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Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:40 pm

The training ground was dark, and Deoris was thankful. She did better fighting in the dark, due to her extensive training when she had been blind. She really needed practice with the gladius, but she had brought her companion staff with her. It had been neglected too long.

She closed her eyes and ran her hands lovingly down the length. There were runes carved into it, as it was a symbol of her Goddess’ power as much as it was her Amazon weapon. She’d carved it herself, so the runes were deep, if a little wobbly. It meant much to her.

She stepped out into the dark arena and swung the staff around and down into the ground. It still flowed from her arm as if it was a ray of light she commanded. She did a few more simple moves, warming up her body and her skills. It didn’t take her long to move into more complicated maneuvers.

There were practice dummies and she swung into them for a long time. She was exhausted by the time she was done, but satisfied that her skill with her favorite weapon had not diminished over time. She may not use it to command the favors of a Goddess, but she could use it to kill the enemies of her kingdom.

“Looks like a good work out, Latra,” remarked Etelka from behind her.

The queen turned around. She needed to hone her listening skills; she hadn’t heard the Quarter Mistress approach. “It was, efharisto,” she replied. She was pleased she wasn’t panting through her words, although she was breathing heavily.

“You’re good with the staff. You should teach the youngsters sometime.”

“Ohi, efharisto. I have more than enough to do already. I’ll leave the teaching to Li Zhen. You’re out late,” Deoris said.

“I couldn’t sleep. Came for a bit of exercise to calm myself down,” Etelka replied.

Deoris smiled. “She’ll be fine, I’m sure. She’s a very capable woman and can take care of herself.”

The blonde Norsewoman smiled in return. “I know she can. Doesn’t stop me from worrying about her. She didn’t really say where she was going or why, Latra. She just gave me the impression that … well, that I should worry.”

It’s a good instinct, Deoris thought. “Well, can you use a gladius?”

“A Roman sword? Of course.”

“Good, you can spar with me. I’m a bit out of touch with it. I don’t think I’ve used it since Leinsata Valkyra was here.”

“Not good, Latra. She’s been gone a long time now. Any word from her?”

Deoris shook her head. “Not for a while now. But we haven’t had any ships pass through in a long while either. I wonder where our ships have been lately. I might have to send Priene and Kiran to the coast to find out.”

“I am running low on some of the supplies we get from trading. I should have mentioned it before. Kax,” Etelka said.

“It’s all right. We’ve all been distracted, especially since the return of Cassia and the others. Why don’t you make a list and let me know what we need and how soon we’ll need it.”

“I will do that tomorrow, Latra.”

“Easy, Quarter Mistress. I don’t need it that quickly. When you get to it will be soon enough. For now, let’s work out your worry with blades,” Deoris said.

They went to the weapons supply and chose a couple of the long, tapering blades. For training purposes, both of the edges were dulled and the points had been blunted. Still, if they found their mark on the body of the sparring partner, it would be a painful reminder of a lesson learned.

They moved to the center of the dark arena and brought their swords together between them. “Ready?” Etelka asked.

Deoris grinned. “Of course.”

They began.


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Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:11 pm

Myla took the right side of Bryseis position, while Sayde took the left. They were spreading out and continued to make eye contact before fanning out further. Bryseis stayed on the ground, well covered by the brushy foliage. Elina and Audacia and Tara were already out of her line of sight, but Bryseis knew that Audacia would be well perched up on a branch. Once they had each settled into a solid and secure spot, they waited.

For what seemed like hours, but was really only under just one, the scouts watched the unknown tribe of Amazons move in and about the temple. They had several close calls with some outer guards coming up close to one of the Themiscyran positions, but the point was to stay as well hidden as possible. They were not there to provoke anything, simply to get information. Bryseis held her breath when one woman nearly stepped on her hand, which was resting under the brush.

As they approached the end of an hour, things began to reveal information.

Bryseis' position had been closest to the temple entrance, where many were coming and going. Myla found a good place, very near the wall of the temple and she could remain close but still hidden. Sayde was farther back and her main focus was to protect the regent of Themiscyra. Women were coming up to the entrance, and were met by a woman with a strong stature. One amazon greeted the woman in charge, who was obviously the queen. "Yasoo, Latra Amasis! I believe our arrows are fulled stocked at this point, if it pleases you." She saluted and held the pose.

The other woman's face lit up. "Indeed! We'll be ready to take what has been promised us. No more of settling for less than the best." She smirked and returned the salute. The other woman turned and went on about some business and Amasis turned away from Bryseis' view, her back now to where the Lyna hid.

To Bryseis' shock, a man with well sculpted biceps and adorned in silver and black leather came out from the temple. His black hair gleamed in the firelight. He spoke something to Latra Amasis, who visibly shuddered with pleasure. As the man moved into Bryseis' view, the face revealed who the man truly was.


Amasis tried to approach the god of war in a seductive manner, but he subtly dodged her maneuver while still obviously mantaining her interest. He touched her face and spoke again to the foreign amazon queen. He was an impressive person, even at this distance. It was impossible to ignore his charisma and magnetism, and Bryseis felt herself go breathless at the aura that surrounded the god. Bryseis was unable to hear what was spoken between Amasis and the god. Within a few more heartbeats, Ares stepped back a pace or two and simply shimmered into nothingness.

Bryseis' heart was pounding. She glanced over to Myla, who could still see Bryseis, but had missed the entire exchange between the queen and Ares due to her position against the wall. Sayde was too far away to really make out who had appeared, but she would have been able to see the man simply disappear. Sayde would easily guess who had been there just moments before.

Bryseis waited for Myla to make eye contact. Once she did, Bryseis tried to mouth "Ares." Myla made a face, questioning if that was what she had meant. Bryseis mouthed again, "Ares," and pointed back to the temple. Myla wasn't making the connection. They were at the Temple of Ares, after all.

Bryseis needed to decide something soon. Move in or pull back.

Her heart pounded audibly in her ears. Ares! she thought. That makes sense, since it IS his temple. But why? Why? She tried to locate Elina, Tara's, and Audacia's position with a call. Things were suddenly looking very grim.


Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:59 pm

Chou couldn't sleep, she was twisting on the cot in a fevered dream with sweat beaded her skin. The fever came and gone in cruel waves. When the tea was administered it went away for a few hours then returned like a wild animal that wouldn't leave it's freshly killed prey alone. Clymene visted her when ever she could, but Chou couldn't relay anything beyond the fragmented description she'd given them earlier. Truth was she didn't have a wide enough vocabulary to describ this feeling in Amazon to them.

She felt like- like a candle, with a flame too big her wick to hold. Her wax was burning and giving away.

Something was filling to the brim, an energy that coursed through from an unseen source and it pushed against her skin trying to get out. She felt too small for whatever pressure it was.

In her sleep she saw the forest. It russeled around her as a violent wind blew through the trees making them hiss like disturbed bees. The sound of arrows flying through the air soon followed, and very slowly, she could hear the voices of women yelling. They sounded angry, getting closer.

Drums. They pounded along side her heart beat, louder, harder.

She smelt something strange, the scent grew so pungent within moment she could taste it almost. Copper?

She looked down at the stream that trickled around her feet, it's water reaching her ankles.

Just moments before the dream was to end she heard a deep, powerful voice. It sounded so close, yet so far. She heard this voice before, in another dream, and within a blazing fire.

"The time has come for your heart's first trial..."

" They're coming."

Suddenly a cry rang out through the woods and the water flowed red.

Chou screamed and woke up.


Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:21 am

The night was quiet, this was the problem. The blonde lay on her cot, listening to her hutmates breathing almost in union, though Morpheus would not visit her. Twisting in the cot as quietly as possible Kiarna attempted to sleep, her body wanted the rest, and she had been working so hard this day, with the birds this morning, masks after lunch and finally the cavalry meeting earlier in the evening the Jumak Archila had needed to unwind.

However nothing had happened. The memories kept coming. Eraste, her home, her current home, the birds, Lita her horse, Molly asking her questions about the birds. She had liked that, Molly had been so fascinated by the small coo-ing creatures, and then by the powerful predators in the next structure. Sighing Kiarna pulled at a loose thread at the edge of her cotton shift, facing the window she noticed the familiar shadow.

"What are you doing here?" she hissed at the creature. The pitch black eyes studied her before the head cocked to the side almost quizzically. The Amazon sighed the raven in the window would not answer her; it was just a creature...

Rolling over she closed her eyes and tried to allow the bed to mould around her body.

Suddenly a scream, soon over powered by the abrupt cawing in the window startled the blonde back from the brink of sleep. Grumbling and wondering if the girls in the room would wake the Lyane Archila groped around for a moment before her hand clasped the object she sought. Half raising her arm, Kiarna flung the wooden idol at the window at the loud interloper. Raven, side stepped the object quickly but ceased the noise.

Nodding to herself, she reshuffled onto her stomach as movement started in the room.

"Wha-" came from the darkness.

"Shh....back to sleep Cyp" Kiarna murmured before collapsing back onto the bed and finally letting the sleep wash over her.


Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:39 am

Tara had been surprised when Faela instructed her to join the scouting party. Her horse had been saddled and she did not have time to ask any questions. She joined the Lyna and her sisters. Tara did not have much time to gather her weapons. She had grabbed a few of her favourite knives, and her best bow. She had thought to bring an extra quiver of arrows. On the way to the horse, she had strapped her hidden long knife under her clothes, that she could retrieve hidden on her back.

Tara sensed the nervousness in Bryseis. She could also see a struggle in the woman. Tara smiled to herself. “It is good to be nervous, it keeps the senses at their peek.” Tara took a deep breath, silently asked the Goddess to guide them. She then put her mind in what Tara called, ‘battle style’. It was a way for Tara to be objective in situations, which may include battle, one on one fighting, or other similar confrontations.

She watched as Bryseis had crawled into position. Bryseis could not see Tara, yet the Huntress could see the shadow of the Lyna moving soundlessly. She could see Audacia and Elina, and even though she could no longer see Sayde, she knew the warrior was near.

The hairs on the back of her neck began to prickle. She knew something was about to happen, when her ears picked up Bryseis’ call. Tara knew something was wrong. With experienced silence, she quickly moved towards the call.


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Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:38 am

Alexandra was tossing and turning in her sleep, she was having that dream again the one she had a year or so ago. Shewas standing in front of a thown made of black marble with skulls wearing helmets a man dressed in black leather with sliver studs on his top, a sword at his side, guantlets with blood red rubys, a necklace with a mini sword on it, very muslculer. But this time she could see his face he was very good looking with his short black hair, brown eyes and goatee. From his right ear was an earring shaped like a dagger. She couldn't move it's was like his eyes had her traped. "What do you want?" she asked. All she got in return was a smirk. He rised his had and an orbe of lighting apeared. She knew in that moment she was going to die and she knew who her killer was. "ARES" she screamed . And she bloted up awake sweating and shaking. She was not going to let that dream come true she'd fight him first if she had too.


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Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:00 pm

Myla had found a good place, very near the wall of the temple. She was close enough to hear, but not exactly see all that was going on. She heard women speaking with each other and then she thought she heard a man's voice. She cranked her neck as far as she could to see, but it was not far enough.

Myla sighed as she pressed back against the temple wall. It was a ruin for the most part, but what remained could be useable. Then Bryseis made eye contact with her and mouthed a word. "Ares."

Myla made a face, knitting her brows in a questioning look. Bryseis mouthed the same word again as she pointed back to the temple.

Myla knitted her brow even more. Yes, she was aware that it was the Temple of Ares, but then she wondered why Bryseis would be taking pains to state the obvious. From her vantage point, Myla realised that Bryseis had seen more than her. Something had certainly caught the Lyna's attention.

Myla watched as Bryseis turned her head from one side to the other and then looked behind her and up into the trees. Myla realised she was trying to locate everyone's position with a call. Within seconds, another bird call was heard from high in the trees as Audacia answered. Then another call further away; it was Elina's. A stronger call came from still further away and Bryseis and Myla knew it was Tara's. Everyone had reported in as they should. Myla smiled with pride.

She looked at Bryseis and sensed that the Lyna was about to do something. Myla wavered for a moment between circling back to Bryseis' position or staying where she was. The decision was made for her as two guards came dangerously close to the wall, around the corner of which Myla lay low in the brush hidden.

Myla listened as they bragged about all their weapons as if that was the most important thing in the world to them. She managed to make eye contact with Bryseis and signal that she was all right. Then the guards walked away. Myla breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked over at Bryseis, but...


Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:35 pm

Faela stood rather imperiously at the entrance to the stable, her arms crossed across her chest. With Kou on Nok'tana the only woman left to challenge her to the title of tallest Amazon was Konia and she had been strangely absent about the village in recent days. The Ve'kynas impressive height and obvious bad mood made all the Cavalry riders quicken their pace to get inside and out from under the dark glare Faela was sweeping all their faces with.

Karmeen stood calmly in the stables as the twenty or more women stood around in a semi circle talking quietly to themselves as the night shift stable hands went about their work checking all the animals had fresh food and water, she noticed Faela standing at the door as if to check each woman who entered and wondered at the strange shift in the red heads mood. She walked up and put a hand gently on her friends shoulder only to have the woman jump under the touch and turn to face her, "What is it?" Faela asked seeing the concerned look on Karmeen's face.

"You seem upset Athelfi, is everything alright?" she asked gently as the last of the Cavalry arrived, accompanied by a handful of the Ve'kyna Koritsi.

Faela smiled at Karmeen's concern and nodded, "Yes Karmeen, everything's fine. Lets get this meeting started." Faela said walking back inside the stables, all eyes turned to her and the Cavalry Captain as they returned to stand in front of the group of women all of whom looked at the pair curiously all wondering the same thing, why they had been called there so late at night.

Faela looked around the group to be certain everyone was in attendence, glad to see the handful of Ve'kynas who also trained with the Cavalry had also arrived.

"Undoubtedly you've all noticed the strange vibe running through the village," Faela started the meeting and all eyes turned to meet hers, nods and muttered agreements followed her statement, "I'm not here to explain this to you, I myself dont have any informtion as to whats been happening, only that our Latra and Lyna seem particularly wary and concerned."

Karmeen took over from there, "So, in anticipating that something may soon happen, we wish to be as prepared as we can be for whatever eventuality. Faela and I have discussed it and we have decided that the Cavalry will double it's training." Karmeen's words seemed to make them all realize that it was something big that was happening for the two Cavalry leaders to be discussing increasing their training.

Faela nodded and cut in smoothly, "We've also been looking at increasing the Cavalry's numbers, we lost some of our number to radicus," She paused and saw many narrowed eyes and heard a number of curses in multiple languages, his name was said with a tone of venom by many of the Tae'nah, "And while we have confidence in every single one of you we want to be sure we have enough riders to fill out our ranks and if need be reserve riders we can call in on the field of battle."

Many of the sisters swapped looks and mumbled converstion for a few moments while Faela and Karmeen swapped looks, unspoken agreement and discussion running between the two well trained riders for a moment before Karmeen cleared her throat to continue, "To that end Faela has recruited a few of her Ve'kyna for double duty as Cavalry Archers, they have the training and the skills required and are more then willing to join our cavalry." Karmeen smiled at the ladies who flushed slightly and smiled around at their athelfi who all turned bright smiles on them.

"We have more then enough horses, its a simple matter of filling the saddles with warriors who are prepared to do the training and work hard, Faela and I will be going over work schedules and training rosters tomorrow and asking the Archila's of the village if they have any warriors who would be well suited to a position in the Cavalry." Karmeen continued when the talk died down again and Faela kept her green gaze sweeping over the faces of the assembled cavalry, they were small in number but well trained, with the added numbers they could be a truely impressive weapon against any and all enemies.

"So, tomorrow morning you will all report in for training on the obstacle course with your mounts and fully equiped," Faela said as the meeting came to a close, Sabra raised her hand and Faela nodded in her direction to signal that she could speak, "Fully equiped Archila? Isn't that a little much? We dont even know if there is something happening that we should be worried about, we could just be over imagining things."

Many of the athelfi nodded and talked low amongst themselves for a moment before Faela's smooth deep voice cut across the conversations, "Perhaps, but a good warrior is always prepared for anything, over excited imaginations does not account for the behavior of our Latra and Lyna, if they are worried then we should be too, so you will all report for training, fully equiped, Karmeen will clear this training with your other archila's so you wont have any excuses not to attend." she smiled looking at her hunters who knew they couldnt get out of the training by saying they were schedualed for a hunt. Faela was their Archila after all.

With sighs, swapped looks, nods and mutters the cavalry made its way back out into the night to return to their huts, many pairing off into the night as they left, small groups headed to the mess hut for a late night snack while Faela and Karmeen remained behind, standing silently in the stable.

"Its been a strange few days." Karmeen sighed and Faela could only nod her agreement.


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Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:18 pm

Myla listened as they bragged about all their weapons as if that was the most important thing in the world to them. She managed to make eye contact with Bryseis and signal that she was all right. Then the guards walked away. Myla breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked over at Bryseis, but...

Before Myla could have a second thought, the worst case scenario unfolded.

Bryseis' heart stopped for a moment as she felt the tip of cold steel against her neck. "Get up," spoke a woman's voice, in Tae'Nah. "Get up slowly."

Bryseis slowly stood. Her mind was racing. She'd delayed too long, she chided herself. She should have not pressed her luck. But she was stuck, literally.

"Yasoo, sister Tae'Nah." Bryseis tried for diplomacy first. Obviously, the opponent wasn't up for it, as was apparent by the menace on the other woman's face. Bryseis glanced in Myla's direction. The older woman was still hidden, but Bryseis knew that in a moment, things could change. Elina, Tara, and Audacia were still too far out to really be able to get to her quickly. Her only hope at this point was Sayde, who was somewhere behind the group, and Myla, who would act within heartbeats.

"With me, now," the guard barked at Bryseis. She nudged the brunette with the sword tip, in the direction of the entrance of the temple.

Myla jumped from her hiding spot. Holding her own sword out and against the woman's side, she spoke in deathly tones, "I don't think she's going to go anywhere." In that next moment, the guard reacted to the immediate threat of Myla's blade and took a swing towards the older woman. The guard yelled as she fought against the woman. "Intruders! Attack!"

Bryseis pulled her own sword from its scabbard and began to attack the first guard, who was still fighting Myla. The shout of their presence near the temple brought three more armored guards and soon, Bryseis, Myla, and Sayde were battling the four other guards.

The other three Themiscyran scouts were desperately trying to work their way to the embattled Lyna and the other two with her, but they were not able to get there. Within minutes and before they could even get close to the first conflict, Audacia began shooting arrows from above in order to help prevent the foreign amazons from getting too close to Tara and Elina. Elina and Tara soon found themselves fighting a couple of warriors and trying to get out alive.

Sayde had jumped into the fray with all the glory that is worthy of a royal guard. She fought hard and got close to Bryseis, but couldn't get her out of the immediate danger. Myla stood closest to Bryseis and the two bravely fought against the increasing number of Amazons.

Bryseis, concerned for the other scouts, shouted over the din to Sayde, "Get the others out NOW. Don't worry about me and Myla!"

"But, Lyna!"

"NOW! Get them out!"

Reluctantly, Sayde withdrew while Myla and Bryseis continued to battle the temple guards. Her responsibility was the Lyna, but Lyna Bryseis had ordered her to protect the others. Bleeding from numorous cuts and mild slashes, she escaped. Her new task would be to get Quecia to deliver the initial message of the attack and then to get the other three out and back to the village. She had to trust Bryseis, although she did not like the order in the least bit.

While Sayde followed through on her order, Myla and Bryseis found themselves in a situation that was only getting worse.


Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:22 pm

Lupa had rushed into the med hut obviously distressed. The talk between Cassia and Thisbe would have to wait. “I’m going to check on the others while you’re busy with, Lupa.”

She entered the main room just as a scream pierced the quiet night. Chou was still suffering from a high fever despite the herbs. The Japa woman was plagued by nightmares, though Thisbe could not be sure if they were caused by the fever. Many who had sought shelter in the tribe had a troubled past that alone was enough to disturb ones sleep.

Slightly glazed eyes open to see the face of the concerned keturah.

Thisbe ran a cold cloth over Chou’s fevered brow giving her a reassuring smile. With the communication barrier between them, it was the best she could do to set her athelfi at ease. Her thoughts however where in a completely different direction. If the herbal tea could not cure the fever, something stronger must be prepared.


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Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:24 am

Everything happened so quickly. Tara heard an unfamiliar voice yell, “Intruders! Attack!” Followed by the sound of swords. She knew her Lyna was in trouble. Jumping up, Tara saw the young Elina also heading for the sound. Tara heard an arrow fly past her and hit its mark. It was foreign amazons heading their way. Tara gave a signal to Elina to warn her there was an Amazon headed towards her, and Tara faced the warrior running towards her.

Tara looked at the warrior running towards her. Her dark hair was held back by a leather cord, with a distinctive carving in the leather. It seemed familiar, but Tara did not have any time to think about it. The Amazon was taller than Tara, and younger. Tara noticed the scar on the woman’s shoulder from a past battle. The wound had healed, but the scar was still red. Tara grinned, knowing the shoulder would be her opponent’s downfall.

Letting her opponent come to her, Tara waited. The arrows from Audacia were still flying past and Tara knew her sister’s aim was true. Putting her right foot in front and keeping her knees slightly bent, she waited. The dark brown eyes were close enough, Tara switched her feet, putting her left foot forward, and she lifted her sword with her right hand as the Amazon went for her. The ringing of the swords as they clashed was a familiar sound to Tara.

The change of feet had surprised the warrior, and her attack was not as vicious as she had planned. Tara and the foreign Amazon fought on. Tara could see Elina from her peripheral vision, and knew she was holding her own. The dark haired warrior was relentless, and did not let up in her attack. Tara kept up her defence and waited for her chance. The woman was much taller and had a longer reach than Tara. She thrusted her sword towards Tara, thinking her reach gave the advantage. Tara side stepped, aimed for the scarred shoulder to disarm her opponent. Tara wanted to be able to take the woman as her prisoner.

The foreign Amazon was also seasoned, but not fast enough. She turned as Tara went for the shoulder and her sword went through the throat. The woman looked surprised, as Tara withdrew her sword, the dark haired Amazon fell. She died before she hit the ground.

Tara had no time to waste. She turned to help Elina. The young warrior was holding her own; never wavering. Tara was impressed with the skill of her sister. Tara approached the two, careful not to cause Elina to loose focus.

At that moment Sayde ran to her side.


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Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:06 am

The Quatermistress and the Latra spared for at least a candle mark, each getting hits on one another, each showing their skill. Etelka’s experience with the Roman sword was limited to the training she had received here in Themiscrya; the Romans or their weaponry had not gotten as far as Etelka’s homeland, not yet at least, and Etelka had no reservations that the Viking men and women could give the legions a run for their money.

The blonde help up her hands to show she wanted a break; she walked over to the water skin that was lying a few yards from where she and Deoris had sparred and took a sip from it.

“Kax Latra, I just can’t seem to concentrate tonight.”

Deoris smiled knowingly. “Its Tepae Telka, she’s your friend and your worried, I understand completely. But Brys is very capable as are the Amazons with her, I have every confidence in them.”

“As do I Latra.” Etelka said gazing over to the forest where at that precise moment her hut mate had a sword tip poised at her throat. “I just can’t shake the bad feeling I have about this.”


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Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:57 pm

Myla stood closest to Bryseis and the two bravely fought against the increasing number of Amazons - and how they were increasing. Myla could hardly believe her eyes. "Where are they all coming from?" she kept wondering as she fought with her single sword. "What I would not give for a second sword!"

Bryseis, concerned for the other scouts, shouted over the din to Sayde, "Get the others out NOW. Don't worry about me and Myla!"

"But, Lyna!"

"NOW! Get them out!"

Reluctantly, Sayde withdrew while Myla and Bryseis continued to battle the temple guards and found themselves in a situation that was only getting worse for more guards kept coming in an endless stream out of the temple.

"We better get out of here now!" shouted Myla.

"Too late!" Bryseis replied as a ring of swords pointed at them encircled the embattled Themiscyrans.

"Throw down your weapons!" one of the hostile Amazons ordered.

Bryseis threw down her weapon and reluctantly, so did Myla.

"Danu, help us!" Myla prayed as the Amazons bound her hands and those of Bryseis, too.



Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:06 pm

When something cool touched her forhead relief came immidiatly. Little by little through the fog of her fever she was able to make out the face of the Athelfi taking care of her. The two tone haired amazon looked up at the caring face of Thisbe, her smile coming through with the few features Chou could make out in her hazed vision.

Her nightmare was so desturbing, yet so vivid. It sent chills through her, she felt so cold and hot at the same time. Like her body couldn't make up it's mind.

But even more so, a strange thought came to mind; her dream, it felt important somehow. Chou felt an inner urge to share it with her sister.

"... danger," her lips parted between panted breaths," danger is coming."

Chou whispered softly in her limited vocabulary, hoping Thisbe would at least listen.

"Bad things are coming. Not safe. Drums and arrows."

A trembling hand reached up and touched Thisbe's face, as if to clerify Chou was talking to something real.

" Blood runs in the water. It turns red."

She felt short of breath and dizzy, so she shut her eyes again. The pressure had lessened a little.


Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:45 am

A shaking hand touched her face weakly. Thisbe leaned over the bedside trying to discern what the fever racked Tae’Nah was saying. She was able to understand most of what the Japa whispered. Chou spoke of danger to the tribe, drums and arrows.

Though the words were those of one gripped by fever the healer could not help but take them to heart. She had seemed so desperate to be understood and believed. Cassia should to know what was said ,so after Chou closed her eyes Thisbe went to speak to her. She hoped the Keturah Archila would not call her foolish for putting so much belief in the woman’s warning.

Cassia was no longer occupied with Lupa. She now busied herself with mixing herbs together, for what appeared to be a pain numbing brew.

After taking a fortifying breath Thisbe began to explain what had been said to her mentor. “I know many strange dreams and thoughts plague those who suffer as Chou does, but it seemed to be important that I understood.”

The blonde said nothing only listened as she continued her work.

“She says we’re in danger and I believe her.” Thisbe hoped that the problems between them would not affect Cassia’s thoughts on this matter.


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Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:04 am

"Throw down your weapons!" one of the hostile Amazons ordered.

Bryseis threw down her weapon and reluctantly, so did Myla.

"Danu, help us!" Myla prayed as the Amazons bound her hands and those of Bryseis, too.



Amasis, the queen of the as yet unknown tribe of amazons, walked up with a smirk. "What do we have here?" She eyed the bound women. "Curious about what we are doing, are you? Well, if you'd just waited a little longer, you'd have found out without having to bother with snooping about."

One woman who held Bryseis spoke up. "Latra, another one referred to this one as Lyna." She shoved the brunette toward the other queen. Bryseis glared. Myla tried to twist free, but her own captors held her fast.

"A regent, even? Not a bad catch for one night, wouldn't you say? And who are you, dare I ask?" Amasis asked Myla.

"An Amazon," spat Myla.

Amasis was homured at the spirit of the two women. "Take this one," referring to Bryseis, "inside the temple. I'd like to make my friendly aquaintance with a Lyna. And the older one, you can take to a holding cell."

"But Latra Amasis, the holding cells aren't quite finished!" hissed one guard.

"Then hold her with your own hands, unless you can come up with a better idea. Just don't let her go. Get someone to finish the cell now!" raged the queen. "Now, Lyna...? What do I call you?"

"Lyna Bryseis, of Themiscyra!"

"Bryseis. Hmmm. Interesting name. Come with me." Amasis stalked off, leaving the warriors to do as she had instructed. Myla was pulled away to a separate location while Bryseis was taken to the inside the Temple of Ares


Sayde was well on the other side of the temple grounds when the Lyna and Myla were taken captive. Her main task was to get the other two out as quickly as possible. They'd get to Quecia as soon as they could to have her race back to the village to notify Latra Deoris of what had happened. By the time Sayde had reached Elina and Tara's position, they were already fighting back a couple of the outer guards and about to make a hasty retreat when they saw Myla being led away.


Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:32 am

England Myla was pulled away to a separate location while Bryseis was taken to the inside the Temple of Ares. Myla twisted her neck around to try and catch Bryseis' eye, but the guards surrounded the Lyna and no eye contact was possible. Myla frowned deeply as she was shoved along by the two guards. The situation looked dire, but all was not lost for upon hearing that the holding cells were still being constructed gave Myla hope.

Meanwhile, Sayde was well on the other side of the temple grounds when the Lyna and Myla were taken captive. Her main task was to get the other two out as quickly as possible. They'd get to Quecia as soon as they could to have her race back to the village to notify Latra Deoris of what had happened. By the time Sayde had reached Elina and Tara's position, they were already fighting back a couple of the outer guards and about to make a hasty retreat when they saw Myla being led away.

The Tae'Nah wanted to rush forward and save Bryseis and Myla, but there was just too many of them. Sayde let out a bird call they all knew meant retreat. Audacia covered Elina and Tara from her high position in the tree as Elina and Tara dashed back into the forest. To her surprise, the hostile Amazons did not follow. Audacia wondered why, but she did not intend to stay around long enough to find out.

She climbed down from the tree and ran after her companions when someone leapt out of the brush right in front of her. The two Tae'Nah collided. Audacia fell back into some bushes and short of some scratches she was all right. Next thing she knew, Elina was helping her to her feet. "You two just zoomed out at the same time. There was no way to stop you before you ran into each other."

"What are you talking about?" asked Audacia. Then she turned around and saw Tara kneeling beside Sadye. "Is she all right?"

Tara shook her head. "I think she hit her head on this tree trunk. She is out cold!"

Elina and Audacia groaned together. "I did not mean for this to happen!"

"Of course not, Audacia," Elina comforted her friend.

"We were all trying to get away from those other Amazons. Sayde just did not see you climbing down from the tree is all," explained Tara.

"Now, what do we do?" Audacia glanced back to see if any of the enemy was coming after them, but she saw no one. "That is very strange," she thought to herself.

Tara looked up at Elina. "As the only scout here, you are now in charge, Elina."

Elina blanched, for this she had never expected to happen; but it had and there was no time for argument or even discussion. Tara rose to her feet. "Was is your order?"

Elina thought carefully and then replied, "Can we move Sayde?"

"I would not recommend it until she wakes up and we see how her head feels," answered Tara.

Elina turned to Audacia, "I need you to get back up into the tree and keep on the lookout should any of those Amazons wander in our direction."

Audacia nodded. "Right!"

"I will stay with Sayde," said Elina. She looked at Tara. "We need to let the Latra know what has happened. Can you hurry back to Quecia and tell her to get back to the village as fast as she can. Then hurry back here. Hopefully by then Sayde will have come to."

Tara nodded. "I will be as fast as I can."

Tara sped away through the forest and Audacia climbed up into the tree as Elina knelt beside the unconscious Sayde.

Meanwhile, back at the temple...


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Tara helped Elina make Sayde comfortable. She did not want to move the Royal Guard. She then turned to Elina and said, “I will let Quecia know what is happening and to warn our Queen. I will back as soon as I can.” Tara turned, and then once again faced Elina.

“I am confident in your leadership, my sister.” Tara added; then headed for the horses. She kept low, making sure she was not followed. Moving as fast as she could, Tara finally made it to the horses.

Quecia saw Tara and greeted her. She noticed the serious look on Tara’s face. Before Quecia could ask, Tara quickly explained what had happened. “Ride as fast as you can and let the Latra know what is happening, my sister. Be careful; do not let anyone follow you. We cannot leave until Sayde has regained consciousness.”

Tara watched as Quecia rode off. The Huntress then made her way back to the others. “How is Sayde?” Tara asked Elina.


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