About Our Tribe

Themiscrya is a sisterhood set in a virtual community. We're comprised of many walks of life and nations, are of different sizes, shapes, colors, and religions. We value honor, strength of character, and the right to choose our own paths through this world.

Themiscrya is an all-female tribe of Amazons. We do not hate men, but we hold to the tradition of only allowing women to live in our lands. (This does mean that you must be female to join our tribe.) We allow men to visit the tribe and we allow our characters to wander the globe as well. 

In our forums, we role-play lives based on the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Hercules, The Legendary Journeys" and "Young Hercules". We also draw heavily on history, maps, legends, and lore about Amazons.

The Amazons write one story together in a forum setting. One will post, then another will post drawing on the first post. This began in November, 1999 and continues today. Plotlines are determined by the Amazons. Every year we celebrate Winter Solstice with a large in-character event including gift giving and a feast. We have also had pirates, Olympian games, royal challenges and even a war on the astral plane. Our adventures are as varied as our imaginations.

While we do draw from the television shows listed above, we also draw from history, legends, and our imaginations. We do not allow modern conveniences (such as mirrors) unless they were spotted in XWP or HTLJ. We do permit use of some mythological monsters, such as Centaurs. Due to previous experiences of the over-usage of Gods, we don't allow the Gods to meddle in our affairs at every turn. Instead, we rely on the writers to provide the adventure.

We value honor and strength of character and have banished members from our tribe for acting in a manner that is untrustworthy and false. This can be as simple as lying about your age when joining the tribe, or as complex as challenging the decisions of the Queen. Themiscyra Amazons encourage free thought and expression of self, unless those expressions cause harm to the unity of the tribe. 

Themiscrya was founded by Queen Celosia in November of 1999. Since then, each Queen has chosen her successor for her dedication to Themiscrya and to the Amazon way. Our current 'oldest' active member is Queen Deoris, who has been in the tribe since January 2000. There have been four Queens: Celosia, Jadea, Valkyra and Deoris.

Our Amazons are in this for the long-haul. While we are at our core a fan site, but we are fans of the Amazon lifestyle as well as fans of shows that brought that lifestyle into the mainstream consciousness.

If you value honor and honesty, community and caring, fun and adventure and long for those lost days of the Amazon - Themiscrya is the place for you.

You can read more about our history, including a timeline and a link to our forum archives at the HISTORY page. You can find out our requirements for joining at the JOIN page. You can read our rules for posting and living among us at the TRAINING GROUND.

Our Virtual History

Themiscrya began as a collaboration by Queen Celosia and her friends. She led the tribe for roughly two years before bestowing Jadea r the honor of becoming Themiscrya's next leader.  Enthusiastic but lacking HTML knowledge, the new queen sought help from another Webmistress, Kitana.

Kitana graciously took the task of creating a new online place for Themiscyra. She added a section to her site: www.xenafight.com for the entire tribe of Themiscryan Amazons.

Unfortunately the burden of "data transfer allotment" caused the tribe's site to go down. This horrible (but some say necessary) evil began with just a couple of days- a hassle, but not a major inconvenience. One day, however, that changed. The enemy attacked and brought down Themiscyra's site for a fortnight (roughly).

Frustrated for her Sisters and quite vexed, Queen Jadea devised a risky, daring plan. Using the codes that Kitana'd created, Jadea set out to create a separate site for Themiscyra. She coaxed, she cursed, and she cried...but the enemy failed to defeat her. When the great Battle of Patience and Power was over, a new Geocities site was born!

Some time thereafter, though, the leaders of Themiscyra decided to hold a conclave council; from which they concluded that the tribe's site should have an original look and feel to it, designed by and for Themiscyra. After weeks of work, a new site was reborn, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Deoris Ronan and the input of many Themiscyran Amazons.

And that is how Themiskrya came to be. There are several different spellings used in historical references. We try to incorporate them all. Themiscyra, Themiscrya, Themiskyra, Themiskrya...varied spellings for the same tribe, basically.

Themiscyra first opened its gates September 17, 1999. Themiscyra's move to Xenafight took place on March 9, 2002. Themiscyra's gates to Themiskrya at GeoCities officially opened on May 4, 2002.  In November of 2005, Kou Wainohia made our site ad-free! In November of 2009 through the generosity of Valkyra, we moved to Themiscrya.org. And the Amazons rejoiced!

Xena Warrior Princess is  © Studios USA, Universal City Studios, Inc. Webset design and content ©2010 Crescent Designs for Themiscyra Amazon Nation. Many thanks to Mike's Xena Page for most of the captures.