of the higher ranking of the Amazons, she had been kept up to date about Medea and Tern and their turn to the dark side. She was certain the wound on Thalia had something to do with them.

I just know Father is behind this whole thing, Samsara thought. I know him all too well. His fingerprints are all over these events. But if he thinks he can harm MY sisters . . .

"What would you do if he tried to do anything?" a familiar voice said.

Prince stopped, knowing the voice all too well. A raven-haired woman appeared before Samsara astride a large war-horse. "What would you do if Father were to find our lovely sister Seriana in Themiscrya?"

It was her younger half-sister, Kaia Kakistos, the daughter of Discord and Ares. Samsara had raised the dark-haired girl from infancy in Teloq. She had taught Kaia everything she knew, then watched as the hotheaded youngster inflamed the tempers of Regent Ephiny and Domestic Queen Serena. Kaia had been exiled.

"Kaia," the Princess-Heiress remarked. Although she hadnít seen her sister in some time, she was not surprised to find her in Themiscrya. "You know that I can sense when youíve been hatching a plot. I know you haven't and you won't do anything about Seri. So I suggest you let me alone. Stop meddling." She began to nudge Prince forward, but Kaia maneuvered her own horse in the way.

"Dear older Sister," she said, shaking her head. "Why would you think I would interfere in anything to do with your life? Itís not like you ever interfered in mine. If you had, I might not have been exiled."

"You would have been, Kaia. You know it."

"Then, after I was exiled, I thought you would consolidate our armies and let me rule them. Instead, you decided to put Dachus in charge. How disappointing for me."

"You just wanted to rule something, anything. You didnít care about the men in our armies. You were just bitter that I received Princess-Heiress over you."

After Velasca's leave, jousts were held to determine the new leader of the Amazon Guard in Teloq. In the end, Kaia was awarded the title. Samsara who had fought against her in the deciding match was given the title of High Princess, Princess-Heiress. It was Queen Serena's attempt to keep Kaia Kakistos in check. It hadnít worked, to the disappointment of all.

Samsara edged Prince forward again. "Enough of this tÍte-ŗ-tÍte. I have more important business to attend to." She pushed her steed ahead and he galloped passed her smug younger sister.

"Hope you get there in time, Sami . . ." Kaia smirked and vanished.

The ruined Temple of Ares was not too far away, although it was at the very edge of Amazon territory. Samsara followed the sense of her Father until the crumbled temple came into view. Dismounting, she let her horse gallop into the brush, then she ran into the temple, staff in hand.

Ares and Medea were facing off, fighting each other with such forces that the foundation of the temple shook. Rock and marble crumbled from the pillars and walls and created a fine powdery dust in the air. Samsara peered through and saw Medea in her present condition and was saddened. She debated whether to jump in and stop her father from killing her or not.

She had little time to decide. Ares had Medea down on her knees...


"Celosia!" The Queen turned as a tall, redheaded Amazon appeared in the med hut.

"Things have gone awry. If you want to save Medea, trust me and come with me NOW. The rest of you DO NOT INTERFERE!"

"You betrayed us!" Seriana said hoarsely.

"I had to if Medea's soul was to be saved," Tern turned to the Queen. "Celosia, we're cousins. You know I would never let Medea die. Your mother entrusted her to me for that purpose."

"You betrayed Artemis," one of the healers said from Thaliaís side.

"No. I am Artemis' Chosen and always will be. She gave me her blessing. Xanthea is safe for the moment but Medea is going to die. LeeLee can't hold him off alone. Celosia, come NOW!"

Celosia took a deep breath and grabbed her cousin's outstretched hand.

At the ruins. . .

"Ares!" Pelee appeared in front of Medea who was on the ground whimpering.

"One of the little witches. This is going to be more fun than I thought," Ares grinned and shot a lightening bolt at Pelee. The witch blocked it deftly. "Medea, get out of here!"

Medea stared at her benefactor, Ares. He had given her such power.

"Ares . . .if I kill her for you, will you let me survive? Please?" her yellow demon eyes were glowing. Pelee knew it was the power, not Medea speaking.

"You would kill your own cousin to be with me?"

"Yes," Medea started to crawl towards him. "Yes, my God. To be at your side forever."

"Why would I want you?" Ares asked casually. Medea's mouth dropped open.

"I am your loyal servant."

"Who was blinded by a weakness for your cousin, the Chosen one of my dear sister Artemis. Tern fooled you into thinking she was on your side and then she took your offering. You have failed Medea and there is no room for failure in Ares service."

"She failed because her heart is too pure for your venom Ares," in a blinding flash Tern and Celosia arrived.

"Three Amazons to take out little old me? I'm flattered," he grinned evilly.

Tern glanced at her pupil; weakened, bloody and still trying to reach Ares. "Pelee, get Medea to safety. Use whatever magic you have to break that spell on her. Celosia, there's someone in the bushes over there."

Samara stepped forward. Ares smiled coldly. "A true daughter of mine. Watch closely as I kill these puny amazons. Such a shame, too. I always did have a weak spot for them."

Ares raised his hand to fire, but Tern was faster. She blasted him in the stomach with a power bolt of her own. Ares flew back against the wall, sending shards of marble and stone into the air.

Celosia blinked. Tern had never displayed that kind of power before. She hadnít known what an ally they had.

Medea was howled at Ares injury and tried to reach him. Pelee bound her quickly so that the young demoness' arms couldn't move. Medea struggled against the magical bonds Pelee had used, but was too weak to break them. She howled again, a mournful sound that pierced the ear of all in the room.

"No one goes after my family Ares," Tern snarled. Her red hair began to glow and the glow moved down, surrounding her completely.

Ares swallowed. He was in for it now.


Ares got to his feet, fuming. No Amazon was going to defeat him. He was the God of War and he'd teach this one some respect!

He lunged at the Amazon but she swung and her fist slammed into his jaw. He ignored the blow and reached for her, catching her by the waist and flinging her to the ground. She was standing before he reached her. As though possessed, Tern grabbed him by the shoulders and flipped him over her head. He landed on his feet and shot blue lightening at her back. Snarling, she turned, blocking it with her own red light and sending it right back toward him.

Pelee knelt over Medea, whispering to Artemis. She had to break the magic spell on Medea before Tern defeated Ares. The God of War would not take kindly to a double loss.

"Hurry," Celosia whispered, watching her possessed sister writhing on the ground and howling. Tern and Ares fought behind them, oblivious to the counter-spell going on. But that could change in an instant, she knew.

The pair was well matched, going blow for blow with equal strength and vigor. Neither would back down.

Samsara stood watching, unsure of what to do. If she interfered, she would either anger her father by siding with the Amazons; if she sided with her father, she would bring the wrath of the Amazonian nation down on her. Neither was a pleasant option.

"I need Tern to help with this. It wonít work unless we combine our powers," Pelee looked up to Celosia.

The Queen turned to see Ares had just slammed Tern against the stone slab of the ruins. "She's a little busy."

Ares laughed as Tern got to her feet, looking dazed. What a foolish girl, trying to take on him, the Great Ares. "If you've had enough, Iíll let you go," he said politely, his eyes dancing with pleasure. "Just leave me the girl. I have plans for her."

Tern tossed her head regally, the red hair still glowing. "Ready to concede Ares? I'm just getting warmed up." She seemed unaware of the blood trickling down from her mouth.

Ares circled the weakened witch. "Look at yourself little Amazon. You're hurt. You're bleeding. You're weak. No one can withstand the rage of Ares."

"That's where you're wrong," Tern's blue eyes suddenly gleamed and Ares realized he had underestimated her. She lunged with her hands out and he felt the heat and shock from the red glow surrounding her.

As soon as she touched him, he knew. Artemis.

Tern glowed brighter and he heard his sisterís voice. "Ares, you have been warned before to leave my Amazons in peace. It is a result of your own greed and stupidity that you will be defeated." Artemis' voice thundered through the ruins.

The Amazons stared in speechless wonder as Tern levitated off the ground, glowing. Ares swallowed, knowing the goddess had infused her Chosen with power.

Tern landed on the ground and grinned at Ares, her eyes a metallic blue, her hair a flowing mane of fire. Raising one hand, a pure, golden light shot toward Aresí chest. The mighty God of War was flung back against a wall, reducing it to a pile of rubble as he vanished.

"Tern! Come on! Before itís too late!" Pelee shouted.

The glowing Amazon flew to Medea's side and held Pelee's hand. The glow encircled Pelee as well and Celosia stepped back to allow the twins to work. Pelee felt the shocking tingle as she was enveloped then felt the warmth. Together they laid their hands on the howling Medea. Her cries stopped, but Pelee didn't dare open her to see what was happening.

Celosia watched as the wings on Medea vanished. Her eyes returned to their normal blue. The fangs and claws became teeth and fingers. The demoness retreated, and her beautiful sister returned. Slowly the red and gold lights faded, leaving Tern and Pelee kneeling over their youngest cousin.

Tern opened her eyes and saw the real Medea lying in front of her.

"It worked," the tall Amazon slumped forward, exhausted. Pelee sat back on her heels, gulping the fresh air. Celosia knelt next to her.

"She's alive?"

Pelee nodded and Medeaís eye began to flutter open.

"Medea's soul is still young and pure. Ares couldn't defeat that. That's what Artemis was relying on to bring Medea back."

Tern raised her head from Medeaís stomach and studied her student. "The demon is gone. She'll be back to her old self in no time," she said hoarsely.

"That and you two," Celosia hugged her cousins briefly. "Why have you been gone so long?" She said, turning to Pelee.

"Thatís another story," Pelee laughed. There was still some serious explaining Tern and Medea had to do.


Friend or Foe

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