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The following is a list of Non-Player characters who have appeared in our posts. Feel free to continue to use these characters in your posts. 

This list does not include any current Amazons being played. Please see the titles list for those.

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Dead NPC's

NPC's in red indicate dead NPC's.

Listed in blue is the name of the Amazon who created the npc.  Please respect the creators vision when using these characters. If the creator isn't available, use your best wisdom and judgment.

Some NPC's have pages. If you click on these names you will find a biography page.


Job (creator)

Themiscyran Queens

Celosia Geinsata (Founding Queen)

Latra Deoris' Royal Guard

Cin Ronate Verlisi
Li Zhen Ronate Verlisi
Pembe Ronate Verlisi - rides Zeppora, a bay mare.

Lyna Bryseis' Royal Guard


River Guardian


Cumae Potami


River Guard

Angelique Potami Verlisi - (Eraste's friend) (Damia)
Chirtudo Potami Verlisi
Eurys Potami Verlisi
Iphia Potami Verlisi
Sarai Potami Verlisi
Teysa Potami Verlisi
Zeryn Potami Verlisi

Prison Guard

Andro Shipa Verlisi
Derinoe Shipa Verlisi

Gate Guard

Mysteria Gate Guard


Alida Verlisi
Anatolia Verlisi (Cassia)
Antonia Verlisi
Amirah Verlisi
Deflagra Verlisi
Holily Verlisi (Selena)
Jirkia Verlisi (Valkyra)
Karyn Verlisi (Jadea)
Kayla Verlisi (Aurora)
Konia Verlisi - Kou's Mother (Kou)
Malina Verlisi (Jadea)
Miel Verlisi
Niata Verlisi, former Royal guard of Jadea (Toria)
Okbal Verlisi
Phaedra Verlisi - Samsara's friend (Samsara)
Sayde Verlisi
Tamika Verlisi - rides Cindolgu, a bay Akhal-Teke horse.

Cavalry Leaders

Cyan Roinnsa Alovasuri
Cypress Roinnsa Alovasuri

Cavalry Archers

Chrysippe Alovasuri Quilla
Amrielle Alovasuri Quilla

Cavalry Riders

Adira Alogosida
Afet Alogosida - sister of Akasma - rides Gondor
Akasma Alogosida - sister of Afet - rides Goliath
Alcmene Alogosida
Desmona Alogosida
Echo Alogosida
Hemera Alogosida
Hyrisa Liminia Alogosida (Selena)
Meira Alogosida
Ofra Alogosida
Sabra Alogosida
Lead Archers


Roinnsa Quilla 


Roinnsa Quilla 


Roinnsa Quilla 

Agaila Quilla
Ariadne Quilla
Audacia Quilla
Avea Quilla
Bellanca Quilla (Valkyra)
Furie Quilla
Kardia Quilla
Noriko Quilla
Quorra Quilla (Deoris)
Toxaris Quilla
Vihara Quilla


Amplisa Ve'Kyna (Faela)
Blaise Ve'Kyna - rides a chocolate brown stallion named Imshi (Faela)
Brea Ve'Kyna (Faela)
Kes Ve'Kyna (Faela)
Valencia Ve'Kyna

Lead Scout

Ivory Roinnsa Lilka 
Ratika Roinnsa Lilka 


Alcina Lilka
Kayem Lilka


Brania Menuma
Dimity Menuma (Valkyra)
Eliana Menuma
Iphis Menuma
Laomache Menuma

Healer Apprentices

Andria (Dria) Healer Apprentice - Toria's Twin Sister (Toria)
Cyra Keturah Koritsi
Laina Keturah Koritsi
Jigas Keturah Koritsi
Maille Keturah Koritsi
Pippen Keturah Koritsi
Prya Keturah Koritsi
Tira Keturah Koritsi
Danae Keturah Koritsi
Domestic Jobs
Ariadne Arisal Archila (Chief Beekeeper)
Arianis Tropse Koritsi (Chef Apprentice), Adopted mother of Kayem
Avea Lyane Kortisi (Pigeon Apprentice)
Bellanca Jilka Koritsi (Gardening Apprentice) - Quilla (Valkyra)
Domaris Deoris' sister - Tae'Nah Yatèara  (Protectoress) - Ubak Gunaika (Sorceress) (Deoris)
Ilanthea Yevem Archila (Chief Orchard Grower)


Alogosida Archila (Chief Equestrienne)

Tropse Koritsi (Chef Apprentice)

Khepri Kuk'Tai Koritsi (Shamaness Apprentice) Egyptian slave rescued from pirates (Deoris)
Latrina Rinda Archila (Candle Maker)
Li Zhen

Cild Cumae (Weapons Guardian) - 

Tasida Cild Archila (Former Weapons Mistress)

Avea Lyane Koritsi (Pigeon Apprentice) - Quilla
Malikah Meslek Koritsi (Quartermistress Apprentice)
Nina Paros Koritsi (Mother of Suna, Teacher of Children) (Samsara)
Ryka Chief Chef (Tropse Archila)
Toxaris Chef Apprentice (Tropse Koritsi)

Themiscryan Amazon Elders

Aletha Yabatani (Samsara)
Anillia Yabatani
Arnelia Vatari's Mother (Vatari)
Clymene Tasida Isandil Archila (Former Language Teacher) - Yabatani (Kou)
Despina Yabatani (Samsara)
Themiscyran Amazon Children
Adrasteia mushia - Kou's elder twin daughter (Kou)
Anastasia mushia - Yakut's Daughter (Yakut)
Hareani kiz, daughter of Zeryn (Selena)
Leiry kiz, daughter of Sayde
Laodake kiz, daughter of Laomache
Kydoima kiz, daughter of Tamika
Molpadia kiz - daughter of Faela (Faela)
Nilane kiz, daughter of Iphia (Damia)
Naiya kiz, adopted daughter of Cassia, her niece, Doron's daughter (Cassia)
Ohelo mushia - Kou's younger twin daughter (Kou)
Sinead kiz, daughter of Selena (Selena)
Suna kiz, daughter of Nina (Samsara)

Other Themiscyran Amazons

Adriana Challenged Zia for the rule of the Roman tribe (Zia)
Bambina None
Bephanin Philomena's sister. Speaks Latin. (Philomena)
Brenna None (Cassia)
Eufiama None
Helena None - Alexandra's twin sister (Alexandra)
Hyrisa None (Selena's friend) (Selena)
Jason Iona's son (Cassia)
Karma Referred to as Samsara’s daughter, she is actually the daughter of Samsara’s foster Amazon mother, Ishtar, born after Ishtar had died. Karma rides Alwyne, a tan colored Arabian. (Samsara)
Leta None - Alexandra's adopted Amazon mother (Alexandra)
Miday None (Cassia's Friend) (Cassia)
Shay None (Selena)
Tamika None

Themiscyra Dead

Lysippe Celosia's mother, founder of Themiscyra, moved her tribe from it's original location to the mouth of the Thermadon when her son was killed by Athena. (dead) (Deoris)
Aldara Alovasuri Sida - (died Radicus)
Callia Alovasuri Sida - (died Radicus)
Kiva Alovasuri Sida - (died Radicus)
Alora Kiran's friend - killed in war with Radicus (dead) (Kiran)
Hippolyta Celosia's Grandmother, Lysippe's mother, founder of the tribe (dead) (Deoris)
Iona Cassia's Psilos (Friend) blonde hair, blue eyes (Cassia) (dead)

 Ronate Verlisi (Royal guard) for Queen Regent Medea. (died Eric)


Aresian Amazons

Amasis Latra (Bryseis)
Rhaee Lyna (Deoris)
Amarinda Demerci Fenal (Blacksmith)

Celtic (Highland) Amazons

Vorgeen Celtic (Highland) Latra, friend to Jadea, also known as "Vorgie" (Jadea)
Dolphinea Celtic (Highland) Latra after Vorgeen, was Cild Archila (dead) (Samsara)
Aelia Verlisi (Samsara)
Caoilinn Verlisi (Samsara)
Corestarah Verlisi (Jadea)
Sabine Keturah Koritsi
Taegan Verlisi
Ursa Verlisi

Teloq (Teloan) Amazons

*Note: This tribe perished

Samsara Latra of Teloq, Queen Empress of Teloans (Tribe is now dead.)
Ephiny Regent (dead) (Xena)
Gabrielle Latra - Bard of Potediea (Xena)
Serena Chief Elder of Teloq, Domestic Latra, sent Samsara to Themiscyra to learn (dead) (Samsara)
Hippe Latra Verlisi - Serena's Guard - killed in war with Radicus (dead) (Samsara)
Hippoppih Latra Verlisi - Serena's Guard - killed in war with Radicus (dead) (Samsara)
Ishtar Shamaness Priestess of Teloq, Samsara's foster mother, Mother of Karma (Samsara) (dead)
Isme Ishtar's twin sister, Princess of her tribe. Pretty, but has an ugly scar. (Samsara)
Pentad, The Ruling body of Teloq (Samsara) (dead)
Phaedra Samsara's friend (Samsara) (dead)
Serena Latra of Teloq, Chief Elder of Teloq (Samsara) (dead)

Thermadon Amazons

Marcella Thermadon Latra
Keliah Head Scout
Vallia River Guard (Potami Verlisi) and Archer (Quilla) - Rides Xantho, a white stallion.

Rostovian Amazons

Alcinoe Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Aneira Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Basilla Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Eumache Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Genia Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Grachia Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra) (dead)
Jacenta Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Kreousa Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Scyleia Latra's Verlisi (Valkyra)
Marpesia Ubak Gunaika (Sorceress)
Vatrao Amazons
Cahrie  Jadea’s daughter by Bruce – Killed by Bruce, avenged by Jadea. Dark hair, emerald eyes, muse-gifted voice – used staff gifted her on her 11th winter – peaceful and loving (dead) (Jadea)

Amazon Queens of Other Tribes

Cyane Siberian Latra (Xena)
Zia Roman Latra

Various Amazons

Alana Queen of Sibyls, Greek Amazons, Latrina's mother (Latrina)
Chhrisaleste Amazon who found and taught Deirdre to survive (Deirdre)
Elaka Willow's niece, Eire tribe (Willow)
Jagurita Part of a southern Amazon tribe where Seriana came from (Seriana)
Kyriana Queen of Mateo Amazons, killed in challenge by Myrene (dead) (Cypress)
Lufia Adopted Chin daughter of Faela, Kanlacta Tribe (Faela)
Mila Amazon, family killed by Callisto
Mizera Renegade Amazon Witch
Myrene Queen of Mateo Amazons when she challenged and defeated Kyriana (Cypress)
Otrere Amazon archer, unknown tribe, Cypress' mother, killed by Daimon (dead) (Cypress)
Palyseis Bryseis' mother, Ronate Verlisi (Royal Guard). Killed in Roman attack. (dead)
Shatana Faela's mother, Celtic Amazon, burned at stake (dead) (Faela)
Shavadi Amazon warrior, unknown tribe, friend to Faela (Faela)
Sinead Captain of the Latra's Guard in Eire (Willow)
Tekla Amazon warrior, unknown tribe, friend to Faela (Faela)
Thaleia Amazon friend of Samsara and Jadea (Samsara)
Variana Queen of Theran Amazons, usurper of Yakut's throne (Yakut)

Samsara's Army

Dachus Senior General (Samsara)
Doron Soldier, brown hair, green eyes (Cassia)
Mika Soldier
Miletos Soldier, cousin to Macris 
Minos Leader, killed by Samsara (dead) (Samsara)
Philocletus General, blacksmith (Samsara)
Tanet Uncle-Father of Jason (See Iona) (Samsara & Cassia)
Vaughn General (Samsara)

Gods & Goddesses

Ares (Mars) God of War (Xena)
Apollo God of the Sun (Xena)
Artemis Goddess of the Hunt - Amazons (Xena)
Brighid Celtic Goddess
Callisto Goddess of Chaos - Xena’s enemy, her family died in a fire at Cirra. Sister to Jadea, mother of Samsara. (Xena)
Chaos God of Chaos - held Radicus in thrall
Chiron God of Healing, a centaur (Xena)
Deimos Minor Deity 
Discord Goddess of Vengeance (Xena)
Fates Weavers of Life - Past, Present & Future, control the destiny of the world. (Xena)
Furies Minor Deities (Xena)
Gaia Goddess of the Earth
Hades God of the Underworld (Xena)
Hephestus God of the Forge (Xena)
Hera Queen of the Gods (Xena)
Strife Minor God (Xena)
Zeus King of the Gods (Xena)

Other NPC's

Acalle Ariadne's older sister, had a son (Ariadne)
Adrastos Captain, Nireta - Greek trade ship (Valkyra)
Alana Queen of Sibyls - Latrina's mother (dead)
Agnes High Priestess of Artemis in Athens, mother of Paidi (Paidi) (dead)
Angus (Oenugs) Jadea's friend - Spellcaster (Jadea)
Ardra Jadea’s hawk who is able to communicate telepathically with her owner. (Jadea)
Arleia Jadea's mother (Jadea)
Artemesia Anicalysis mother (Anicalysis)
Attis Cabin Boy, Zerlina - Greek son of Zolio - freed (Deoris)
Autolycus King of Thieves, friend to Celosia (Xena)
Bjorn Elder twin brother to Etelka (Etelka)
Bodhisattva (Bodhi) Samsara’s sprit wolf, viewable by all, but travels the spirit world (Samsara)
Bruta Leader of the Nathral, raiders and slavers, Rumor sold Latrina to him (Latrina) (dead)
Calandro Damia's husband, son of a Romani chief (Damia)
Calix Warlord who burned Pherae to the ground, killing everyone (Thisbe)
Catreus Ariadne's brother (Ariadne)
Charis Selena's mother (Selena)
Chenaryn Centaur who forged military alliance and warned of marauders - Son of Kenaryn (Karmeen)
Criton Warlord who attacked Teloq (Samsara)
Darphus A warrior under the command of Criton, who burned Cirra to the ground, hit Callisto on the head (Jadea)
Deimos Killed by Samsara (Samsara)
Deucalion Ariadne's brother, crippled (Ariadne)
Doron Cassia's brother in law, father to her adopted daughter Naiya (Cassia)
Erasmus Captain, Kaethe - Greek trade ship    (Valkyra)
Estraton Soldier, friend of Paidi (Paidi)
Eudor Slave, Zerlina - Greek - freed (Deoris)
Galen Betrothed of Cassia in youth, friend to Doron (Cassia)
Garrett Thalia's lost love (Thalia)
Claucus Ariadne's brother, a priest (Ariadne)
Hercules Son of Zeus, has the strength of the Gods (Xena)
Hexon Warlord who killed Alexandra's family (Alexandra)
Iolaus Friend to Hercules (Xena)
Jace Joxer's brother, singer (Xena)
Jett Joxer's brother, assassin (Xena)
Joxer bumbling, but sweet, self-styled warrior, friend of Xena and Gabrielle (Xena)
Kaia Kakistos Samsara's younger half-sister, the daughter of Discord and Ares
Kakistos the Cruel (Goddess) - Goddess of Omens, The Cruel (Samsara)
Kieran kiz - Kou's son (Kou)
Kisho Slave, Zerlina - Chin - freed (Deoris)
Leon Sailor, Nireta - Selena's brother (Selena)
Macris Leader of Seriana’s personal guard (50 soldiers under her command as Ares’ right hand) – Cousin to Miletos (Seriana)
Mai Teacher of Paidi (Paidi)
Marcus Deirdre's older brother, joined Xena's army (Deirdre)
Mariko Eastern woman of the Land of Eight Islands, taught Samsara the art of warfare (Samsara)
Markus Sailor, Kaethe - love of Latrina (Latrina)
Marion Gave her sword to Samsara. (Samsara)
Merope Deirdre's childhood friend (currently in Greece) (Deirdre)
Mila Callisto killed her family, Amazon
Milos Priest of Apollo, teacher of Paidi (Paidi) (dead)
Minos, King Ariadne's father, King of Krete (Ariadne)
Minotauros Ariadne's half-brother, rumored to be cursed by Posidon, an ill-formed man (Ariadne)
Neeko Jadea's Wolf (Jadea)
Nephele Water Nymph, friend to Ollaea (Ollaea)
Nerin Slave, Zerlina - freed (Deoris)
Nizokaero (Nizo) Venlusia's horse, formerly a unicorn (Venlusia)
Octigone Held Pelee captive (Pelee)
Pankos Jadea's father (Jadea)
Parthos Deirdre's father, a great politician of Lydia, Greece (Deirdre)
Pasiphae Ariadne's mother, Queen of Krete (Ariadne)
Phaedra Ariadne's sister (Ariadne)
Pranay Slave, Zerlina - Hindu - freed (Deoris)
Raven Male friend of Soraya (Soraya)
Raven Kaia's horse (Samsara)
Red Claw Enemy of Vorgeen and Jadea (Jadea)
Remus Sailor, Kaethe - friend of Faela from old village, gray-streaked dark hair, gold eyes, older (Faela)
Riva Faela's husband (Faela)
Rowan Cypress' sister (Cypress)
Rumyna Sorceress who taught Jadea, first Sorceress Empress (Jadea)
Satchiel Slave, Zerlina - Jewish - freed (Deoris)
Sinon Sailor, Zerlina - Latin - tattooed & released (Deoris)
Sirlyn Bryseis' surrogate mother (Bryseis)
Sobryn Kardia's pet eagle (Kardia)
Spirit Horse - black as night with a diamond on his forehead
Tariq Slave, Zerlina - Arabic - freed (Deoris)
Terentia Ryka's mother (Ryka)
Thayken Celtic General that betrayed Bruce and slaughtered the Vatrao Amazons (Jadea)
Tolko Drum master, Zerlina - tattooed & released (Deoris)
Tyree Slave, Zerlina - Greek trader - freed (Deoris)
Vadim Slave, Zerlina - Russian - freed (Deoris)
Vasilios Warlord who killed Arnelia's mother (Vatari)
Xena The Warrior Princess (Xena)
Xenathos Leader of a caravan of gypsies that Chrysippe traveled with. (Chrysippe)
Yuki Chou's identical twin (Chou)
Zanifus Thalia's dragon friend, lives in caves north and east of Themiscyra (Thalia)
Zolio Cook, Zerlina - Greek father of Attis - freed (Deoris)

Dead NPC's

Althea Selena's older sister, killed in an attack on her village (dead) (Selena)
Alti Sorceress, Shamaness - Evil - killed by many in many incarnations (dead) (Xena)
Androgenus Ariadne's brother, died in war with Athens (dead) (Ariadne)
Athenia an enemy of Teloq defeated by Samsara (dead) (Samsara)
Avinash Slave, Zerlina - Hindu - drowned in battle with pirates (dead) (Deoris)
Bruce Celt that Jadea killed in single combat – with Jadea, unknowingly had a daughter named Cahrie – his general Thayken betrayed him and slaughtered the Vatrao Amazon tribe (dead) (Jadea)
Calandra an enemy of Teloq defeated by Samsara (dead) (Samsara)
Caesar, Julius Ruler of Rome, stabbed by the Senate (dead) (Xena)
Charis Selena's mother, killed in an attack on her village (dead) (Selena)
Chale First Mate, Zerlina (dead) (Deoris)
Daemon Skrymir Nordic Ice-Terror slain by Etelka (dead) (Etelka)
Daimon Cypress' father, warlord, killed by Cypress (dead)(Cypress)
Dysis Phaerae healer who raised Thisbe and taught her (dead) (Thisbe)
Erik Venlusia & Morigan's Step Father (dead) (Morigan & Venlusia)
Fedora Latrina and Selena's Kizkin (Aunt) (dead) (Latrina & Selena)
Gaspar Captain, Zerlina - killed by Kou after she learned of his betrayal (dead) (Deoris)
Kegre Sailor, Zerlina - Lebanese - killed by Etelka in honor duel (dead) (Deoris)
Lyceus Xena’s younger brother, dead (Xena)
Marpellina Amrielle's Birth Mother (dead) (Amrielle)
Mavican Venlusia & Morigan's Mother (dead) (Morigan & Venlusia)
Odell Slave, Zerlina - Roman - drowned in battle with pirates (dead) (Deoris)
Pancrazio Slave, Zerlina - Roman - drowned in battle with pirates (dead) (Deoris)
Prince Samsara's horse, former pegasus (dead) (Samsara)
Radicus Venlusia & Morigan's father (dead) (Morigan & Venlusia)
Syrus Short, well-built lackey of Radicus (dead) (Venlusia)
Tanais Lysippe’s only son who drowned himself after Athena cursed him to love only his mother. (dead) (Deoris)
Rumor Latrina's ancient enemy (dead) (Latrina)
Timothy Son of an Ares Priest, killed by Medea, who had a red-haired sister also slain by the High Priestess of Chaos. (dead) (Medea)
Uzbek the Khan Defeated by Samsara, earned her the title of "Great Destroyer" (dead) (Samsara)
Vilel Sailor, Zerlina - Greek - killed in battle with pirates (dead) (Deoris)
Xylia Amrielle's Adopted Mother (dead) (Amrielle)

Enemies (Groups)

Fallen Ones Enemies of Yakut's tribe (Deoris)
Majie Magical Amazon Assassins


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