Home Sweet Home


The Amazons found themselves home, ranged around the low central bonfire in the Village Square. Celosia rose to her feet first, holding her hand out to Medea, who in turn hauled Tern to her feet.

"Thank you, all," the Queen said. "Yakut will feel better knowing our spirits are on guard in the realm above. I know I do. Remember to spend a few moments in meditation this evening, praising your guide for their valor."

There were nods of agreement as the Queen turned and left the square, heading for the only fully built hut in Themiscrya; the Queen’s Hut. Medea could take charge of the others tonight. She had much to think about.

Medea turned to the Amazons. "Danae, get that pot of stew from this afternoon back up to a boil, would you? We could all use some food," she ordered. Her mind was elsewhere, however, and her eyes followed Tern as she moved to help Danae and Alcina serve up the stew.

The Amazons might be wondering about the secret Tern was hiding, but the mystery was driving Medea crazy. Medea stared at the back of Tern’s head, watching Tern talk to the young Amazon by the campfire.

"Patience, she’ll tell you when she's ready," Alcina said, handing the Regent a bowl of rabbit stew.

"I can't wait that long!" Medea snapped back.

"You may have to," Alcina said, walking away.

Belen sat across the fire from the pair, eating her rabbit and checking her bow. She hoped the spirits would not attack them in their sleep. She wondered who would be put on guard first.


Quietly eating, Xanthea's eyes scanned the area. She was young but not stupid. She knew trouble could come from anywhere at anytime. Especially when they all least expected it.

Xanthea pulled her sword out of its sheath and kept it close at hand. Just in case, she mused. You never know. She sighed and finished her meal. Her eyes swept the area one last time before she turned her attention to their Regent.

"Regent Medea," Xanthea called. "Who will take first watch tonight?"


"Are you volunteering?" Medea snapped, causing Xanthea to back away.

Tern placed a hand on Medea’s arm. "Don’t take your anger at me out on the others," she chided. She addressed the Amazons. "Do I have any volunteers for first guard?"


Medea sighed and stood, leaving her stew untouched on the ground. "Yeah, I'll do it," she said flatly, then muttered under her breath, "Not like I'm gonna sleep much anyway..."

"What was that?" Tern asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Yeah…um...I said you guys should probably hit the hay...big day ahead and all..." she lied airily, running a hand through her hair.

"Uh...huh..." Tern didn't look convinced, but didn't press for an answer.

The Amazons ate their fill and slowly headed towards their bedrolls. Just as Tern was about to get into hers, Medea tapped her on the shoulder. "Tern, I think we should do double watches tonight. It was an exhausting day. Take this watch with me so you can make sure I don't fall asleep, okay?"

The warrior witch nodded, somewhat annoyed at being denied her sleep. With a sigh she followed Medea over to the dying embers of the campfire and sat beside her apprentice. Shoving a bowl of unfinished stew at the Regent she forced a smile and asked, "Hungry, Junior?"


Medea sighed and took the stew, continuing to munch. "So uh, you gonna tell me about that amulet we got off the specter thing?" Medea asked. Tern half smiled.

"Some day."

"How about this day?" Medea asked hopefully. Tern shook her head and made a signal there were too many ears around.

"When the timing is right, junior. Not before."

"Aw, you're gonna get all teacher-like on me aren't you?" Medea sighed.

Tern chuckled. "Stay alert, junior."


Spiritual War



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