Spiritual War


Yakut was wandering through the Land of the Dead, guarding the vast plains and hills, making sure that the Amazons that died in the last war were traveling safely to their destination: Eternity. The emptiness of the Land of the Dead was nothing new. Most of the Amazons had already passed on. There was but a small group in the distance.

Suddenly, there was the sound of battle. It was coming from the direction of the small group. As Yakut ran to the scene her worst fear came to pass: fighting her sisters were Yakut's worst enemies, the Fallen Ones, the Amazons who had betrayed her ancient tribe to gain their strength. They were killed but most of her old tribe gave their lives to achieve that. These Amazons had amazing strength both spiritual and physical and Yakut had feared that they might someday return from Eternity.

She rushed into battle calling the spirit of the Elk to give her strength. With her sisters she managed to knock most down. The rest retreated. Yakut told her sisters to find safety until she came back with reinforcements.

She awoke in a cold sweat, quickly trying to regain control over her body to warn the others. She went to the Queen, Celosia, and told her of what had happened. All the Amazons needed to go into a trance and fight them for they had little time left.


The Amazons were gathered and sat in a circle around the fire in the center of the village. Tern and Medea appeared from the woods and sat down in between Xanthea and Belen. Léda came out, settled herself between Aurora and Alcina, across from Belen.

A few minutes later, Thalia opened the flap of the medical tent and approached the Amazons.

"What's going on?" she asked.

Yakut explained the situation, how they had to go help their sisters.

"I'm joining you." Thalia sat down next to Celosia.

"I'm not sure if you're strong enough in your condition, Thalia..." Yakut started.

Thalia shook her head. "I'm going." She said flatly. "You may need my help, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I wasn't able to help our sisters. The spirit of the Snow Wolf will protect me."

"All right." Yakut nodded, and the Amazon sat down next to her.


With a heavy sigh Tern murmured something to herself.

"What was that?" Medea asked, leaning closer.

"It's been a long time since I visited the spirit world," the Amazon said softly, memories haunting her.

"Do you want to stay?" Thalia asked, surprised by the mood change of the older Amazon.

"No. I go where I am needed. The Dragon protects me. I just don't look forward to running into someone there."

Medea squeezed her mentor's hand in comfort and understanding.

"When do we leave?" Tern asked.


Xanthea took a deep breath. "We can do this," she murmured to herself. "We have to do this." She was psyching herself up for her next big adventure. It had been a while since her first trip to the Spirit World. She sighed to herself.

"Whenever you're ready, Yakut," Xanthea said. "I'm pretty sure we're all as ready as we'll ever be." She smiled slightly.


Belen closed her eyes and tried to concentrate, but she had a bad feeling about this. She could feel her heart beating faster and faster. "Calm down Belen. This is going to work. You have to believe that if you want this to work," she thought to herself.

Her heart started beating normal again as she focused harder. She closed her eyes for what seemed like an eternity and when she opened them again she was in a different surrounding one she did not recognize. She saw no one around her but she sensed she was not alone.

She turned her head and for a second she saw a blurry image of her Amazon sisters in deep meditation where she had left them but it soon disappeared. She did not want to be here alone and she couldn't help but wonder why she was. Then suddenly she heard someone calling her name she looked around but saw no one.

"Belen," echoed the voice again. Again she saw no one.

Someone touched her shoulder she spun around. "Calm down Belen! No need to be so jumpy," said Thalia who was now behind her.

"But...where did you come from? You weren't here a minute ago."

Thalia looked puzzled.

"Nothing is as it seems here Belen," said Yakut. Now Belen and the all the Amazons journeyed to find their new enemies.


Thalia looked around. All around them was a weird sort of haze. She had visited here before, but not for very long periods of time. She flexed her left arm, feeling only dull pain in her shoulder. She expected that because they were in the spirit world, but she knew that she was still wounded and would have to be careful.

"This way," Xanthea waved for them to follow her.

Thalia's heart was beating quickly, she wondered what they were up against. Would they be able to handle this enemy? Enemies that attack in the spirit world are many times more powerful than those in the real world are.

Thalia took a deep breath, she had faith in her sisters. As long as they worked together and not against one other, they would be able to accomplish the impossible.

"Look!" Léda pointed ahead. Thalia looked up to see....


With a grunt, Tern and Medea rose. "That was a bumpy ride." Medea muttered.

"It's been a while." Tern's gray eyes searched the surrounding trees as they joined Thalia and Léda.

"What are you looking for?" Thalia asked.

Tern shook her head. "Not what. Who."

"You think she's here?" Medea asked softly.

Tern swallowed. "I hope not."

"Who?" Léda asked.

"My sister, Pelee. We were separated a long time ago," Tern said softly. "Every time I'm here, I search for her, but it's been so long now. If she's here I'll feel her, I hope."

They stood quietly, not sure what to say.

"Let's get going. Looks like everyone is here." Tern glanced around for a quick head count.

The Amazons assembled.


Every Amazon was on their guard. Belen clutched her bow with her right hand and her left hand rested on one of the sais at her waist. Just then the Amazons heard a twig snap.

"It came from over there," one Amazon called. She was pointing into a swamp area that was covered in fog. Five Amazons were sent to check it out. They crept quietly into the swamp not making a noise. The Amazons watched as the five sisters they sent into the swamp disappeared into the fog


Thalia clutched at her crossbow with her right hand, fidgeting with it nervously. She knew she could move her left arm without pain, but it would do more harm than good in the other realm. All around her, her Amazon sisters kept a watchful eye, ready for some unseen enemy to jump out at them.

Thalia listened and watched for any sign of an attack, quietly praying to the spirit of the Snow Wolf to protect her and her sisters.

Celosia turned, holding up a hand for them to be silent. They crept slowly towards the swampy-looking area, listening carefully for any noises from the enemy.

"We must be careful." Celosia whispered. "There are other creatures in this realm besides the ones we seek. Powerful, hungry creatures that can feed off of your mental energy."

"That's... not good."

"No, it's not. So step carefully, watch each other's backs." Celosia crept forward.

Suddenly, there was a horrible screeching sound, like nails on a chalkboard. A giant gray body leaped out of the bushes at them, claws outstretched, heading for Celosia.


"NOOOOOOO!" Léda cried out, running toward Celosia, to try and knock her out of the way.

Celosia wasn't stupid; she was running, but not fast enough. Léda knew there wasn't much time left before the animal claimed its victim.

Taking a deep breath, not wanting to expose her secret, but knowing her Queen's life depended on it, she held up one hand and formed a giant fire-ball. Pulling her arm back, she was about to launch it, when she heard Thalia squeal in joy.

The beast had stopped just in front of Celosia and was sitting there wagging its tail and looking up at her. Thalia ran over to it and the rest of the Amazons finally recognized the animal as a rather large wolf.

Léda's fire ball quickly diminished as the others ran over to see why this wolf had come so suddenly, but seemingly, not to harm them. She didn't think anyone saw, and figured her secret could continue to be a secret.

But one Amazon had seen and knew she was not imagining it.


Watching carefully, Tern hung back. Though she and Léda had never been really close, Tern had always been pleasant with her.

Léda eyed Tern cautiously. The Head Witch casually brushed some hair from her eyes as Thalia played with the wolf.

Now Léda wondered what Tern would do. Expose her? Or keep the secret. Tern winked at her suddenly before joining Thalia and the wolf. Léda knew she was safe for now.


"Desdion!" Thalia cried.

The other Amazons murmured in confusion as Thalia scratched the giant animal behind the ears. "Desdion is the mystical wolf that watches over me," Thalia explained as they gave her quizzical looks. "He usually roams around the Spiritual plane." She scratched his chin. "Don't worry, he's harmless," she added as some of them watched him warily. "Well, he'll be fine as long as you’re a friend. He's very protective of me."

"C-can you tell him we're friends?" Léda asked.

Thalia shrugged. "Sure. He talks to me telepathically. He can understand some of our language, but it's easier for him to understand me when we communicate with telepathy."

Why have you come, cub? The wolf sent.

We're here to help some friends that are in trouble. Thalia answered.

Desdion sniffed at her left arm. What happened?

I'll tell you later. For now, we have to go help my sisters.

Very well, I shall join you.

All right. Thalia headed back to her sisters, the giant wolf by her side. "He's going to come with us."

Celosia gave a nod. "Glad he decided to join us. Shall we continue?"

The Amazons gave a low warcry, following their Queen through the depths of the spirit world.


"Hey Tern," The younger Amazon looked up at her mentor eyes full of uncertain inquiry. "Is it just me or is it kind of…um...creepy…here?" She glanced behind her uneasily. This whole spirit-world thing was not her idea of a good time. Fighting Amazons who were already dead was NOT her idea of a good time.

Tern snickered and elbowed her apprentice good-naturedly. "What's wrong Junior? Scared?"

"Am not!" the Regent insisted haughtily, hands on her hips. "I just don't see the purpose of fighting something that's already dead! I mean, what harm can we do? They're dead. D-E-A-D, dead. They're not gonna get any deader, we're not gonna be able to kill them because their already gone. They've been there, done that. Seen death, refused to move on-so why in Tartarus are we out here . . ."

"SHUT UP MEDEA!" the group of Amazon’s shouted at the blond, looking thoroughly irritated.

Tern concealed a grin and moved up next to Medea. "We're not out here to kill them Medea, we're but here to make sure they don't hurt our sisters...there's a difference."

"Bah. The only way to stop an Amazon is death." Tern shook her head disapprovingly. "What? It's true." the woman sighed and walked away. "This sucks," Medea grumbled and trudged along behind her sisters, eyes to the ground.


Looking around, Xanthea tried to get her bearings. She followed her sisters through the Spirit World and knew what they needed to do yet part of her was a little bit scared. She knew that the spirits of this realm were more powerful in death than they had been in life.

Granted the Amazons might have the advantage when it came to numbers, and now Thalia's wolf to guide them, but they still would have a long, difficult road ahead of them. She took a deep breath and looked around again. Xanthea shivered slightly. She was suddenly so cold.

"Is anyone else getting cold or is it just me?" she asked her Amazon sisters.


Léda noticed it HAD gotten a lot colder suddenly. Looking around, she saw a lot of other Amazons looked confused and cold as well.

Suddenly a dark shadow ran right over everyone. All the Amazons froze and looked up to see what had caused the cold and darkness.


All they could see was a black figure above them. It was a woman, probably an Amazon judging from the clothes, but they could not make out her face.

"Oh no," Tern said with a whisper. Tern could feel the color drain from her checks.

"What’s wrong?" asked Medea with alarm in her eyes.

Suddenly a horrible noise poured from the black figure. Belen and her sisters grabbed their ears in pain.


Thalia clutched at her ears trying to drown out the horrible screeching noise that threatened to shatter her eardrums. "What's going on?" she yelled. She could see Tern shrinking back, what did she know about this person or creature?

The pain grew worse and the Amazons shrank to their knees. Whatever it was, the shadow approached them, drawing closer and closer. Thalia gritted her teeth as the shadow was nearly upon them.

Suddenly, Desdion put himself between Thalia and the creature. He let out a long howl, and the music stopped.

Run, cub! He ordered.


Go! Take the others and run! NOW!

"We have to get out of here!" Thalia got to her feet, motioning for the others to follow....


With a grimace at the figure, Tern waved her hand at the others. "Go!" she yelled, twirling her staff. Medea, not one to abandon her cousin and mentor, pulled her bow and stood ready at Tern's side.

With the wolf and Thalia in the lead, the others retreated.

"What is it?" Medea hissed.

The figure darted forward at the pair. Stepping forward Tern swung the staff, flinging the black robed figure into tree. The cloak hit the tree and crumpled to the ground in a heap. The creature was gone. Tern ran to the tree and grabbed it.

"It's not-not Pelee is it?" Medea asked fearfully.

"No. She would never attack me. She's not here. I don't know what this was but it knows me." Tern knelt and picked up the robe carefully.

"How do you know?" Medea demanded.

Tern rummaged through the tangled robe, coming up with a silver pendant. It matched the golden dragon around her neck.

Medea studied her mentor. Tern was withholding information.


The Amazons ran following the wolf and Thalia. They had no idea what they were up against. Whatever it was, it seemed to want Tern.

Xanthea glanced back for a moment, seeing Tern and Medea preparing to take care of the situation as best as they could. She shook her head but kept running. She and the others would do no good if they ended up hurt . . . or worse.

She turned to Thalia. "Where are we going?" she called. "What's going on here?"

Thalia turned back to Xanthea. "I don't know, but it'll be safe. Trust us."

Xanthea nodded, knowing she could trust Thalia and her animal companion. Why can't anything ever be cut and dry? Just for once, why can't something be simple? she wondered. This distraction wasn't something they needed to get their work done on the Spiritual Plane.


What's she thinking? I know she's thinking something. Medea thought suspiciously, trying to tune into Tern's thoughts.

"We should probably follow Desdion to where ever he wants to take us and then regroup," Tern suggested, leaning heavily on her staff, a faraway look in her eyes.

Come on, what is it? Just a little further into her thoughts . . . Medea scowled as she was met with a strong mental wall. Tern shot her a warning look and turned to the other Amazons, listening to their conversation.

Zeus! Something's afoot and I want in on it! Medea thought in her usual hot-tempered manner.

"Tern, I think we need to talk-" she approached her mentor carefully, laying a hand on her shoulder.

"Not now Junior." the taller blond shrugged her hand off and moved away, toward the hidden Amazons. She couldn't have Medea discovering what was on her mind. She knew her conniving apprentice would find a way to read her mind if she didn't put some distance between them.

"Huh. How do you like that?" the younger woman pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. "Oh I'll find out what you're hiding Tern...I promise you that. You can't hide from me," she growled and moved into the circle of other Amazons thoroughly disgruntled.


Heading towards the main group, Tern was lost in her thoughts. She felt the gentle mind touch of Medea. As mentor and teacher to the younger witches of the tribe, she hadn't taught them everything yet. Medea couldn’t break into her mind unless Tern wanted her to and Tern preferred to spare her cousin.

Rubbing her thumb over the medallion they had found in the cloak, Tern pushed aside her troubled thoughts as they joined the rest of the tribe.

"Let's follow Desdion," she called to Thalia, who was near the front of the group. Thalia nodded, respecting the Amazon's choice to not disclose the events of a few minutes before.

"This way." she called, leading the tribe.


Desdion and Thalia led the group through the Spirit Realm until Yakut called a halt. "I’m not certain where the Fallen Ones have gone," she mused aloud.

Queen Celosia came up beside her and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Perhaps this is a fight we will need to continue another day," she said gently.

Yakut glanced at Tern. "Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so quick to call all of you here. The Fallen Ones are the enemies of the soul, not enemies of the body." She turned to face the assembled tribe.

Brave women, all of them. They had come when she had called, heedless of the danger of walking through the Spirit Realm. And though some had hesitated, all had come, to protect her from her ancient enemy. It was more than she should have asked for.

Decision made, she allowed herself to rise from the "ground" so all could see and hear her. "Amazons," she said, amplifying her voice. "Call your spirits. Here the spirits are very powerful and they will protect us from the Fallen Ones."

Yakut called her spirit, the elk, invoking and empowering the spirits of her assembled sisters. One by one the animals came, appearing out of spirit mist and forming next to their guarded Amazons.

"Heed me, spirit of the Amazons!" Yakut called when she could see a range of spirit walkers and spirit creatures. "I call to you to protect and serve those whom you have chosen. There is a threat in this land, that of the Fallen Ones. Ancient enemies who seek to steal the power of the Amazon!" Yakut’s voice cracked a little as she spoke, her mind filled with the echoes of her own fallen tribe. She heard the spirits rumble in defense of their charges, pawing the spirit ground and snorting the spirit air.

"Watch over us carefully, friends! We must return to our own world of the flesh before we are trapped here. Be watchful. Be ready. Be our guards as well as our guides!" Yakut’s voice swelled and the Amazons cheered her rallying cry. The spirit creatures echoed the sound.

"I charge all of you to return!" Yakut cried. And she stood alone on the spirit plane. Nodding, she bowed her head, and willed herself to return to the physical plane. She would wake in a few days, exhausted, but in her own hut within Themiscrya.


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