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Themiscyra is a community posting environment. We want to be sure you understand that anything you write here with us becomes the property of Themiscyra as a whole, forever. When you join and then post, you are giving us permission to use, change, and display that work as Themiscyran work.

While our forums are private, our archives are public so we can share with the universe at large our community and how it works. Posting at Themiscyra means you give us the right to post your work publicly. You will always be credited as your chosen character name for any work we display publicly.

You are creatively entitled to your character and her history, of course. However, any stories you created while in Themiscyra remain will remain Themiscyran property. They were built for and with others, and are not solely your own anymore.

The Queen reserves the right to edit any writing you submit to Themiscyra. This includes what you post in the forums. We do our utmost to remain true to the character and stories you create, but find an occasional need to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and plot.

Disclaimer explained: 

Does this mean we own anything you create and post in Themiscyra? No, we do not. You own anything you create for yourself. If you want to post a story you are working on, we're happy to read it. It still belongs solely to you.

What we are saying is that stories you post with everyone else belong to Themiscyra and may be posted in the archives as our combined work. This includes your biography, titles, position, and any story you wrote with any member of the tribe, be it past or present.

We're also saying that it is sometimes necessary to edit a post for story flow, for spelling and grammar, and for readability. We strive not to have to edit anything at all and will do so only when the impact to other characters is too great to ignore. We prefer to 'go with the flow' and write from the ideas of each other.

Note: This is a lengthy page. Please bear with it and read it to the end. These are the important foundations of the tribe.

Choosing an Amazon Name

Choosing a name is a personal journey. This name is what the sisters will call you for as long as you are in the tribe, so think about it carefully. You were named in life by your parents but here you can create yourself so it's all up to you.

You can take a look at the Roster page to review our current, past, and NPC names. There are a lot there! Each one reflects a different woman, a different personality, and a different background.

Be unique when choosing your name. Avoid using the names of characters from Xena or Hercules, if possible. If you just LOVED that name, try rearranging the letters or changing it somehow. You might find your "Annax" is better than any old "Xena".

Avoid using a name that is famous, notorious or too well known in history or in mythology. Examples: Cleopatra, Cassandra, Helen of Troy, Diana, Sappho, or Daphne. If you do want to use a historical name such as Daphne, your biography can not reference the famous history or legend in any way.

Consider the following when thinking of a name:

Who are her parents and grandparents? Children often carry names down from their past. Sometimes this name is only similar, not exact.

Where was she born? Children are sometimes name after the circumstances of their birth. A child born during a storm might be named after the wind, rain, thunder or lightning.

What religion was she born into? Variations on names of the Gods and Goddess were common in this time period. A child might be named after a religious day, a season or moon, or after a God's favorite animal or event.

What has she learned growing up? As we grow into adults, names sometimes were changed to match occupations or skills. It was common to refer to the Blacksmith as "Smith" and to the thief as "Shadow". Perhaps an event occurred that affected her deeply, such as a losing a child in a war or having a vision of a Goddess or God.

Answering one or more of these questions can put your feet firmly on the road to defining your Amazon. Remember, we are who we CHOOSE to be. Choose wisely and well.

Still can't think of anything? There are quite a few online name resources you can choose from. Baby-name finders are varied and pretty easy to find in the search engines. Don't forget to look into historical figures, too. You can find some of our favorite resources on our Links page.


Creating a Biography

Themiscyra reserves the right to edit or reject any writing you submit. This includes your biography.

If you have no idea where to start, don't panic. There are many varied stories that already make up Themiscyra and you can look through them at any time to see if an idea is sparked in you. Visit the Roster and Retired pages for some ideas.

Some Ideas To Get You Started

Please try to keep your biographies to brief summaries of your past life. We'd prefer your full story unfolded in the RPF where we can all enjoy them a slow, savory pace. (There's a forum where you can write your own personal history too!) We prefer your biography to be as creative and detailed as you can make it (but preferably under 1500 words).

We do ask that you write your history from your point of view, in 3rd person. "She looked over..." Instead of in 1st person. "I looked over..." And if you could spare a few minutes before you email it in, try running your history through a spell-check program. Right now, you can get a free "GOOGLE" toolbar that includes a free spell checker that does work in the forum. You can also use your "Outlook" or "Outlook Express" or other email mailers to write your post and spell check before you send.

We encourage you to let your imagination roam free. While Themiscyra is BASED on the "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" television programs, we are our own independent tribe. We've blended ancient historical fact with our fiction and stirred pretty hard.

We ask that you keep your biography as realistic as possible. People with the powers of a goddess aren't common and shouldn't be. Princesses, Queens, Amazon royalty, relations to Gods or Goddesses, and friends of Xena are all very common themes in our tribe. Try to branch out of these more common threads into something truly your own. Take some time to look through the biographies and titles we have and to find a niche that's not already filled. We would rather have the daughter of a goat herder who stowed away on a ship to see the world than another Princess who ran away from a bad marriage arrangement. The key is to be UNIQUE.

Let your character be better than your "normal" self, but only JUST above normal. Instead, be extraordinary because you go the extra mile for your sisters and your tribe.

Look through our links page for historical and fictional pages that will contain information about Amazons. We base our tribe on the Xena and Hercules television programs, but we draw a lot from history as well.

Take a quick look through our History page. Read through our historical scrolls.

Research ancient Greek, Roman and Persian legends. Draw from the examples of Homer or from the History channel. Find a job that sounds like something your character could or would do and create a fitting background around that occupation.

Your Tae'nah Athelfis will be there to help you every step of the way, should you need it.  


Choosing an Amazon Portrait

We also choose a representative picture for yourself called an "avatar". Before you begin looking around please visit our current showcase of portraits so we don't get any duplicates and so you can see what kind of a picture to choose for yourself.

There is an extensive list of portrait links on our Links page. You can also find some at our personal database at:

Please make sure the artist doesn't mind that you'll be using his work, or that the pictures are free for anyone. A good resource is Neverwinter Vault, a role-playing PC game that offers up portraits for anyone's use. They constantly update as well, offering many new pictures each day.  

Neverwinter Nights 

You can also use Google to find images. Simply visit the site: enter "art, amazons" or "art, warrior woman" or anything else you like and hit enter. Once this list appears, choose the "IMAGES" tab across the top of the page. You will be shown thumbnail sketches of possible pictures.

There are many resources out there, but if you need any help- feel free to post you're sure to get some suggestions! If you find a picture of something that's close but not quite right, it's possible someone in the tribe can change it for you. Small changes like the color of the hair or eyes or changing ears from "elf" to normal are things we've managed in the past.

You can use any type of picture as your avatar. We have drawn ones, anime ones, computer generated ones, and mixtures of everything. The primary criteria for a portrait is that it suits you and your character and shows an Amazon-type of persona. We prefer you refrain from nude images as there are members of the tribe who are not over the age of 18, but if it can be cropped out for daily use it should be fine.

Once you have chosen an image, please email it to Deoris. Email the FULL SIZE - bigger IS better in this case.  She will morph your picture into an avatar and add it to your biography and make it so it appears at the forums. 

If you prefer to make your own avatar that is acceptable. Avatars are 150 pixels by 150 pixels. You can host it anywhere you like. That said, once you have finished you still should send the base picture you chose along with the  proposed avatar to Deoris before it is used in the forums. This will be to review the avatar, make sure it is the correct size and not against the rules listed here. It is also so she can put it on your biography.

The base picture should be sent in as large a size as you have available. They are frequently used by other members for gifts and other graphics during the year.

Avatars that have not been sent to Deoris for approval may be removed.


Choosing a Title

In our tribe, we encourage you to select a position, or job, after you have decided on your character. This will give you a good starting point and people to interact with right away. Titles and jobs can help stimulate your character to new heights.

Titles are, for the most part, in name only and strictly for role-playing use. However, it is kind of neat to have an Amazon title after your name and to have something to contribute to the tribe. Titles are done in both American and in Amazon and can be added to your signature.

Positions in our tribe are based on what normal village life would have been like. There are major positions, apprentice positions, and simple duties. You can view our current list to see what has already been chosen. There are two kinds of positions within the tribe, domestic and defense.

The entry-level positions in the tribe you can choose from are:

Menuma (Messenger) - These Amazons run from building to building, from Amazon to Amazon, and occasionally from tribe to tribe delivering messages. They learn the layout of the village first, then may move forward into going to our neighbor tribes and village friends. There are two Amazons who make the trip between Samsun and our village, bringing regular 'mail' and swapping positions throughout the  year.

Lilka (Scout) - These Amazons learn quiet and stealth as they creep about both in and above the forest. They learn to travel the tree tops and drop on enemies. They learn the ways of quiet and stealth and usually become Huntresses as they advance. They also sneak around outside Themiscyra's borders, doing the dangerous work of keeping tabs on what's beyond our normal ranges.

Verlisi (Guard) - These Amazons are the protectors of the village. They usually stay within the walls of the village but do go on patrols outside the walls as well. There is much room for advancement for Amazons with a military mind. They can be Gate Guard, Prison Guard, and even stand with the Queen herself as Royal Guard.

Quilla (Archers) - These Amazons use of the bow and can usually be found in the towers of the village. Once an archer has proven herself, she can choose to defend as a Guard or can learn to shoot from horseback with the Riders.

Alovasuri Sida (Cavalry Rider) - These Amazons train on horseback and learn to use their horses in battle and as weapons. They can choose to learn to shoot arrows as they advance. They tend the horses and learn how to care and breed them.

Think about the skills your character has, or that you'd like her to have. Don't forget to figure in the time it will take to perform these duties and where you'd have to be or go to do them.

For example, the blacksmith of the tribe would only perform her duties in the smithy. She'd be in high demand, because weapons frequently need repairing or sharpening. But, she would also be able to give gifts of daggers or swords, shaped and tooled the way she saw fit. She could do minor repairs in the field since she would still be one of our prized fighters. (It takes great strength to forge weapons!) You get the idea.

Try to keep the number of positions you hold to a reasonable level. However, you can easily have both a domestic job and a defensive job. As an example, if you are an apprentice in the med hut, you might also be a scout or a guard. Just don't spread your character too thin.

Once your character has proven themselves to be a great...whichever you can petition to the Queen to advance to another level. You must have been writing about your entry-level position in order to advance.


What Happens Next?

Once your character has been fully created - when you've done all the steps listed above - you'll be given access to our forums and you'll join the tribe. The Queen will send you a letter with your guide to the Member's Only area of the website, which is where we keep graphics, music, and celebrations that are for and about our tribe. In addition, she'll ask you to visit your "Welcome" thread in the forum where all the Amazons will be happily greeting you into the tribe.

Posting in the Forums

Role-playing is one half of what we do in Themiscyra. What we do is write a story together, one post to the next, and create Amazon legend. These are some guidelines for posting in the role-playing forum.

Once you're fully integrated into the tribe, your Primus Athelfi will help you join in the current story. She'll help merge your biography story with what's happening and give you all the assistance you need to join the role playing. What happens beyond that is really all up to you.

We ask that you try to read as many previous posts as possible before you make your first post. Even if your Primus Athelfi has told you what's going on, reading will give you a sense of who everyone is. It will also give you insight into who your sisters are and give you a sense about their lives. This will make it easier to interact with them.

We have a "story idea" forum called Nara'te. We try to keep a thread going that says where everyone currently is in the village. It's also there to start discussions about what is currently going on and what we'd like to see going on in the future. What we'll be doing in the future comes from these posts and if you want us to keep out of your story or if you have something specific that needs defining, we ask that you post there first to let us know.

We're all very flexible and we try to work with whatever is posted. If someone posted that my nose turned green, I try to post and work with that. If I can't, I hope someone else can and write my nose back to pink. Sometimes it can't be fixed unless it's edited out so the Queen, and only the Queen, will go in and fix it.

TIP: A great place to read about Themiscyra's past is at Ria Istoria, where we keep our archives. These have all been edited, but it's fun to read and discover our long history.

How Posting Works

There is a main subject/topic. This can be posted by anyone, so the topic will change each time. Under the main topic are the posts that continue the story. This is where you should post.

New topics are started every 18-20 posts. This keeps things flowing, but keeps them readable, too.

Confused? It's a kind of pyramid:

TOPIC - title of thread

 First Post - starts the story, named the topic

 Second Post - continues the story

 Third Post - continues the story

Here's a little sample of what posting looks like. At the very bottom of the page there's a screen shot of some of our posts.

Click here to view some unedited sample postings from the forum.

How the Story Works

Our story is just one long adventure that doesn't end. We have plots that we follow, both personal and as a tribe. Those do end and we move on to something new, creating a rich world of past, present and future.

Your new Amazon sisters have been around for as long as ten years and as little as a month. Some know where they've been and where they're going and some don't. Some just roll with the punches going on and some are off on elaborate adventures all to themselves. Where your character goes and who she becomes is all up to you.

I have an idea!

The tribal plotlines are decided upon by the tribe itself. In "Tavita Istoria Nara'te" we post ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We discuss the ins and outs and decide if we want to move forward with the idea. While one person may have the idea and may lead the execution of the idea, no one single person is responsible for a tribal plotline. We all share it.

If you are planning a major event that will involve the entire tribe, you must have approval. (Example: A war between Rome and Themiscyra.) Please suggest your story in the Nara'te forum and explain why you are asking for the event. Be specific about what your character would learn or gain from the event, and why you think the tribe would benefit. The tribe's interest will determine if the tribe will play that event.

Personal plotlines are all about you and your character and kind of weave in and out with the tribal lines and with the lines of your sisters. You are welcome to join forces with the other Amazons and team up to create a line together. As long as your plot affects only your character there is no permission required to move forward with it.

TIP: Remember that your character does not have to be embroiled in some mystery at all times. Sometimes just going about your duties can be rewarding.

Posting Guidelines

Read before you post. It's important to read everyone's posts between when you last posted and when you begin again. Reading shows respect for your sisters and will help you know what's going on and how things have changed.

Watch where you're going. If you decide your character needs to speak to Lyna Bryseis, look through the posts to find where she was last. If you do choose to move her from one place to another, have Bryseis remark about it. For example, if Bryseis was in the training ground, but you want her to be in the mess hall, have her ENTER the mess hall brushing "dust" or "grime" from her clothing to show she was working out. 

Leave room for others. Don't try to resolve every mystery or issue in your post, unless it was YOUR issue or mystery. Let the next person have a chance to change it or add more clues. Try to leave an opening for more action to follow or leave at an exciting moment. Leave a little mystery behind you.

Write in time.

The movement of time in the forums can be tricky. Think of it like soap opera time - you're sure it moved, but you didn't really see the days pass. It's hard to know what time it was, what time it should be, and what time you can make it. 

We do try to put time markers into our posts. We say what meals we're eating and where the sun is in the sky. Beyond that, we're kind of out on our own.

Moving time is the hardest of all because you're never really sure if you can turn day to night or night to tomorrow without messing up someone else's plans. Time information is posted in Nara'te forum and when an Amazon needs to 'hold' the darkness or the daylight, they will post and let everyone know. Once the need has been met, they will post and say so. If nobody has, you're free to move ahead.

If you needed time to hold on and you didn't ask for it, try to work forward anyhow. Post a flashback or a memory or just add a simple "Previous Day" note in what you're writing. 

If you do need time to move, but there is a situation going on that isn't resolving, perhaps you need to solve it. Post in Nara'te and ask about the situation before doing anything yourself.

Above all, if you have a question - ask it. Every single member of the tribe relies on everyone else. The stupid question is the one you do NOT ask. Nobody will make fun of you for asking about what's going on.

Non-Player Characters

Non-player characters, or NPC's, are the characters that don't have a real person behind them. There is an extensive list of NPC's at the Roster page. Before you create someone new try using what's already there.

Occasionally real members of Themsicyra have left the tribe without instructions on how to treat their characters. These women have also become NPC players and we move them about from time to time. Refer to the biography page to get an understanding of that character and treat them with respect. They may not be here now, but they were Amazons once.

You are allowed to create your own NPC's if you can't find one that suits your needs. If your NPC is complex, consider creating a biography for them, complete with history and avatar. This will prevent anyone from mistaking your 'bread maker' with a 'wine maker'.

Technical Notes

We ask that you write your posts in 3rd person. "She looked over..." Instead of in 1st person. "I looked over..." We also ask that you write in past tense, "She sat down and began to speak." Not in present tense, "She sits down. She speaks." 

Please check your work for spelling before you post. You are never penalized for bad spelling, it simply makes it easier to read. Please take a few minutes before you hit enter to put your post into a spell-checker. 

Tip: The Google Toolbar is free and includes a spell-check feature that's very easy to use. It will spell check any text you enter in a web environment, including our forums.

Don't know how to spell it? You can also visit to look it up. You can also visit which will offer you new and different words to replace your current choice. 

We ask that you post in the RPF using only the default font type and size. No colors, pictures or fancy fonts are allowed in the RPF forums. You can post in color and size and post pictures in any other kind of forum we have, however. The exception to this rule are your avatar and a personal banner which could be part of your "tag" line.

Punctuation of dialog should be inside the quotes if you finish the sentence, and outside the quotes if you add a speech tag. (See above: The first sentence finishes after the dialog tag of "Deoris demanded." While the speech from the Queen ends inside the quotes with an exclamation point.)

Use italics to indicate a persons thoughts. You can also use italics to show a flashback or memory. We also use them to translate Amazon to English.

"Cu ena durus Tae'Nah arcis!" she yelled. To a strong Amazon nation!

In our forum, you need to use [u] before your italic text and [/u] at the end. The sentence above would look like this when you type it:  "Cu ena durus Tae'Nah arcis!" she yelled. [u]To a strong Amazon nation![/u]

Read your own work. This is a very simple way to make sure your post is free from mistakes and that it makes sense. Your post should flow from one action to another and not jump around. It should be clear what your character is doing. Take just a moment before you hit enter and make sure what you wanted to say is what you actually said.

Double space between paragraphs, do not indent. Indentions can cause your post to have extra or strange characters. Double spacing (as I've done throughout this page) is a clear way to show you're moving to a new thought. You should always separate each person speaking into a new paragraph. Example:

"Jadea, just say what you mean," Deoris demanded.

"Fine," the Queen growled. "You are too easy on them. Punishment should teach, not condone!"

Amazon Behavior

If you're looking for some rules about Amazon behavior, you should visit our Amazon Law page. The Codes of Honor are sacred and failure to uphold them could result in your expulsion. They are listed below, but with a more modern and forum-based interpretation. Following them will make your time in Themiscyra more pleasant and fun.

Courage - Show you can be brave by asking questions instead of listening to gossip. Do not fear the truth.

Sense of Self - Know who you are and share it with others. By the same token, learn who others are and respect your differences.

Discipline - Don't blow up at someone in the main forum until you have read, re-read, and researched the facts. Take the time you need to make a well thought-out choice.

Self-Sacrifice - Stand up for yourself and for others, but not at the expense of someone else. Don't hold someone else up if it means putting another down.

Compassion - Put yourself in the shoes of another before you judge them. What would you have done in her place?

Tradition - Show respect for each Amazon as you would your own grandmother, mother or sister. We have representatives from every age group and from a lot of nations. Learn from them.

Honesty - Step forth if you have made a mistake and own it. 

If you do have an altercation with another Amazon, you conduct it in private. Fights on the forum will result in your post being pulled and you being 'silenced'. You can turn to the Queen for mediation if you are unable to find a suitable resolution to your problem.

Avoid stepping into the middle of any fight, no matter whose side you are on. This will just explode the issue and welcome others to follow your example which leads to more explosions. This is the cycle of hate. Instead, support your side of the fight privately and behind the scenes, lending your strength to someone who needs it instead of fueling the fire.

Leaving the Tribe

There are a couple of different ways to leave the tribe. 

The first is the simple way, and retire your character. You will have complete control over this form of leaving. Send an email to the Queen and let her know your intention is to retire. Give her the courtesy and opportunity to dissuade you. If you can't be turned away from leaving, let her know your intention with your character and how you'd like her to be removed from role-playing. You can then post your farewell to the tribe in the forums.

If you leave without word, your character automatically becomes a non-player-character usable by anyone within the tribe. If you choose to leave, or are asked to leave, the tribe, we will do our best to follow your wishes regarding the handling of your character. If you choose to take your character with you, we will do our utmost to give you whatever exit you vision for your character. If you choose to leave your character with us, we will continue to treat your character with the respect it deserves. Any non-player-character you created will revert to the tribe as a whole.

The other way to leave the tribe is banishment. Banishment occurs when an Amazon goes against the rules of the tribe. There have been several banishments over the years and almost all of them were for lying. When a woman is banished, we do what we can to respect her wishes in regard to her character should she have any. Most have simply gone on a journey never to return.

You are creatively entitled to your character and her history, of course, no matter how you leave the tribe. Any stories you created while in Themiscyra remain will remain Themiscyran property. They were built for and with others, and are not solely your own anymore. They will be archived on our website and credit will be given to your characters name.


Respect the Queens

While we are a role-playing tribe there is a Queen of Themiscyra. This woman was not elected by the tribe but chosen by her predecessor to lead the Amazons. So far there have been four Queens: Geinsata Celosia, the founder; Leinsata Jadea; Leinsata Valkyra; and Latra Deoris, the current Queen.

The Queen owns the forum, runs the website, and creates the rules of the tribe. The Queen has final say on most things in the tribe. This includes your character choices, your role-playing posts, your avatar and anything else Themiscyran. This does not mean she is unreasonable or unwilling to listen to ideas, suggestions or improvements.

The Queen is not in charge of deciding what path your character will take creatively. She may have input and suggestions, but as long as you are not outside the prescribed rules shown here in the Training Grounds, she will be accepting.

The Queen is not in charge of deciding what paths the tribe takes creatively. She will bow to the will of the tribe in this matter. Suggestions on what single major plotline the tribe will write about should be posted in Nara'te forum to be discussed and decided upon by all. The Queen will put forth her own ideas, suggestions, and dissentions in open forum with everyone else.


Major Plotlines that have not been discussed openly or have not been voted on by the entire tribe will not be played. All aspects of the plotline should be open and free for anyone to refer to, change, and discuss. While someone may be the reference point, no single member of the tribe is in charge of any single plotline.

There is a 48 hour 'editing' window for your own personal post. After that time, only the Queen is allowed to edit or delete a post. Nobody else will be able to touch it, including you. This preserves what you said, so be sure you are saying exactly what you mean to say at the beginning.

The Queen has a second in command, the Regent, who will be in charge of the forums when she is unable to do so. The Regent is a Queen In Training and will one day take on the mantle of power in leading the tribe. When the Queen is gone, the tribe should respect all decisions of the Regent as if she were the Queen.

Showing Amazon Spirit

Amazons that go above and beyond the normal requirements for Themiscyra could be awarded the Amazing Amazon award! This award is decided on by the Queen and is awarded to the Amazon who has shown the most Amazon-like spirit during the previous month. Any Amazon who wins the Amazing Amazon award is eligible for the Amazon of the Year award.

Some simple things you can do to earn an Amazing Amazon nomination:

Participate as often in the forums. We require once a month, but more is always welcome. Nobody likes a dead or slow forum where nothing is happening. Keeping things moving will get you noticed.

Greet new Amazons when they're announced. Nobody likes to feel ignored.

Create gifts for your sisters. Graphics and adoptables, dedication pages and greeting cards are all ways you can show your sisters you care.

Be amazing outside the forum as well. Being an Amazon outside your fantasy life isn't easy, but it is possible. Sometimes, it's rewarded.

If you do some or all of these things, the Queen might make YOU the Amazon of the Month. It includes a graphic you can place on your website and a lot of applause from your athelfi.



If you have any questions about the Training Ground, please email the Queen. She's really quite nice and will be happy to answer your questions.

Xena Warrior Princess is  © Studios USA, Universal City Studios, Inc. Webset design and content ©2010 Crescent Designs for Themiscyra Amazon Nation. Many thanks to Mike's Xena Page for most of the captures.